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Robert Lowery ACTOR

Robert Lowery was born on October 17th, 1913 in Kansas City, Missouri with the birth name Robert Larkins Hank, born to Roscoe hanks and Leah Thompson.  After graduating from Paseo High School in Kansas City he was given the chance to join the Slats Randall Orchestra in the early 1930's to sing with them.  Along with his early singing career he also excelled as a baseball player and played with the minor league baseball team, the Kansas City Blues.   
Over the course of his career he appeared in over seventy films many of which his roles were un-credited.  His career in acting began when after his father passed away, his mother relocated to Los Angeles, California and he began studying acting at the Lila Bliss acting school.
Soon he was finding work as a stage actor appearing in a number of productions until Twentieth Century Fox took notice of his talents and signed him to a contract in 1937.  It did not take to long before he was working in the film industry appearing on such features as, "Drums Along the Mohawk" (1939) starring Henry Fonda and Claudette Colbert, "The Mark of Zorro" (1940) starring Tyrone Power and Linda Darnell, "The Mummy's Ghost" (1944), "Dangerous Passage" (1944), "The Homesteaders" (1953), "The Parson and the Outlaw" (1957), "The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond" (1960) starring Ray Danton, "Young Guns of Texas" (1962), "McLintock!" (1963) starring John Wayne and "Johnny Reno" (1966).
Along with his successful film career he never neglected his love of working as a stage actor and continued adding such credits to his resume as, "The Caine Mutiny" and "Born Yesterday".  Plus in addition to film and stage roles he appeared on a variety of television series such as, "Circus Boy" (1956-1957) starring Mickey Dolenz who later became lead singer with The Monkees, "The Adventures of Superman" (1956) starring George Reeves and other guest appearances on, "Playhouse 90", "Maverick", "Rawhide", "77 Sunset Strip" and "Tales of Wells Fargo".
In the late 1960's he made his final appearance on a comedy/Western film called, "The Ballad of Josie" (1967) starring Doris Day and Peter Graves.  He then decided to retire from the industry and started a whole other career with Jackie Coogan involving celebrity travel cruises.    

Throughout his lifetime he married three times and all to actresses.  His first wife was Vivian Wilcox whom he wed in 1941 however by 1944 this marriage came to an end.  He then married Rusty Farrell in 1947 but only for one year before another marriage ended in divorce.  His third and final wife was Jean Parker from 1951 through 1957 and together they had one son, Robert.

On December 26th, 1971 Robert Lowery passed away from heart failure in Los Angeles, California.  His remains are buried at Valhalla Memorial Park cemetery in North Hollywood, California.   


