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Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle ACTOR


Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle was born march 24th, 1887 in Smith Center, Kansas, USA to parents Mollie and William Goodrich Arbuckle. He was an overweight child, the neighborhood children gave him the nickname of "Fatty" which stuck with him throughout his life.

In 1888, his family moved to Sacramento, California. Sadly, in 1899 his mother passed away and his father abandoned him. He worked odd jobs to survive and while working a kitchen job a local singer overheard him and took him to the local theater. He began the start of his career. Roscoe had several years of Vaudeville experience, including work at Idora Park in Oakland, California, which is where later on in his profession, he began his film career with the Selig Polyscope Company in July 1909. First in 1908 he was married to Araminta Estelle Durfee. His first movie appearance was in, "Bens Kid" (1909). 

He began in the entertainment industry as a singer. In his late teens, he worked  at local dance halls for several years. In 1912, he was noticed by Mack Sennet the owner of a brand new production company called, the Keystone Production Company and made silent movies for Universal Pictures. Roscoe was one of the original Keystone Cops. Starting with, "The Gangsters" (1913), Roscoe quickly became one of the most popular figures at Keystone and he still appeared sporadically in Selig one-reelers until 1913.  

In the film "A Noise from the Deep", Arbuckle became the first film comedian to be hit with a pie. Roscoe had the ability to throw two pies, in different directions, at the same time! Then in late 1916, Joseph Schenck offered Roscoe a deal he couldn't refuse, $1,000 a day and complete creative control of his films. By March 1917, Roscoe had completely recovered from a carbuncle which  had developed on his leg, causing it to nearly be amputated and began work on his first film at his new "Comique" banner, "The Butcher Boy."
In December 1919, Joseph Schenck presented a new plan. Roscoe would be moved permanently from working shorts into features. No other male "slapstick" comedian had ever made this move. However, his acting career took a major let down when in 1921 a rape scandal developed on a 3 day trip Roscoe took to San Francisco. Virginia Rappe, a 26 year old aspiring actress had died in a San Francisco hospital after being found at a party laying on the floor screaming in pain. Roscoe was being accused of rape and went through a horrible time of court appearances and financial difficulty with attorney fees. Roscoe found himself unemployable as an actor. Friends, led by Buster Keaton, came forward and paid off the legal fees for Roscoe.
In 1925, in Hollywood decided that Roscoe would be allowed to direct comedies, as long as he didn't use his real name. He chose the alias "William Goodrich," after his father William Goodrich Arbuckle. On January 27, 1925, he divorced Araminta Estelle Durfee in Paris. She had charged desertion. He then married Doris Deane on May 16, 1925.

By 1927 Roscoe was directing major features at Paramount and continued to use the Goodrich alias while directing until 1932.
In 1929 his wife, Doris Deane sued for divorce in Los Angeles, charging desertion and cruelty. On June 21, 1931, Roscoe again married Addie Oakley Dukes McPhail. Shortly before that marriage, Arbuckle had signed a contract with Jack Warner to star in six two-reel Vitaphone short comedies being allowed to use his own name. He finished filming the last of the two-reelers on June 28, 1933, and was signed by Warner Brothers to make a feature-length film just hours before he died.
Roscoe had a overall thriving career in silent pictures and was one of the most popular actors of his era, but is best known today for his central role in the so-called "Fatty Arbuckle scandal". His comedies are known for being rollicking, fast-paced, full of chase scenes and having many sight gags. Roscoe passed away, June 29, 1933 in New York, New York, USA from heart failure at the young age of 46. He was cremated and his ashes scattered in the Pacific Ocean.

