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Robert Paige ACTOR


Robert Paige was born on December 2nd, 1910 in Indianapolis, Indiana with the birth name John Arthur Paige.  Originally after high school he went to West Point Military Academy but decided to leave the academy early and relocated to Los Angeles, California in pursuit of a career as an actor.

Paige began with finding work as an usher at the Fox West Coast Theatres and later found work as a radio announcer on the station, KMTR in Hollywood.  By the early 1930's, Paige began working as a film actor appearing on a number of shorts such as, "You Can't Buy Everything" (1934) starring May Robson, Jean Parker, Lewis Stone, Mary Forbes, Walter Brennan, Bruce Bennett and William Bakewell, "Annapolis Farewell" (1935) sarring Guy Standing, Rosalind Keith, Tom Brown and Richard Cromwell, "Hearts in Bondage" (1936) starring James Dunn, Mae Clark, Warner Richmond, Smiley Burnette, Charlotte Henry, Irving Pichel, Ben Alexander, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Henry B. Walthall and David Manners and his first real substantial role in, "Cain and Mabel" (1936) starring Clark Gable and Marion Davies.

Soon he began adding more well known films to his resume such as, "Smart Blonde" (1937) co-starring Glenda Farrell, Barton MacLane, Addison Richards, Craig Reynolds, Charlotte Wynters, Jane Wyman, Tom Kennedy, Frank Faylen, and Fred 'Snowflake' Toones, "Meet the Boy Friend" (1937) starring as David Carlyle with Carol Huges, Warren Hymer, Syd Saylor and Smiley Brnette, "Highway Patrol" (1938) also starring Jacqueline Wells and Robert Middlemass, "The Main Event" (1938), "Flying G-Men" (1939) starring as as Hal Andrews, Flying G-Man, and The Black Falcon with Ann Duran, Dick Curtis, Richard Fiske, Lorna Gray and James Craig, "Emergency Squad" (1940) starring William Henry, Louise Campbell, Richard Denning and Anthony Quinn, "Women Without Names" (1940) starring Ellen Drew, Fay Helm, Louise Beavers, Jdith Barrett and Marjorie Main, "Golden Gloves" (1940) starring alongside Richard Denning, Jeanne Cagney, J. Carrol Naish, William Frawley, Robert Ryan and Edward Brophy and "The Monster and the Girl" (1941) starring Philip Terry, Ellen Drew, George Zucco, Paul Lukas, Rod Cameron and Gerald Mohr.

Along with his talent as an actor, he was also a talented vocalist and was given the chance to shine in the film, "Hellzapoppin" (1941) starring Ole Oleson, Chic Johnson, Martha Raye, Mischa Auer and Shemp Howard, followed by other singing roles in, "Pardon My Sarong" (1942) starring Abbott and Costello, Virginia Bruce, William Demarest and Lionel Atwill, "What's Cookin'?" (1942) starring The Andrews Sisters, Jane Frazee, Leo Carrillo, Franklin Pangborn, Billie Burke and Gloria Jean, "How About It" (1943) starring The Andrews Sisters, Grace McDonald, David Bruce and Shemp Howard and "Can't Help Singing" (1944) co-starring with Deanna Durbin, Akim Tamiroff, Thomas Gomez, George Cleveland, Ray Collins and David Bruce. 

By 1946 he decided to work as a freelance actor and in 1949 he not only starred in but also produced his first film, "The Green Promise" starring wth starring Marguerite Chapman, Walter Brennan, Natalie Wood, Irving Bacon and Milburn Stone.  His final film roles were in 1961 on, "The Marriage-Go-Round" and "Bye Bye Birdie" (1963) starring Ann Margret, Dick Van Dyke, Maureen Stapleton, Janet Leigh, Paul Lynde, Ed Sullivan, Jesse Pearson and Bobby Rydell but for the most part the later half of his career was focused on television work where he appeared in such series as, "Out There", "The Unexpected", "Lux Video Theatre", "Crossroads", "The Gray Ghost", "Bride and Groom", The Barbara Stanwyck Show" and "The Millionaire".

Robert Paige later returned back to working as a radio announcer and even found work in public relations.  After retiring from the industry, Paige worked as a deputy supervisor in Los Angeles, California.  

He married twice throughout his lifetime, first to Betty Henning in 1940 and this marriage came to an end in 1960.  He then married his second wife, Joanne Ludden in 1962 and they had one child together and remained married until he passed away at the age of seventy six, on December 21st, 1987 in San Clemente, California after suffering from an aortic aneurysm.  


1963         Bye Bye Birdie
1961         The Barbara Stanwyck Show
1961         The Marriage-Go-Round
1960         The Millionaire
1951         Bride and Groom 
1957         Official Detective
1957         Crossroads
1957         The Gray Ghost
1953-1954     The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse
1954         Four Star Playhouse
1953         Cavalcade of America 
1953         Lux Video Theatre
1953         Split Second
1953         Abbott and Costello Go to Mars
1952         The Schaefer Century Theatre
1952         Gruen Guild Theater
1952         Fireside Theatre
1952         The Unexpected 
1951         Out There
1951         The Bigelow Theatre
1949         The Green Promise
1948         Blonde Ice
1947         The Flame
1947         The Red Stallion
1946         Tangier
1945         Shady Lady
1944         Can't Help Singing
1944         Her Primitive Man
1944         Golden Gloves
1943         Son of Dracula
1943         Crazy House
1943         Fired Wife
1943         Frontier Badmen
1943         Get Going
1943         Mister Big
1943         What We Are Fighting For
1943         Cowboy in Manhattan
1943         Keep 'Em Slugging
1943         Hi, Buddy
1943         Hi'ya, Chum
1943         How's About It
1942         Get Hep to Love
1942         Pardon My Sarong
1942         Almost Marrie
1942         You're Telling Me
1942         What's Cookin'?
1942         Jail House Blues
1942         Don't Get Personal
1941         Hellzapoppin'
1941         Melody Lane
1941         San Antonio Rose
1941         The Flame of New Orleans
1941         The Monster and the Girl
1940         Dancing on a Dime
1940         Golden Gloves
1940         Opened by Mistake
1940         Women Without Names
1940         Parole Fixer
1940         Emergency Squad
1939         First Love
1939         Death of a Champion
1939         Flying G-Men
1939         Homicide Bureau
1938         The Last Warning
1938         I Stand Accused
1938         The Lady Objects
1938         Highway Patrol
1938         The Main Event
1938         There's Always a Woman
1938         When G-Men Step In
1938         Who Killed Gail Preston?
1938         The Kid Comes Back
1938         Sergeant Murphy
1937         Talent Scout
1937         Meet the Boy Friend
1937         Rhythm in the Clouds
1937         The Cherokee Strip
1937         Melody for Two
1937         Once a Doctor
1937         Smart Blonde
1936         Rose Bowl
1936         Cain and Mabel
1936         Hearts in Bondage
1935         Annapolis Farewell
1934         You Can't Buy Everything

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