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Stuart Whitman ACTOR


Stuart Maxwell Whitman, born February 1, 1928, was an American actor most noted for his sensitive face and rugged build. He was born in San Francisco, California, but moved around a lot. After high school graduation, he enlisted in the Army Corps of Engineers for three years, and then enrolled at the Los Angeles City College and the Los Angeles Academy of Dramatic Arts. His debut was in an uncredited role in “When Worlds Collide” (1951). He continued playing bit parts like an officer in “One Minute to Zero” (1952), a cattle buyer in “Barbed Wire” (1952), and a sergeant in “The Veils of Bagdad” (1953). Not until 1960 did the actor land a leading role, when he starred in “Murder, Inc.”.

One year later, in 1961, Whitman reached stardom when he was nominated for a Best Actor Academy Award for his role as a child molester in “Mark”. Sadly, the actor did not win. However, in the same year he also starred with John Wayne in the westernerThe Comancheros”. The actor continued appearing in films as the lead, as well as in supporting roles. Movies he did include “Francis of Assisi” (1961), “Rio Conchos” (1964), “Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines or How I Flew From London to Paris in 25 hours 11 minutes” (1965), “An American Dream” (1972), “Shatter” (1974), and “The White Buffalo” (1977).

During his career in the motion pictures, he additionally made himself known on television in series like “Highway Patrol” (1956-57) and the western themed, “Cimarron Strip” (1967-68), which was wildly popular. However, after he finished filming the latter, Whitman found himself taking leads in lower budgeted independent features like the bigamist sheriff in “Crazy Mama” (1975) and a heroic firefighter in “Oil” (1976). By 1980, he was still active in Hollywood though, playing smaller parts in movies such as “Butterfly” (1982) and “Deadly Intruder” (1985), as well as leads in “The Treasure of the Amazon” (1985) and “Bersaglio sull’autostrada” (1988). When the ‘90s came, Whitman was pretty much only a supporting character in various films like “Lightening in a Bottle” (1993), “Improper Conduct” (1994), and “Second Chances” (1998), which was his very final motion picture.

Throughout his career, Whitman became more apparent on television, although in his nearly fifty year long run he appeared in over ninety films compared to the eighty something different TV series he performed in. The actor’s last job was in the television movie “The President’s Man” in 2000. For his involvement in the western genre, he received a Golden Boot, as well as a 1962 Western Heritage Bronze Award. In 1998, for his work in the motion picture industry, Whitman was also bequeathed a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

