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Scott Brady ACTOR


Scott Brady was born on September 13th, 1924 in Brooklyn, New York with the birth name Gerard Kenneth Tierney.  His parents were Lawrence and Maria Tierney.  His father was employed as chief of New York's aqueduct police force.  He had an older brother and a younger brother and all three sons became involved in acting.
Brady grew up in Westchester County and went to Roosevelt and St. Michael's High Schools.  He was very athletic in basketball, football and track. 
During World War II he served in the navy and was also a boxing champion.  When he was discharged from the military he supported himself by working as a lumberjack and also got involved in taking acting classes.
He soon headed west and joined his brother Lawrence in Los Angeles who was already beginning to make a name for himself in the industry.  When Brady was out having lunch he was seen by director, Hal B. Wallis and was approached and offered a screen test.  However, he did not do so well and decided to enroll in the Bliss-Hayden drama school to study acting.   

After completing his studies he signed with a small studio called eagle-Lion and made his film debut in, "In This Corner" (1948) where he got the chance to show off his boxing skills from his navy days. The next film roll was in, "Canon City" (1948) and "Walked By Night" (1948). 

With a certain amount of film experience now under his belt he moved over to work with two larger studio's, Fox and Universal.  He was cast in, "The Gal Who Took the West" (1949), "The Model and the Marriage Broker" (1951), "Bloodhounds of Broadway" (1952) and "Untamed Frontier" (1952).  

Brady was mostly cast in tough guy roles but did take on some romantic leads as well.  He was very manly looking, handsome and rugged all in one.  He took on the role in 1959 playing the Senator for the film, "The Best Man".

His television career was just as successful as his film.  He was the star of the western series, "Shotgun Slade" (1959).  Brady did not limit his career to film and television alone, he was also very involved in stage productions working on such plays as, "The Moon is Blue", "Detective Story" and "Picnic" to name a few.

In 1967 he decided to settle down and marry, Mary Tirony at the age of 43.  He had two sons with his wife.  As his career moved into the 70's large starring roles were less available to him as his appearance had made a drastic change with a large amount of weight gain and with him aging, however he still found work on a couple films and made a couple guest appearances.  Some of the films with less significant roles then he was once used to were, "Wicked, Wicked" (1973) and "Gremlins" (1984) which was his final film role.   
Scott Brady fell and was injured in 1981 and had to rely on a oxygen tank to breathe.  He  passed away on April 16th, 1985 at the age of sixty in Los Angeles, California from pulmonary fibrosis which was a progressive respiratory disease.  Scott is buried at the Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, California.  

1984   Gremlins
1984   Whiz Kids
1983   Simon & Simon
1983   This Girl for Hire
1983   Cagney & Lacey 
1983   The Winds of War
1982   Matt Houston
1981   McClain's Law
1981   Strange Behavior  
1981   American Dream 
1981   240-Robert 
1981   Charlie's Angels 
1980   The Littlest Hobo 
1980   Power
1979   The Last Ride of the Dalton Gang
1979   Eischied 
1979   Taxi 
1979   The China Syndrome  
1979   Supertrain  
1979   Women in White
1975-1978  The Rockford Files 
1978   Suddenly, Love
1978   Wheels 
1978   To Kill a Cop
1978   When Every Day Was the Fourth of July
1977   Baretta 
1977   Good Penny
1977   Laverne & Shirley 
1977   The Fantastic Journey 
1977   Welcome Back, Kotter 
1976   All in the Family
1976   Law and Order
1973-1976  Police Story 
1975   The Invisible Man
1974-1975  Movin' On 
1975   The Kansas City Massacre
1975   Hawaii Five-O 
1974   Roll, Freddy, Roll!
1974   Sierra 
1974   Get Christie Love!
1974   Dirty Sally 
1969-1973  Gunsmoke 
1973   Banacek
1973   Wicked, Wicked  
1973   Ironside
1973   Mission: Impossible 
1973   Bonnie's Kids  
1973   The Night Strangler
1973   McMillan & Wife 
1972   Cain's Cutthroats  
1972   The Loners 
1972   The Leo Chronicles 
1971   $
1971   Doctors' Wives  
1968-1971  The Virginian
1970   The Immortal
1970   San Francisco International Airport
1968-1970  The Name of the Game 
1970  The High Chaparral
1970   Lancer 
1970   Five Bloody Graves 
1970   Mannix
1970   Hell's Bloody Devils
1969   D.A.: Murder One
1969   Marooned  
1969   Bracken's World 
1969   The Cycle Savages  
1969   The Ice House 
1969   Satan's Sadists  
1969   Nightmare in Wax  
1969   Adam-12
1969   The Mighty Gorga  
1968   They Ran for Their Lives 
1968   Arizona Bushwhackers 
1968   The Road Hustlers 
1968   Portrait of Violence 
1967   Felony Squad  
1967   Fort Utah  
1967   Judd for the Defense  
1967   Journey to the Center of Time 
1967   Red Tomahawk  
1966   Castle of Evil  
1966   Summer Fun 
1966   Destination Inner Space  
1965   Black Spurs  
1965   John Goldfarb, Please Come Home! 
1964   Stage to Thunder Rock  
1963   The Alfred Hitchcock Hour 
1963   Operation Bikini 
1962   The Untouchables  
1961   G.E. True Theater 
1961   Checkmate  
1959-1961  Shotgun Slade  
1960   Alcoa Theatre 
1959   Adventure Showcase 
1959   Battle Flame 
1954-1959  Schlitz Playhouse
1956-1958  Climax
1958   Blood Arrow 
1958   Ambush at Cimarron Pass  
1957   Playhouse 90
1957   Zane Grey Theater
1957   The Restless Breed 
1955-1957  Studio 57
1957   The Storm Rider 
1957   Crossroads
1956   Conflict 
1953-1956  Lux Video Theatre 
1955-1956  Celebrity Playhouse  
1956   The Maverick Queen 
1956   Terror at Midnight
1956   Mohawk  
1953-1956  The Ford Television Theatre
1955   The Loretta Young Show 
1955   The Vanishing American 
1955   Gentlemen Marry Brunettes  
1955   Damon Runyon Theater
1955   Studio One in Hollywood 
1954   They Were So Young
1954   The Law vs. Billy the Kid  
1954   Johnny Guitar  
1953   White Fire  
1953   El Alaméin  
1953   A Perilous Journey  
1952   Bloodhounds of Broadway  
1952   Montana Belle  
1952   Yankee Buccaneer 
1952   Untamed Frontier  
1952   Bronco Buster  
1951   The Model and the Marriage Broker  
1950   Kansas Raiders 
1950   Undercover Girl  
1950   I Was a Shoplifter  
1949   Undertow  
1949   Port of New York  
1949   The Gal Who Took the West  
1948   He Walked by Night  
1948   In This Corner  
1948   Canon City  
1948   The Counterfeiters 

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