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Ruth Chatterton ACTOR


Ruth Chatterton was born on December 24th, 1892 in New York City, New York and became interested in performing from a young age.  She performed in a number of school productions and was even given a chance to work with a stock company while still a teenager.

By the age of fourteen she was working as a chorus girl and later began to pursue a fulltime career as a stage actress. 

In 1914 she gained many fans with her performance in the Broadway production, "Daddy Long Legs".  Hollywood took notice of her and wanted her to move west and work in the film industry.  She remained in New York a little longer gaining some more stage experience as well as directing a number of Broadway plays, and she made the move west in 1925.
Her first film roles were in 1928 with Paramount Studio's appearing in, "Sins of the Fathers" followed by roles in, "Charming Sinners" (1929), "The Laughing Lady" (1929) and "Sarah and Son" (1930) for which she received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.

Soon other successful films were added to her credits such as, "Once a Lady" (1931), "The Magnificent Lie" (1931) and "Tomorrow and Tomorrow" (1932).  She then changed over to work with Warner Brothers Studio's and continued to be a success in such features as, "Lily Turner" (1933), "Dodsworth" (1936) and "A Royal Divorce" (1938).

After film roles began to come less often to her, she returned to her love of working as a stage actress and also worked on the radio and numerous television appearances on such series as, "Celanese Theatre" (1951), "Pulitzer Prize Playhouse" (1952), "Kraft Theatre" (1952) and her final role in a televised version of Hamlet on the "Hallmark Hall of Fame" (1951).

Ruth Chatterton later retired from the industry and started a whole new successful career as a writer.  She married three times throughout her lifetime.  Her first husband was Ralph Forbes whom she wed in 1924 however by 1932 this marriage came to an end.  She then married actor George Brent in 1932 but two years later another unsuccessful marriage.  Her third and final husband was Barry Thomson whom she married in 1942 and they remained married until he passed away in 1960.  She never had any biological children and just two years after losing her third husband, she passed away from a brain hemorrhage at the age of sixty seven on November 21st, 1961 in Norwalk, Connecticut.     


1953   Hamlet

1952   Kraft Theatre

1952   Pulitzer Prize Playhouse

1951   Celanese Theatre 

1950   The Prudential Family Playhouse

1948   The Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse 

1938   A Royal Divorce

1937   The Rat

1936   Dodsworth

1936   Girls' Dormitory 

1936   Lady of Secrets 

1934   Journal of a Crime

1933   Female 

1933   Lilly Turner

1932   Frisco Jenny

1932   The Crash

1932   The Rich Are Always with Us

1932   Tomorrow and Tomorrow

1931   Once a Lady

1931   The Magnificent Lie

1931   Unfaithful 

1930   The Right to Love 

1930   Anybody's Woman 

1930   The Lady of Scandal 

1930   Paramount on Parade 

1930   Sarah and Son 

1929   The Laughing Lady 

1929   Madame X

1929   Charming Sinners 

1929   The Dummy 

1929   The Doctor's Secret

1928   Sins of the Fathers

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