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Simone Signoret ACTOR


Simone Signoret was born on March 25th, 1921 in Wiesbaen, Germany with the birth name Henriette Charlotte Simone Kaminker to parents Andre and Georgette Kaminker.  She was the oldest of three siblings.  Her father was born of Jewish Polish decent and was an Army Officer who worked with the League of Nations. 
She grew up in Paris and studied the English language earning herself a teachers certificate. Her early employment was working as a typist for a French newspaper.  She would associate with other writers and actors who encouraged her that she should pursue a career as an actress.  Simone began finding small roles in films as an extra and took on her mothers maiden name, in order to hid the fact that she came from Jewish roots. 
Some of her early roles were in such films as "La Ronde" (1950), "Casque d'or" (1951), "Thérèse Raquin (1953), "Les Diaboliques" (1954) and "Les Sorcières de Salem (1956).  In 1959, Simone was cast in the film "Room at the Top" at the age of thirty eight.  It was this role that began earning her popularity amongst critics and won her such awards as Best Female Performance Prize at Cannes as well as an Academy Award for Best Actress.
From this break through role, Simone was asked to come to Hollywood and work in the film industry in the United States, however, she chose to stay in Europe and continue her work there.  She was cast in such big screen features as "Term of Trial" (1962) and "Ship of Fools" (1965).  She did decide to do some work in Hollywood, but ultimately kept returning to France to work in the late 60's and early 70's. 
She continued to earn praise for her performances in her later work such as, "La Vie devant Soi" (1977), "I Sent a Letter to My Love" (1980) and her final theatrical performance in, "L'étoile du Nord" (1982).  She was also an author and wrote a book titles, Adieu Volodia, which was about a group of immigrants that were Jewish and their children and what it was like working in the theatre industry in Paris during the late 20's through mid 40's.  She also published her autobiography,  La nostalgie n'est plus qu'elle était in 1976. 
Simone married twice throughout her lifetime, first to Yves Allegret from 1944 through 1949 and together they had one child.  She then married for a second time to Yves Montand and they were together from 1951 through her death on September 30th, 1985 in Autheuil-Anthouillet, Eure, Haute Normandie, France after suffering from pancreatic cancer.  Simone Signoret is buried at Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, France.


1986 Music Hall
1983 Thérèse Humbert
1982 Guy de Maupassant
1982 L'étoile du Nord
1980 I Sent a Letter to My Love
1979 The Adolescent
1978 Judith Therpauve
1978 Madame le juge
1977 Madame Rosa 
1976 Police Python 357
1975 Flesh of the Orchid
1973 Rude journée pour la reine
1973 The Burned Barns 
1971 La veuve Couderc 
1971 Le chat
1971 Reckonings Against the Grain
1970 A Hostage 
1970 The Confession
1969 Army of Shadows 
1969 Mr. Freedom 
1969 L'américain 
1968 The Sea Gull 
1967 Games
1966 The Deadly Affair
1966 Is Paris Burning? 
1966 Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre
1966 A Small Rebellion
1965 Ship of Fools
1963 Sweet and Sour
1963 The Day and the Hour
1963 The Shortest Day
1962 Term of Trial
1961 Barabbas
1961 Famous Love Affairs
1961 Les mauvais coups 
1960 Adua e le compagne 
1960 G.E. True Theater
1959 Room at the Top
1957 The Crucible
1957 Die Windrose 
1956 Death in the Garden 
1956 Un matin comme les autres 
1955 Diabolique 
1955 Mutter Courage und ihre Kinder 
1953 The Adultress 
1952 Casque d'Or
1951 Le traqué
1951 Shadow and Light
1951 ...Sans laisser d'adresse
1950 Gunman in the Streets
1950 La Ronde
1950 Four Days Leave
1950 Manèges
1948 Impasse des Deux Anges
1948 Dédée d'Anvers
1948 Against the Wind
1947 Fantômas
1946 Back Streets of Paris 
1946 Le couple idéal
1946 Dawn Devils
1945 La boîte aux rêves
1944 Le mort ne reçoit plus
1944 Service de nuit
1944 Béatrice devant le désir
1944 L'ange de la nuit
1943 Adieu Léonard 
1943 Le voyageur de la Toussaint 
1942 The Benefactor
1942 The Devil's Envoys
1942 Le prince charmant 
1942 Boléro 

Matinee Classics - Is Paris Burning? starring Jean-Paul Belmondo, Charles Boyer, Leslie Caron, Kirk Douglas, Glenn Ford, Anthony Perkins, Simone Signoret, Robert Stack and Orson Welles
Matinee Classics - Is Paris Burning? starring Jean-Paul Belmondo, Charles Boyer, Leslie Caron, Kirk Douglas, Glenn Ford, Anthony Perkins, Simone Signoret, Robert Stack and Orson Welles

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