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Sybil Danning ACTOR


Sybil Danning was born on May 24th, 1947 in Wels, Upper Austria with the birth name Sybille Johanna Danninger.  She spent her child hood growing up on a variety of different Army bases and gained experience as a teenager working for her uncle as a dental assistant.

Danning later relocated to Austria and found work for a dental supply company and then two years later she was employed as an assistant for a top oral surgeon in Salzburg, Austria.

Danning went on to study at the Buchner School of Cosmetology and earned a degree in facial treatment that included make up design, body massage and manicuring.  It was this degree that sparked her interest in the acting world when she began finding work on sets doing the fashion and make-up design.

In 1968 she began acting with her film debut in, "Komm nur, mein liebstes Vögelein" followed by another small role in, "The Long Sword of Siegfried" (1971) with Raimund Harmstorf and Heidy Bohlen.  She had now decided she wanted to remain working as an actress and therefore, she studied for three years with a well known drama coach in Munich by the name of Annemarie Hantchke. 

As her career progressed she began adding more substantial roles to her resume appearing in such films as, "Bluebeard" (1972) starring Richard Burton, Raquel Welch, Joey Heatherton Nathalie Delon and Virna Lisi, "Naughty Nymphs" (1972) with Eva Garden and Alena Penz, "The Three Musketeers" (1973) also starring Charlton Heston, Oliver Reed, Raquel Welch, Faye Dunaway, Frank Finlay, Geraldine Chaplin, Michael York, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Christopher Lee, Simon Ward and Richard Chamberlain, "God's Gun" (1975) co-starring Lee Van Cleef, Jack Palance, Richard Boone, Leif Garrett and Ann Turkel  "Crossed Swords" (1977) Oliver Reed, Raquel Welch, Sir Rex Harrison, Mark Lester, Charlton Heston, Ernest Borgnine, George C. Scott and David Hemmings just to name a few, "Cat in the Cage" (1978) starring Behrouz Vossoughi, Colleen Camp and Frank DeKova, "The Concorde…Airport '79" (1979) starring alongside Robert Wagner, Susan Blakely, Alain Delon, Sylvia Kristel, Eddie Albert, George Kennedy, John Davidson, Martha Raye, Cicely Tyson, Jimmie Walker, Mercedes McCambridge, Avery Schreiber, Bibi Andersson, David Warner and Charo and "Battle Beyond the Stars" (1980) starring Richard Thomas, John Saxon, Robert Vaughn, George Peppard, Darlanne Fluegel, Jeff Corey, Morgan Woodward and Sam Jaffe.

Now living in Hollywood, she continued to make quite a name for herself in the industry with her roles in, "Chained Heat" (1983) with Linda Blair, John Vernon, Stella Stevens, Henry Silva, Michael Callan, Nita Talbot and Tamara Dobson, "They're Playing with Fire" (1984) with Eric Brown and Andrew Prine, "Amazon Women on the Moon" (1987) with film actors making cameo appearances in various sketches included Rosanna Arquette, Ralph Bellamy, Griffin Dunne, Carrie Fisher, Steve Guttenberg, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kelly Preston and Henry Silva, alongside television actors such as Ed Begley, Jr., Bryan Cranston, David Alan Grier, Howard Hesseman, Peter Horton, William Marshall, Joe Pantoliano, Robert Picardo and Roxie Roker.  Other notable people in the cast included voice actors Corey Burton and Phil Hartman, talk show host Arsenio Hall, adult film actress Monique Gabrielle, science fiction writer Forrest J Ackerman, B-movie star Lana Clarkson, musician B.B. King, radio personalities Roger Barkley and Al Lohman, composer Ira Newborn, director Russ Meyer, model Corinne Wahl, comedian Andrew Dice Clay, Firesign Theater member Phil Proctor and independent film actor Paul Bartel and L.A. Bounty (1989) co-starring Wings Hauser, Robert Doubleday, Blackie Dammett, Henry Darrow and Branscombe Richmond.   

Along with her film work she has also appeared on a number of television series such as, "Vega$", "Simon & Simon", "V", "The Fall Guy", "The Hitchhiker", "Street Hawk", "The Adventures of Superboy" and "The Lair".

Most recently, Danning has appeared in the film, "Virus X" (2010) and the short, "The Other Side" (2011).  She is also the President and Operating Officer of the film company, "Adventuress Productions" which was founded in 1989. 

In addition to her career as an actress she has produced the films, "Cosscurrent" (1981), "Panther Squad" (1984), "L.A. Bounty" (1989), "To End All Wars" (2001) and "The Other Side" (2011).    

Sybil Danning has married only once in 1991 to Horst Lasse and they remain together today. Rumor has it she is currently in pre-production for a new film titled, "The Last Revenants" which has not yet set a release date.   


2011         The Other Side
2010         Virus X
2009         The Lair
2008         Jump!
2007         Grindhouse
1990         Pale Blood
1989         The Adventures of Superboy 
1989         L.A. Bounty
1988         The Phantom Empire
1987         Amazon Women on the Moon
1987         Talking Walls
1987         Warrior Queen
1986         Reform School Girls
1986         The Tomb
1985         Young Lady Chatterley II
1985         Howling II: ... Your Sister Is a Werewolf
1985         Malibu Express
1985         Street Hawk 
1985         Private Passions
1984         The Hitchhiker 
1984         V
1984         The Fall Guy 
1984         Jungle Warriors
1984         They're Playing with Fire
1984         Panther Squad
1984         Masquerade
1983         Simon & Simon
1983         Hercules
1983         Chained Heat
1983         Julie Darling
1983         S.A.S. à San Salvador
1983         I sette magnifici gladiatori
1981         Separate Ways
1981         Vega$
1981         The Salamander
1980         Nightkill
1980         Battle Beyond the Stars
1980         Il giorno del Cobra
1980         How to Beat the High Co$t of Living
1980         Sam Marlow, Private Eye
1980         Cuba Crossing
1979         Meteor
1979         The Swap
1979         The Concorde... Airport '79
1978         Cat in the Cage
1977         Mivtsa Yonatan
1977         Crossed Swords
1977         Diamante Lobo
1976         The Twist
1976         The Night of the Askari
1975         Der Geheimnisträger
1975         Operation Lady Marlene
1975         The Porcelain Anniversary
1975         Derrick
1975         That Most Important Thing: Love
1974         The Four Musketeers: Milady's Revenge
1974         Arrivano Joe e Margherito
1973         The Three Musketeers
1973         Little Funny Guy
1972         Naughty Nymphs
1972         The Lady in Red Kills Seven Time
1972         Bluebeard
1972         Praised Be What Hardens You
1972         L'occhio nel labirinto
1972         Das Mädchen mit der heißen Masche
1972         L'amante dell'orsa maggiore
1971         The Honest Interview
1971         The Resort Girls
1971         In Trouble
1971         Ehemänner-Report
1971         Housewives Report
1971         The Long Swift Sword of Siegfried
1970         Der Kommissar
1970         Liebesmarkt in Dänemark
1969         Sam's Song
1968         Komm nur, mein liebstes Vögelein

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