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Stepin Fetchit ACTOR


Stepin Fetchit was born on May 30th, 1902 in Key West, Florida with the birth name Lincoln Theodore Monroe Andrew Perry.  His parents were Joseph Perry and Dora Monroe and they were both Indian immigrants.  He left home at the age of twelve to join a carnival and found work as a singer as well as a tap dancer.  
During his teen years he first became involve in the entertainment industry performing as a comic actor.  He first gained popularity when he developed a character known as, "The Laziest Man In the World" which was part of a two man vaudeville act.  He later decided to take his act solo and changed his stage name to the name of the act, "Stepin Fetchit".
He made quite a name for himself using this portrayal of this character and became the first African American actor to become a millionaire.  He was also the first black actor to ever receive a film credit.

Some of his more well known film roles were in, "Hearts in Dixie" (1929), "Show Boat" (1929), "David Harum" (1934), "Judge Priest" (1934) starring Will Rogers, "Steamboat Round the Bend" (1935), "The Country Chairman" (1935), "Charlie Chan in Egypt" (1935), "Love in News" (1937), "Miracle in Harlem" (1948) "Bend of the River" (1952) starring James Stewart, Arthur Kennedy, Rock Hudson and Julie Adams and most recent roles were in, "Amazing Grace" (1974) and the television movie, "Cutter" (1972). 
Throughout his career in the industry he added fifty four film credits to his resume and was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to the Motion Picture Industry.  

Stepin Fetchit passed away on November 19th, 1985 in Woodland Hills, California after suffering from congestive heart failure as well as pneumonia.


1976   Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood

1974   Amazing Grace 

1972   Cutter

1953   The Sun Shines Bright 

1952   Bend of the River 

1950   Harlem Follies of 1949

1949   I Ain't Gonna Open That Door

1948   Miracle in Harlem

1946   Baby Don't Go Away from Me

1945   Big Timers 

1945   Open the Door Richard

1939   Zenobia 

1938   His Exciting Night

1937   Fifty Roads to Town

1937   Love Is News 

1937   On the Avenue 

1936   Dimples

1936   36 Hours to Kill 

1935   The Virginia Judge

1935   Steamboat Round the Bend

1935   Charlie Chan in Egypt

1935   One More Spring 

1935   The County Chairman 

1935   Helldorado 

1934   Bachelor of Arts

1934   Marie Galante

1934   Judge Priest

1934   The World Moves On

1934   Stand Up and Cheer!

1934   David Harum

1934   Carolina

1932   Slow Poke

1931   Neck and Neck 

1931   The Galloping Ghost

1931   Wild Horse

1931   The Prodigal

1930   La fuerza del querer

1930   Swing High

1930   The Big Fight

1930   Cameo Kirby 

1929   Big Time

1929   Salute

1929   Fox Movietone Follies of 1929

1929   Innocents of Paris

1929   Thru Different Eyes 

1929   Show Boat 

1929   Hearts in Dixie 

1929   The Ghost Talks 

1929   Kid's Clever 

1928   The Tragedy of Youth

1928   Nameless Men

1928   The Devil's Skipper

1927   In Old Kentucky 

1925   The Mysterious Stranger

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