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Theresa Harris ACTOR

Theresa Harris was born on December 31st 1906 in Houston, Texas.  Her career mainly consisted of film roles portraying the maid character and she was actually given the nickname "The Beautiful Maid".  Although many of her roles were un-credited, she was indeed quite a talented actress and her beauty captivated the screen.

Born to Isaiah and Mable Harris she was raised in Texas and later relocated to Hollywood and began working in the film industry with her first role in the film, "Thunderbolt" (1929) starring George Bancroft, Fay Wray, Richard Arlen, Tully Marshall and Eugenie Besserer.  

Some of her more well known roles included, "Baby Face" (1933) starring Barbara Stanwyck, George Brent, Douglass Dumbrille, Margaret Lindsay and John Wayne, "Professional Sweetheart" (1933) starring Ginger Rogers, Norman Foster and ZaSu Pitts, "Hold Your Man" (1933) starring Jean Harlow, Clark Gable and Stu Erwin, "Black Moon" (1934) starring Jack Holt, Fay Wray and Clarence Muse, "Banjo On My Knee" (1936) starring Barbara Stanwyck, Joel McCrea, Walter Brennan, Buddy Ebsen, Walter Catlett and Victor Kilian, "Bargain With Bullets" (1937) starring Ralph Cooper, Edward Thompson, Francis Turham and Lawrence Criner, "The Toy Wife" (1938) starring Luise Rainer, Melvyn Douglas, Robert Young, H. B. Warner and Clarence Muse, "Bucky Benny Rides Again" (1940) starring Jack Benny, Ellen Drew, Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson, Andy Devine and Phil Harris, "Santa Fe Trail" (1940) starring Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Ronald Reagan, Raymond Massey, Arthur Kennedy, Van Heflin, Alan Hale Sr., William Lundigan, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams and Henry O'Neill, "Love Thy Neighbor" (1940) starring Jack Benny, Fred Allen and Mary Martin and "Blossoms in the Dust" (1941) starring Greer Garson, Walter Pidgeon, Felix Bressart, Marsha Hunt, Henry O'Neill and Fay Holden.

In addition to her career as an actress, Harris was a talented singer and dancer.  Throughout her career, she appeared in over eighty films and worked with some of the most well known stars during her era such as Barbara Stanwyck, Jean Harlow, Ginger Rogers, Kay Francis and Myrna Loy just to name a few.  

She married only one time to John Robinson, a doctor and in the late 1950's after appearing on the television series, "The Loretta Young Show" (1954), "Chevron Hall of Stars" (1956), "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" (1956) and "How to Marry a Millionaire" (1957) starring Barbara Eden, Merry Anders, Lori Nelson and Lisa Gaye, which was based on the 1953 film of the same name which starred Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable and Lauren Bacall, and then she retired from the industry to focus on her personal life after her final film appearance in, "The Gift of Love" (1958) starring Lauren Bacall, Robert Stack and Lorne Greene.

Theresa Harris passed away on October 8th, 1985 in Inglewood, California from natural causes and her remains are buried at Angelus Rosedale Cemetery in Los Angeles, California.


1958         The Gift of Love
1957         Spoilers of the Forest
1957         How to Marry a Millionaire
1956         Alfred Hitchcock Presents
1956         Chevron Hall of Stars 
1954         The Loretta Young Show 
1954         Lux Video Theatre
1953         The French Line
1953         Here Come the Girls
1952         Angel Face
1951         The Company She Keeps
1951         Al Jennings of Oklahoma
1951         Grounds for Marriage
1950         The File on Thelma Jordon
1949         And Baby Makes Three
1949         Tension
1949         Neptune's Daughter
1949         Alias Nick Beal
1948         The Velvet Touch
1948         The Big Clock
1947         Out of the Past
1947         Miracle on 34th Street
1947         Hit Parade of 1947
1946         Three Little Girls in Blue
1946         Smooth as Silk
1945         The Dolly Sisters
1945         Men in Her Diar
1945         Strange Illusion
1944         Phantom Lady
1943         What's Buzzin', Cousin?
1943         I Walked with a Zombie
1942         Cat People
1942         Tough As They Come
1942         Sing Your Worries Away
1941         Our Wife
1941         Blossoms in the Dust
1941         The Flame of New Orleans
1940         Love Thy Neighbor
1940         Santa Fe Trail
1940         Buck Benny Rides Again
1940         City of Chance
1939         One Hour to Live
1939         The Women
1939         Tell No Tales
1938         Passport Husband
1938         The Toy Wife
1938         Jezebel
1937         Big Town Girl
1937         Bargain With Bullets
1937         The Lady Escapes
1937         Charlie Chan at the Olympics
1937         Gangsters on the Loose
1936         Banjo on My Knee
1936         Fifteen Maiden Lane
1935         Broadway Melody of 1936
1935         Go Into Your Danc
1934         Desirable
1934         Black Moon
1934         Drums o' Voodoo
1934         Finishing Schoo
1934         A Modern Hero
1934         Success at Any Price
1933         Roman Scandals
1933         The Worst Woman in Paris?
1933         Blood Money
1933         Broadway Thru a Keyhole
1933         Penthouse
1933         Morning Glory
1933         Mary Stevens, M.D.
1933         Baby Face
1933         Hold Your Man
1933         Private Detective 62
1933         Professional Sweetheart
1933         Gold Diggers of 1933
1933         Grand Slam
1932         The Half Naked Truth
1932         Night After Night
1932         Free Wheeling 
1932         Horse Feathers
1932         Week Ends Only
1932         Merrily We Go to Hell
1931         Arrowsmith
1931         The Road to Reno
1930         Morocco
1929         Thunderbolt 

Matinee Classics - Baby Face starring Barbara Stanwyck, George Brent, Donald Cook, Alphonse Ethier, Henry Kolker, Margaret Lindsay, Arthur Hohl, John Wayne, Robert Barrat, Douglass Dumbrille and Theresa Harris
Matinee Classics - Gangsters on the Loose aka Bargain with Bullets starring Ralph Cooper, Theresa Harris, Laurence Criner, Edward Thompson, Frances Turham and Les Hite's Cotton Club Orchestra

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