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Russell Hayden ACTOR

Russell Hayden was born on June 12th, 1912 in Chico, California with the birth name Pate Lucid, born to Francis J. and Minnie Harvey Lucid.  He first became involved in the entertainment industry doing behind the scenes work such as a film cutter, sound recorder and assistant cameraman. 

After realizing how much he enjoyed the industry he decided he wanted to work on the other side in front of the camera as an actor.  He became very well known for starring in a number of western films and many remember him portraying the character, Lucky Jenkins in the, Hopalong Cassidy westerns.  

Other film credits he added portraying other characters were, "North of the Border" (1946), "Seven Were Saved" (1947), "Where the North Begins" (1947), "Albuquerque" (1948), "Deputy Marshall" (1949) and "Apache Chief" (1949). 

Along with his many credits as this character he also added to his resume the television series, "The Marshal of Gunsight Pass" (1950), "Cowboy G-Men" (1952-1953) and "The Gene Autry Show" (1950). 

Along with working as an actor he and a friend, Dick Curtis developed 'Pioneertown', which is a Western movie set located in California that has been used for a number of western television shows as well as films. 

In addition to working as an actor he produced as well as directed two western television series, "Cowboy G-Men" (1952-1953) co-starring Jackie Coogan, "26 Men" (1957-1959) starring Tristram Coffin and "Judge Roy Bean" (1956) starring Edgar Buchanan and "30 Minutes at Gunsight" (1963).    

Russell Hayden married twice throughout his lifetime, first to actress Jan Clayton in 1938 and they had one daughter, Sandra Jane who passed away at the age of sixteen.  They remained married until 1943.  He then married Lillian Porter in 1946 and they were together until he passed away on June 9th, 1981 in Palm Springs, California after suffering from pneumonia.  His remains are interred at Oakwood Memorial Park Cemetery in Chatsworth, California.       


1963   30 Minutes at Gunsight 

1957   26 Men

1956   Judge Roy Bean

1952-1953  Cowboy G-Men

1951   Valley of Fire 

1951   Texans Never Cry

1950   The Gene Autry Show

1950   Fast on the Draw

1950   West of the Brazos 

1950   Colorado Ranger 

1950   Crooked River

1950   Marshal of Heldorado

1950   Hostile Country

1950   The Marshal of Gunsight Pass

1949   Apache Chief 

1949   Deputy Marshal

1948   Sons of Adventure

1948   Albuquerque

1947   Trail of the Mounties 

1947   Where the North Begins

1947   Seven Were Saved 

1946   North of the Border 

1946   Rolling Home 

1946   'Neath Canadian Skies

1946   Lost City of the Jungle

1944   The Last Horseman

1944   Gambler's Choice 

1944   Wyoming Hurricane 

1944   Marshal of Gunsmoke

1943   The Vigilantes Ride

1943   Minesweeper

1943   Silver City Raiders

1943   Frontier Law 

1943   Saddles and Sagebrush 

1943   Riders of the Northwest Mounted

1942   A Tornado in the Saddle 

1942   The Lone Prairie 

1942   Lucky Legs 

1942   Overland to Deadwood

1942   Bad Men of the Hills

1942   Riders of the Northland

1942   Down Rio Grande Way

1942   Lawless Plainsmen

1942   West of Tombstone 

1941   Riders of the Badlands 

1941   The Royal Mounted Patrol 

1941   Wide Open Town

1941   Two in a Taxi 

1941   Pirates on Horseback

1941   Border Vigilantes 

1941   In Old Colorado

1941   Doomed Caravan 

1940   Three Men from Texas

1940   Knights of the Range 

1940   Stagecoach War

1940   Hidden Gold 

1940   The Light of Western Stars

1940   The Showdown 

1940   Santa Fe Marshal 

1939   Law of the Pampas 

1939   Range War 

1939   Renegade Trail 

1939   Heritage of the Desert

1939   Silver on the Sage 

1939   Sunset Trail 

1938   The Frontiersmen 

1938   The Mysterious Rider 

1938   In Old Mexico 

1938   Pride of the West 

1938   Bar 20 Justice 

1938   Heart of Arizona

1938   Cassidy of Bar 20 

1938   Partners of the Plains 

1937   Texas Trail

1937   Hopalong Rides Again 

1937   Rustlers' Valley 

1937   North of the Rio Grande 

1937   Hills of Old Wyoming

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