1966-1967  Pistols 'n' Petticoats 

1967   The Ballad of Josie 

1966   The Undertaker and His Pals 

1966   Waco

1966   Johnny Reno

1965   Zebra in the Kitchen 

1964   Stage to Thunder Rock 

1964   The Farmer's Daughter 

1963   McLintock! 

1962   Hazel 

1962   Young Guns of Texas 

1962   Saints and Sinners 

1962   Gunsmoke 

1962   Frontier Circus 

1962   When the Girls Take Over

1959-1962  Hawaiian Eye 

1958-1962  77 Sunset Strip

1962   Deadly Duo

1959-1962  Rawhide

1960-1961  Perry Mason 

1961   Whispering Smith

1961   The Case of the Dangerous Robin

1960-1961  The Roaring 20's

1961   Tallahassee 7000

1958-1960  Wagon Train

1960   Coronado 9

1960   Cheyenne

1960   Hotel de Paree

1960   The Alaskans 

1960   Tightrope 

1958-1960  Tales of Wells Fargo 

1960   Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color

1960   The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond 

1960   The Man from Blackhawk 

1960   Richard Diamond, Private Detective

1960   Philip Marlowe

1958-1959  Maverick

1959   Riverboat

1959   Markham

1959   Colt .45

1959   Cimarron City

1959   Bronco

1959   The Texan

1958   Rescue 8

1958   Yancy Derringer

1956-1958  The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin 

1958   26 Men

1958   Casey Jones 

1952-1958  Schlitz Playhouse

1956-1957  Circus Boy

1955-1957  The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp

1957   The Parson and the Outlaw

1957   Playhouse 90

1956   Adventures of Superman

1956   The Millionaire

1956   Celebrity Playhouse 

1956   Judge Roy Bean 

1955   The Loretta Young Show 

1955   Two-Gun Lady 

1955   Lay That Rifle Down

1954   The Adventures of Falcon

1954   G.E. True Theater 

1954   The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse 

1954   The Joe Palooka Story

1953   Death Valley Days

1953   The Gene Autry Show 

1953   My Little Margie

1953   Cow Country 

1952-1953  Cowboy G-Men 

1953   The Homesteaders 

1953   Jalopy 

1951   Crosswinds 

1950   Border Rangers 

1950   Train to Tombstone 

1950   Gunfire 

1950   I Shot Billy the Kid 

1950   Western Pacific Agent 

1949   Call of the Forest 

1949   The Dalton Gang

1949   Arson, Inc.

1949   Batman and Robin

1948   Highway 13

1948   Shep Comes Home 

1948   Heart of Virginia

1948   Mary Lou

1947   Jungle Flight 

1947   Danger Street

1947   Killer at Large

1947   Big Town

1947   I Cover Big Town 

1947   Queen of the Amazons

1946   Lady Chaser

1946   Gas House Kids

1946   Death Valley

1946   They Made Me a Killer 

1946   House of Horrors

1946   God's Country

1945   Prison Ship 

1945   Sensation Hunters

1945   Road to Alcatraz 

1945   The Monster and the Ape 

1945   Fashion Model 

1945   High Powered 

1944   Dangerous Passage 

1944   The Mystery of the Riverboat 

1944   Dark Mountain

1944   The Mummy's Ghost

1944   Hot Rhythm

1944   The Navy Way 

1943   Tarzan's Desert Mystery 

1943   Campus Rhythm

1943   The North Star

1943   A Scream in the Dark 

1943   Revenge of the Zombies 

1943   So's Your Uncle 

1943   December 7th

1942   Dawn on the Great Divide

1942   Rhythm Parade 

1942   Criminal Investigator 

1942   Lure of the Islands

1942   She's in the Army

1942   My Gal Sal

1942   Who Is Hope Schuyler?

1942   Sex Hygiene

1941   Remember the Day

1941   Cadet Girl 

1941   Great Guns

1941   Private Nurse 

1941   Ride on Vaquero 

1940   Murder Over New York 

1940   The Mark of Zorro

1940   Maryland 

1940   Four Sons

1940   Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise 

1940   Shooting High

1940   Star Dust

1940   Free, Blonde and 21

1940   City of Chance 

1939   Day-Time Wife

1939   Drums Along the Mohawk 

1939   Hollywood Cavalcade 

1939   The Escape

1939   Here I Am a Stranger 

1939   Second Fiddle

1939   Charlie Chan in Reno

1939   Young Mr. Lincoln 

1939   Mr. Moto in Danger Island

1939   Everybody's Baby

1939   Wife, Husband and Friend 

1939   Tail Spin

1938   Kentucky 

1938   Submarine Patrol

1938   Straight Place and Show

1938   Keep Smiling

1938   Gateway

1938   Passport Husband

1938   Always Goodbye

1938   Josette

1938   One Wild Night

1938   Safety in Numbers

1938   Alexander's Ragtime Band

1938   Kentucky Moonshin

1938   A Trip to Paris

1938   Four Men and a Prayer 

1938   Island in the Sky 

1938   Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm 

1938   Walking Down Broadway 

1938   Happy Landing 

1938   City Girl 

1937   Big Town Girl

1937   Second Honeymoon

1937   Life Begins in College

1937   Hot Water

1937   Charlie Chan on Broadway

1937   Wife, Doctor and Nurse

1937   Wake Up and Live 

1937   You Can't Have Everything 

1937   The Lady Escapes 

1936   Great Guy

1936   Come and Get It

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