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Robert Emmett O'Connor ACTOR

Robert Emmett O'Connor was born on March 18th, 1885 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  His career in entertainment began as a circus performer and later also in vaudeville.  In 1905, he debuted on Broadway in a production of, "Fritz in Tammany Hall" followed by a couple other musical stage performances up through the 1930's.
O'Connor then chose to turn his career towards working in films and never looked back on his stage career.  Some of his early film roles included appearances on the short films, "Pay Your Dues" (1919) starring Harold Lloyd, Snub Pollard and Bebe Daniels, "Pinning It On" (1921) with Eddie Boland and Ethel Broadhurst, "Oh, Promise Me" (1921) with Eddie Boland and Ethel Broadhurst, "Prince Pistachio" (1921) starring Eddie Boland, Ethel Broadhurst and Harold Adkins and "Paint and Powder" (1921) co-starring Eddie Boland, Ethel Broadhurst, Harold Adkins and Bruce Gordon. 

As his career progressed, he would appear in over two hundred film and television roles.  Some of his more well known film roles have included, "Tin Gods" (1926) starring Thomas Meighan, William Powell, Joe King, Renee Adoree and Ailene Pringle, "The Public Enemy" (1931) starring James Cagney, Jean Harlow, Edward Woods, Joan Blondell, Beryl Mercer, Donald Cook and Mae Clarke, "Blonde Venus" (1932) starring Marlene Dietrich, Cary Grant, Gene Morgan, Dickie Moore, Clarence Muse, Sidney Toler, Hattie McDaniel, Sterling Holloway, Morgan Wallace, Dennis O'Keefe, Herbert Marshall and Kent Taylor, "Mystery of the Wax Museum" (1933) Lionel Atwill, Fay Wray, Glenda Farrell, Claude King, Holmes Herbert, Edwin Maxwell and Frank McHugh, "A Night at the Opera" (1935) starring Groucho Marx, Chico Marx, Harpo Marx, Kitty Carlisle, Allan Jones, Margaret Dumont, Sig Ruman, Purnell Pratt and Walter Woolf King, "Little Lord Fauntleroy" (1936) starring Freddie Bartholomew, Mickey Rooney, Dolores Costello, Guy Kibbee, Henry Stephenson, Constance Collier, Una O'Connor and C. Aubrey Smith, "No Time for Comedy" (1940) starring James Stewart, Rosalind Russell, Genevieve Tobin, Lawrence Grossmith and Charlie Ruggles, and his final film role in, "Sunset Blvd." (1950) starring William Holden, Gloria Swanson, Erich von Stroheim, Nancy Olson, Fred Clark, Lloyd Gough, H. B. Warner, Buster Keaton, Hedda Hopper and Jack Webb.

Many of his film appearances were un-credited roles, however he still maintained a presence as a working actor.  He also appeared on the television shows, "The Loretta Young Show" and "Annie Oakley".

Robert Emmett O'Connor married only once briefly to a lady named Madeline and after the marriage ended in divorce he did not re-marry nor did he have any children.  He passed away at the age of seventy seven on September 4th, 1962 in Hollywood, California after suffering burns from a fire.


