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Steven Seagal ACTOR

Steven Seagal was born on April 10th, 1952 in Lansing, Michigan with the middle name Frederic, born to Patricia and Samuel Steven Seagal.  He was raised in Fullerton, California and graduated from Buena Park High School.

When he finished high school he moved to Japan and became the first foreigner to operate a Aikido dojo in Japan.  He later decided to relocate to Los Angeles, California and see if he could put his marital arts training to use in the film industry. 
He began with doing the martial arts choreography for the films, "The Challenge" (1982) and "Never Say Never Again" (1983).  His film debut was in 1988 in, "Above the Law" and followed this film with more substantial roles in, "Marked for Death" (1990), "Under Siege" (1992) co-starring Tommie Lee Jones, Gary Busey and Erika Eleniak, "On Deadly Ground" (1994) co-starring Michael Caine, "Under Siege 2: Dark Territory" (1995), "Executive Decision" (1996) co-starring Kurt Russell and Halle Berry, "Exit Wounds" (2001) and "Half Past Dead" (2002).   

Seagal then began to mostly take on roles for films that went straight to video such as, "Out of Reach" (2004), "Submerged" (2005), "Today You Die" (2005), "Shadow Man" (2006), "Urban Justice" (2007) and "Against the Dark" (2009).
He then made a comeback to the big screen in "Machete" (2010) portraying the character, Torrez and is currently working on the television series, "True Justice" portraying character Elijah Kane. 
In addition to his career in martial arts and as an actor he is also a recording artist.  In 2005 he released an album titled, "Songs from the Crystal Cave" followed by the release of his second album in 2006 titled, "Mojo Priest".  
He has also founded the Steven Seagal Enterprises which markets a energy drink called, Steven Seagal's Lightning Bolt.  He also owns a homeopathic oil product and an aftershave called Scent of Action. 
Alongside his career as an actor, he has worked for over twenty years as a fully commissioned deputy with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office in Louisiana.  He is also very active in a number of charitable causes such as being involved with the Children's Hospital, and Father Joe's orphanage for children with AIDS in Thailand.  In 1999, Seagal was awarded a PETA Humanitarian Award.         

Seagal has married four times throughout his lifetime.  His first wife was Miyako Fujitani whom he married in 1974 and had two children with before the marriage came to an end in 1987.  He then married Adrienne Larussa in 1984 however by 1987, they had the marriage annulled.  His third wife was Kelly LeBrock whom he wed in 1987 and they had three children together before again another marriage came to an end in 1996.

Steven Seagal resides in Colorado and also owns a home in Brentwood, California.  He practices Buddhism and is currently married to his fourth wife, Erdenetuya Batsukh.     


2012   Maximum Conviction 

2010-2012  True Justice

2011   Sheep Impact

2010   Born to Raise Hell 

2010   Machete 

2009   A Dangerous Man 

2009   The Keeper

2009   Driven to Kill 

2009   Against the Dark

2008   Kill Switch 

2008   The Onion Movie

2008   Pistol Whipped 

2007   Urban Justice 

2007   Flight of Fury 

2006   Attack Force 

2006   Shadow Man

2006   Mercenary for Justice

2005   Black Dawn

2005   Today You Die

2005   Submerged

2005   Into the Sun 

2004   Out of Reach

2004   Clementine 

2003   Belly of the Beast 

2003   Out for a Kill 

2003   The Foreigner 

2002   Half Past Dead

2001   Ticker 

2001   Exit Wounds 

1998   The Patriot 

1997   Fire Down Below 

1996   The Glimmer Man

1996   Executive Decision 

1995   Under Siege 2: Dark Territory

1994   On Deadly Ground 

1992   Under Siege

1991   Out for Justice

1990   Marked for Death 

1990   Hard to Kill 

1988   Above the Law

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