1909   Ben's Kid
1909   Mrs. Jones' Birthday
1909   Making It Pleasant for Him
1910   The Sanitarium
1913   Alas! Poor Yorick
1913   The Gangsters
1913   Passions, He Had Three
1913   Help! Help!, Hydrophobia!
1913   The Waiters' Picnic
1913   The Bandit
1913   Peeping Pete
1913   For the Love of Mabel
1913   The Telltale Light
1913   A Noise from the Deep
1913   Love and Courage
1913   Professor Bean's Removal
1913   The Riot
1913   Mabel's New Hero
1913   Fatty's Day Off
1913   Mabel's Dramatic Career
1913   The Gypsy Queen
1913   The Fatal Taxicab
1913   When Dreams Come True
1913   Mother's Boy
1913   Two Old Tars
1913   A Quiet Little Wedding
1913   The Speed Kings
1913   Fatty at San Diego
1913   Wine
1913   Fatty Joins the Force
1913   The Woman Haters
1913   Ride for a Bride
1913   Fatty's Flirtation
1913   His Sister's Kids
1913   He Would a Hunting Go
1914   A Misplaced Foot
1914   The Under Sheriff
1914   A Flirt's Mistake
1914   In the Clutches of the Gang
1914   Rebecca's Wedding Day
1914   A Robust Romeo
1914   Twixt Love and Fire
1914   A Film Johnnie
1914   Tango Tangles
1914   His Favorite Pastime
1914   A Rural Demon
1914   Barnyard Flirtations
1914   Chicken Chaser
1914   A Bath House Beauty
1914   Where Hazel Met the Villain
1914   A Suspended Ordeal
1914   The Water Dog
1914   The Alarm 
1914   The Knockout
1914   Fatty and the Heiress
1914   Fatty's Finish
1914   Love and Bullets
1914   A Rowboat Romance
1914   The Sky Pirate
1914   Those Happy Days
1914   That Minstrel Man
1914   Those Country Kids 
1914   Fatty's Gift
1914   The Masquerader
1914   A Brand New Hero
1914   The Rounders
1914   Lover's Luck
1914   Fatty's Debut 
1914   Fatty Again
1914   Their Ups and Downs
1914   Zip, the Dodger
1914   Lovers' Post Office
1914   An Incompetent Hero
1914   Fatty's Jonah Day
1914   Fatty's Wine Party
1914   The Sea Nymphs
1914   Leading Lizzie Astray
1914   Shotguns that Kick
1914   Fatty's Magic Pants
1914   Fatty and Minnie He-Haw
1914   Our Country Cousin
1914   Caught in a Flue
1914   The Baggage Smasher
1914   Tillie's Punctured Romance
1914   Killing Horace
1914   The Bowery Boys
1914   How Hiram Won Out
1914   The Peddler
1915   Mabel and Fatty's Wash Day
1915   Mabel and Fatty's Simple Life 
1915   Fatty and Mabel at the San Diego Exposition
1915   Mabel, Fatty, and the Law
1915   Fatty's New Role
1915   Mabel and Fatty's Married Life
1915   Fatty's Reckless Fling
1915   Fatty's Chance Acquaintance
1915   Love in Armor
1915   That Little Band of Gold
1915   Fatty's Faithful Fido
1915   When Love Took Wings
1915   Wished on Mabel 
1915   Mabel and Fatty Viewing the World's Fair at San Francisco, California
1915   Mabel's Wilful Way
1915   Miss Fatty's Seaside Lovers 
1915   The Little Teacher
1915   Fatty's Plucky Pup
1915   Fatty's Tintype Tangle
1915   Fickle Fatty's Fall
1915   The Village Scandal
1915   Fatty and the Broadway Stars
1915   Rum and Wallpaper
1915   Colored Villainy
1915   Among the Mourners
1916   Fatty and Mabel Adrift 
1916   He Did and He Didn't
1916   The Bright Lights
1916   His Wife's Mistake
1916   The Other Man
1916   The Waiters' Ball
1916   His Alibi 
1916   A Reckless Romeo
1916   A Creampuff Romance 
1917   The Butcher Boy 
1917   A Reckless Romeo
1917   The Rough House
1917   His Wedding Night
1917   Oh, Doctor! 
1917   Fatty at Coney Island
1917   A Country Hero
1918   Out West 
1918   The Bell Boy
1918   Moonshine
1918   Good Night, Nurse!
1918   The Cook
1918   The Sheriff
1918   United States Fourth Liberty Loan Drive
1918   Canadian Victory Loan Drive
1919   Camping
1919   The Pullman Porter
1919   Love
1919   The Bank Clerk
1919   A Desert Hero
1919   Back Stage
1919   The Hayseed
1919   The Garage   
1920   The Round-Up
1920   The Life of the Party
1921   Brewster's Millions
1921   The Dollar-a-Year Man
1921   The Traveling Salesman
1921   Gasoline Gus
1921   Crazy to Marry
1922   Leap Year
1922   Freight Prepaid
1923   Hollywood
1925   Go West
1932   Hey, Pop!
1933   Buzzin' Around
1933   How've You Bean?
1933   Close Relations
1933   In the Dough
1933   Tomalio

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Matinee Classics - The Butcher Boy starring Buster Keaton, Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle, Al 'Fuzzy' St. John, Josephine Stevens, Arthur Earle and Joe Bordeau
Matinee Classics - The Butcher Boy starring Buster Keaton, Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle, Al 'Fuzzy' St. John, Josephine Stevens, Arthur Earle and Joe Bordeau

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