1958         Man Without a Gun 
1954         Annie Oakley
1954         The Loretta Young Show
1950         Watch the Birdie
1950         Sunset Blvd.
1948         Easter Parade
1948         B.F.'s Daughter
1948         The Bride Goes Wild
1948         Tenth Avenue Angel
1948         Alias a Gentleman
1947         High Wall
1947         Merton of the Movies
1947         The Unfinished Dance
1947         The Romance of Rosy Ridge
1947         The Hucksters
1947         Living in a Big Way
1947         High Barbaree
1947         Honeymoon
1947         A Crime Does Not Pay Subject: The Luckiest Guy in the World 
1947         The Mighty McGurk
1946         The Show-Off
1946         Till the Clouds Roll By
1946         Undercurrent
1946         Three Wise Fools
1946         Courage of Lassie
1946         Boys' Ranch
1946         Cuban Pete
1946         The Hoodlum Saint
1946         A Letter for Evie
1946         Up Goes Maisie
1946         The Harvey Girls
1945         Adventure
1945         They Were Expendable
1945         The Great American Mug 
1945         Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood
1945         A Gun in His Hand 
1945         Anchors Aweigh
1945         The Clock
1945         Main Street After Dark
1945         The Thin Man Goes Home
1944         Gentle Annie
1944         Music for Millions
1944         Nothing But Trouble
1944         Meet Me in St. Louis
1944         Return from Nowhere
1944         An American Romance
1944         Barbary Coast Gent
1944         Meet the People
1944         Easy Life 
1944         Rationing
1944         Broadway Rhythm
1943         Whistling in Brooklyn
1943         Shoe Shine Boy 
1943         Lost Angel
1943         Little Miss Pinkerton
1943         Swing Shift Maisie
1943         Young Ideas
1943         Best Foot Forward
1943         Who Killed Who?
1943         Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case
1943         Air Raid Wardens
1943         Slightly Dangerous
1943         Harrigan's Kid
1943         The Human Comedy
1943         Brief Interval
1942         Tennessee Johnson
1942         Andy Hardy's Double Life
1942         Mighty Lak a Goat 
1942         The Omaha Trail
1942         Tish
1942         The Greatest Gift
1942         Pierre of the Plains
1942         Jackass Mail
1942         Maisie Gets Her Man
1942         Inflation 
1941         Fiesta
1941         Tight Shoes
1940         No Time for Comedy
1940         Dance, Girl, Dance
1940         A Fugitive from Justice
1940         Hot Steel
1940         I Take This Oath
1940         Road to Singapore
1940         Double Alibi
1940         The Lone Wolf Strikes
1939         Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the President
1939         Streets of New York
1939         You Can't Get Away with Murder
1939         Sergeant Madden
1939         Made for Each Other
1938         Professor Beware
1937         Wells Fargo
1937         Boy of the Streets
1937         Trapped by G-Men
1937         Big City
1937         Super-Sleuth
1937         New Faces of 1937
1937         Riding on Air
1937         The Last Train from Madrid
1937         The Frame-Up
1937         A Star Is Born
1937         Waikiki Wedding
1937         Park Avenue Logger
1937         Her Husband Lies
1937         The Crime Nobody Saw
1937         When You're in Love
1937         Girl Overboard
1937         We Who Are About to Die
1936         Sing Me a Love Song
1936         Sinner Take All
1936         Kelly the Second
1936         Jailbreak
1936         At Sea Ashore
1936         Desire
1936         Little Lord Fauntleroy
1936         It Had to Happen
1935         The Lone Wolf Returns
1935         White Lies
1935         Coronado
1935         A Night at the Opera
1935         Waterfront Lady
1935         Diamond Jim
1935         Let 'em Have It
1935         Stolen Harmony
1935         Star of Midnight
1935         Princess O'Hara
1935         The Whole Town's Talking
1934         The Mysterious Mr. Wong
1934         A Wicked Woman
1934         Return of the Terror
1934         Bottoms Up
1934         The Big Shakedown
1933         Secret Sinners
1933         Penthouse
1933         Lady for a Day
1933         Enemies of Society
1933         Don't Bet on Love
1933         Midnight Mary
1933         Bed of Roses
1933         Picture Snatcher
1933         Gabriel Over the White House
1933         Mystery of the Wax Museum
1933         The Great Jasper
1932         Frisco Jenny
1932         The Kid from Spain
1932         Blonde Venus
1932         Blessed Event
1932         American Madness
1932         The Dark Horse
1932         Week-End Marriage
1932         Night World
1932         Arm of the Law
1932         Play-Girl
1932         The Big Timer
1932         The Beast of the City
1932         The Final Edition
1932         Taxi!
1932         Two Kinds of Women
1931         Ladies of the Big House
1931         Reckless Living
1931         Fanny Foley Herself
1931         The Public Defender
1931         Three Who Loved
1931         Up for Murder
1931         The Public Enemy
1931         Three Girls Lost
1931         The Single Sin
1930         Paid
1930         Man to Man
1930         Noche de duendes
1930         Up the River
1930         Shooting Straight
1930         Our Blushing Brides
1930         The Big House
1930         The Big Fight
1930         Alias French Gertie
1930         Framed
1930         In the Next Room
1930         Tiembla y Titubea
1930         Ladrones 
1929         The Isle of Lost Ships
1929         Smiling Irish Eyes
1929         Crazy Doings
1929         The Office Scandal
1929         Post Mortem
1929         Weary River
1928         The Booster
1928         Freedom of the Press
1928         The Singing Fool
1928         Four Walls
1928         Dressed to Kill
1928         The Noose
1927         The Love of Sunya
1926         Fire!!
1926         Tin Gods
1922         The Late Lamented
1921         Late Hours
1921         Never Weaken
1921         Sweet By and By
1921         The Chink
1921         On Their Way
1921         A Straight Crook
1921         Hurry West
1921         Hobgoblins
1921         The Love Lesson
1921         Running Wild
1921         Paint and Powder
1921         Prince Pistachio
1921         Oh, Promise Me
1921         Pinning It On
1921         The Burglars Bold
1920         The Sleepyhead
1920         Greek Meets Greek
1920         Drink Hearty
1920         His Royal Slyness
1919         Pay Your Dues

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