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Rod Cameron ACTOR


Rod Cameron was born December 7th, 1910 in Calgary, Alberta Canada with the birth name Nathan Roderick Cox.  He was raised in Alberta.  Rod had aspirations of being a Canadian Mountie, but once he decided this was not his goal as he got older he but decided to move to New York City and follow his goals of becoming a professional actor.
He found work temporarily as a laborer on the Holland Tunnel project and continued to try and pursue acting in New York.  However, after he was lacking any success, he again chose to follow his dream and re locate to California and try his luck there.
He moved to Hollywood and found work as a stuntman and a bit player for Paramount Pictures. He finally had the chance to work on a film making his debut in, "The Old Maid" (1939) with a small part, sadly when the movie was released, he found out his scene had been deleted. 
However, since he had done some stunt work with Paramount he was also able to work as a stand in for various stars.  He also worked as a bit player on other Paramount pictures such as, "Christmas in July" (1940) and "North West Mounted Police" (1940).  Rod was then starting to get cast in other feature films not yet as a lead role, but at least a character role in such films as, "The Monster and the Girl" (1941), "The Forest Rangers" (1942) and "The Remarkable Andrew" (1942). 
Now that he had gained some experience in film and was beginning to get known in the industry, he got his chance at his break out role with republic Pictures in, "G-Men vs. The Black Dragon" (1943) and also, "Secret Service in Darkest Africa" (1943).  After seeing him in both these films, Universal decided to sign him to appear in a series of low budget westerns such as, "Salome Where She Danced" (1945), "Frontier Gal" (1945) and "River Lady" (1948).
Majority of his films were working on westerns portraying characters in the action genre, however he did at times take a chance with playing other characters such as when he portrayed a symphony conductor in, "Swing Out Sister" (1945).

He mainly worked with two production studios, Universal and Republic.  When universal decided to down side he was temporarily unemployed along with other contract players.  However, he was hired by Monogram Pictures for a variety of outdoor action films.
He was married in 1950 to Angela Alves-Lico but they divorced in 1960.  He had finally made a name for himself and between 1953 and 1955 he was ranked as 'top 5' for box office sales with roles in other films such as, "Brimstone" (1949), "Stampede" (1949), "Dakota Lil" (1950) and "San Antone" (1953). 
Cameron was also now becoming involved with Television series such as on the series, "City Detective" (1953-1955) where he played a New York City police lieutenant.  During his acting career he also appeared on the series, "State Trooper" (1956-1959) and "Coronado 9" (1960-1961).   Rod also made a few guest appearances on various western series such as, "Bonanza", "Laramie" and "The Virginian". 
As he entered the 1960's, his film career was fading he did some work oversees in Spain and had a couple other roles in low budget films such as, "Requiem for a Gunfighter" (1965) and "The Bounty Killer" (1965).  In  1971, he appeared in the first episode of "Alias Smith and Jones" and his last professional years were spent in such potboilers as "Evel Knievel" (1971), "Psychic Killer" (1975) and "Love and the Midnight Auto Supply" (1978).
Rod Cameron passed away from cancer, December 21st, 1983 in Gainesville, Georgia in the US at the age of 72.  It is unknown where his ashes were laid to rest.  He was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of fame.


1978  Love and the Midnight Auto Supply
1976  The Rockford Files: A Bad Deal in the Valley
1975  Adam-12: Follow Up
1975  Psychic Killer
1975  Jessie's Girls
1973  Adam-12: Foothill Division
1972  The Long Chase
1972  Evel Knievel
1971  Adam-12: Log 88: Reason to Run
1971  The Last Movie
1969  The Civilized Men
1966  Winnetou und sein Freund Old Firehand
1966  Branded: Barbed Wire
1966  Bonanza: Ride the Wind, Part Two
1966  Ride the Wind
1965  Bullets Don't Argue
1965  Requiem for a Gunfighter
1965  The Bounty Killer
1963  Bullet in the Flesh
1963  Perry Mason: The Case of the Bouncing Boomerang
1963  The Gun Hawk
1960-1961 COronado 9 TV Series
1960  Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Man Who Found the Money
1958  Escapement
1958  The Man Who Died Twice
1958  The Electronic Monster
1957  Spoilers of the Forest
1956-1959 State Trooper TV Series
1956  Yaqui Drums
1956  Passport to Treason
1955  Santa Fe Passage
1955  Hell's Outpost
1955  Headline Hunters
1955  The Fighting Chance
1955  Double Jeopardy
1954  Southwest Passage
1953-1955 City Detective TV Series
1953  San Antone
1953  The Steel Lady
1953  Ride the Man Down
1952  Woman of the North Country
1952  Wagons West
1952  Fort Osage
1952  The Jungle
1951  Oh! Susanna
1951  The Sea Hornet
1951  Cavalry Scout
1950  Short Grass
1950  Stage to Tucson
1950  Dakota Lil
1949  Stampede
1949  Brimstone
1948  Strike It Rich
1948  River Lady
1948  The Plunderers
1948  Panhandle
1947  Pirates of Monterey
1947  Belle Starr's Daughter
1946  The Runaround
1945  Swing Out, Sister
1945  Renegades of the Rio Grande
1945  Frontier Gal
1945  Beyond the Pecos
1945  Salome, Where She Danced
1944  Trigger Trail
1944  Riders of the Santa Fe
1944  The Old Texas Trail
1944  Boss of Boomtown
1944  Mrs. Parkington
1943  Black Dragon of Manzanar
1943  Secret Service of Darkest Africa [Serial]
1943  Riding High
1943  Honeymoon Lodge
1943  The Good Fellows
1943  No Time for Love
1943  Manhunt in the African Jungle [Serial]
1943  The Kansan
1943  G-Men vs. the Black Dragon
1943  Gung Ho!
1942  Priorities on Parade
1942  True to the Army
1942  The Remarkable Andrew
1942  Star Spangled Rhythm
1942  The Fleet's In
1942  The Forest Rangers
1942  Wake Island
1942  The Commandos Strike at Dawn
1941  The Parson of Panamint
1941  Nothing But the Truth
1941  No Hands on the Clock
1941  The Night of January 16th
1941  The Monster and the Girl
1941  Pacific Blackout
1941  I Wanted Wings
1941  Life with Henry
1941  Henry Aldrich for President
1941  Buy Me That Town
1940  Those Were the Days
1940  Rangers of Fortune
1940  Northwest Mounted Police
1940  The Quarterback
1940  Christmas in July
1939  The Old Maid

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