2000       The President's Man

1998       Second Chances

1997       Two Weeks from Sunday

1996       Shaughnessy

1996       Land of Milk & Honey

1995       Courthouse

1995       Wounded Heart

1994       Improper Conduct

1994       Trial by Jury

1994       Walker, Texas Ranger

1994       The Color of Evening

1994       Walker Texas Ranger 3: Deadly Reunion

1993       Private Wars

1993       The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

1993       Time Trax

1993       Lightning in a Bottle

1993       Sandman

1991       Heaven and Earth

1991       Gypsy

1990       Smoothtalker

1990       Mob Boss

1990       Omega Cop

1990       Knots Landing

1989       Deadly Reactor

1988       The Adventures of Superboy

1988       Hemingway

1988       J.J. Starbuck

1988       Once Upon a Texas Train

1988       Bersaglio sull'autostrada

1987       Vultures

1987       Stillwatch

1987       Jack and Mike

1986       Hardcastle and McCormick

1986       Blacke's Magic

1985       Hotel

1985       Beverly Hills Cowgirl Blues

1985       Hunter

1985       The Treasure of the Amazon

1985       Tales from the Darkside

1985       Finder of Lost Loves

1985       First Strike

1985       Deadly Intruder

1984       Murder, She Wrote

1984       Cover Up

1984       Knight Rider

1984       The Master

1984       Roughcuts

1983       The A-Team

1982       Simon & Simon

1982       Matt Houston

1982       Invaders of the Lost Gold

1982       Butterfly

1981       Demonoid: Messenger of Death

1981       The Monster Club

1981       Tales of the Unexpected

1981       When I Am King

1981       Magnum Thrust

1980       Condominium

1980       Under Siege

1980       Cuba Crossing

1979       The Seekers

1979       Delta Fox

1979       The Last Convertible

1979       Guyana: Cult of the Damned

1979       Women in White

1979       Jamaican Gold

1978       Fantasy Island

1978       The Pirate

1978       Cuibul salamandrelor

1978       La mujer de la tierra caliente

1978       Go West, Young Girl

1977       The Ransom

1977       The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries

1977       Run for the Roses

1977       Ruby

1977       Eaten Alive

1977       The White Buffalo

1977       Most Wanted

1977       Quincy M.E.

1976       Harry O

1976       Ellery Queen

1976       Shadows in an Empty Room

1976       S.W.A.T.

1976       Mean Johnny Barrows

1975       Cannon

1975       Crazy Mama

1975       Las Vegas Lady

1975       Caribe

1975       Call Him Mr. Shatter

1974       Welcome to Arrow Beach

1974       Police Story

1973       The Cat Creature

1973       Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color

1973       Hec Ramsey

1973       Ternos Caçadores

1973       Love, American Style

1973       The Man Who Died Twice

1973       Intertect

1973       The Streets of San Francisco

1972       Run, Cougar, Run

1972       Night Gallery

1972       Night of the Lepus

1972       Circle of Fear

1972       The Woman Hunter

1971       Revenge

1971       Deathwork

1971       City Beneath the Sea

1970       The F.B.I.

1970       The Man Who Wanted to Live Forever

1970       Bracken's World

1970       The Invincible Six

1970       The Last Escape

1967       Cimarron Strip

1966       ABC Stage 67

1966       An American Dream

1965       Sands of the Kalahari

1965       Starr, First Baseman

1965       Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines or How I Flew from London to Paris in 25 hours 11 minutes

1964       Signpost to Murder

1964       Rio Conchos

1964       Shock Treatment

1963       Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre

1963       The Day and the Hour

1962       The Longest Day

1962       Convicts 4

1961       The Comancheros

1961       Francis of Assisi

1961       The Mark

1961       The Fiercest Heart

1960       Murder, Inc.

1960       The Story of Ruth

1959       Hound-Dog Man

1959       These Thousand Hills

1959       The Sound and the Fury

1958       The Decks Ran Red

1958       Target

1958       China Doll

1958       Ten North Frederick

1958       Darby's Rangers

1958       Have Gun - Will Travel

1958       The Court of Last Resort

1957       Trackdown

1957       Goodyear Theatre

1957       Bombers B-52

1957       Harbor Command

1957       Hell Bound

1957       Alcoa Theatre

1957       Johnny Trouble

1957       The Girl in Black Stockings

1957       War Drums

1957       Zane Grey Theater

1957       Crime of Passion

1957       The Silent Service

1956       Highway Patrol

1956       Gunsmoke

1956       The Adventures of Dr. Fu Manchu

1956       Seven Men from Now

1956       Cavalcade of America

1956       Four Star Playhouse

1956       The Star and the Story

1956       Diane

1956       Dr. Christian

1955       Navy Log

1955       King of the Carnival

1955       Interrupted Melody

1954       Stories of the Century

1954       Passion

1954       Brigadoon

1954       Silver Lode

1954       Prisoner of War

1954       Rhapsody

1953       Walking My Baby Back Home

1953       Appointment in Honduras

1953       The Veils of Bagdad

1953       The All American

1953       The Man from the Alamo

1953       All I Desire

1952       The Roy Rogers Show

1952       One Minute to Zero

1952       Barbed Wire

1952       Boston Blackie

1952       The Range Rider

1951       The Day the Earth Stood Still

1951       When Worlds Collide

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