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Robert Emhardt ACTOR


Robert Emhardt was born on July 24th, 1914 in Indianapolis, Indiana with the birth name Robert Christian Emhardt.  He learned all about acting in London and later became a well known American character actor.
His training began at Butler University and then he relocated to London where he studied at the London Academy of Dramatic Art from 1937 through 1938.  He gained some experience as a stage actor in London and then worked as an understudy for Sydney Greenstreet.  

By 1942 he debuted on Broadway in the production, "The Pirate" followed by a role in, "Life with Mother" (1948-1949) and "The Seven Year Itch" (1952).  After appearing in eleven more stage productions he was given the chance for his film debut in, "The Iron Mistress" (1952) starring Alan Ladd and Virginia Mayo.
Soon he began adding more film credits to his resume with some of the more successful ones in, "3:10 to Yuma" (1957) starring Glenn Ford, Van Heflin, Richard Jaeckel and Felicia Farr, "Underworld, USA" (1961) starring Cliff Robertson, "Kid Galahad" (1962) starring Elvis Presley, Charles Bronson, Lola Albright, Edward Asner, Red West, Joan Blackman and Gig Young, "The Group" (1966) starring Candice Bergen, Joan Hackett, Larry Hagman and Hal Holbrook, "Change of Habit" (1969) starring Elvis Presley, Mary Tyler Moore, Barbara McNair and Edward Asner, "The Stone Killer" (1973) starring Charles Bronson, Norman Fell, John Ritter and Martin Balsam and his final film role in 1982 in, "Forced Vengeance" starring Chuck Norris.
In addition to working on films, he still kept up his stage acting appearing in over 125 plays and also appeared on a variety of television series such as, "Perry Mason", "The Untouchables", "Bonanza", "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", "The Andy Griffith Show", "Another World", "The Kids From C.A.P.E.R.", "The Twilight Zone", "Quincy, M.E." and "Wagon Train"..   

Robert Emhardt married Silvia Sedeli and they had four children together and remained married until he passed away from heart failure on December 26th, 1994 in Ojai, California.   


1982   Forced Vengeance 

1981   Quincy, M.E.
1980   CBS Afternoon Playhouse

1979   Aunt Mary

1979   Institute for Revenge
1979   Pleasure Cove

1978   Greatest Heroes of the Bible

1978   The Seniors
1978   Police Story

1977   It Happened One Christmas

1976-1977  The Kids from C.A.P.E.R.
1977   Fraternity Row 

1977   The Chopped Liver Brothers

1977   Starsky and Hutch
1976   Alex & the Gypsy

1975   Wide World Mystery

1975   The Rookies
1975   Caribe

1975   Kolchak: The Night Stalker

1975   Police Woman
1975   Mary Tyler Moore

1975   Kojak

1975   Demon, Demon
1974   Lincoln

1974   The F.B.I. Story: The FBI Versus Alvin Karpis, Public Enemy Number One
1974   It's Alive 

1974   The New Land 

1974   Cannon
1974   The Manhunter 

1974   Rex Harrison Presents Stories of Love

1974   Night Games
1973   Another World 

1973   Love Story 

1973   The Streets of San Francisco 
1973   The Stone Killer

1973   Scorpio

1973   Kung Fu
1972   The Brady Bunch

1970-1972  The Doris Day Show

1972   Ironside
1972   Die Sister, Die!

1971   Adam-12

1971   Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law
1970-1971  Marcus Welby, M.D.

1971   Lock, Stock and Barrel

1971   Lawman
1971   The Name of the Game 

1962-1970   Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color 
1970   The Boy Who Stole the Elephant

1970   Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came?
1970   Insight 

1969   Change of Habit

1963-1969  Bonanza
1969   Rascal 

1969   Medical Center 

1969   Land of the Giants
1969   My Friend Tony

1959-1968  Gunsmoke

1968   Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?
1967   Daniel Boone

1967   Mannix

1967   Accidental Family
1967   Hostile Guns

1967   The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

1967   The Invaders
1967   Iron Horse

1967   Occasional Wife

1967   T.H.E. Cat
1966-1967  The Wild Wild West 

1966   ABC Stage 67 

1966   That Girl 
1963-1966  The Andy Griffith Show 

1966   Please Don't Eat the Daisies 

1966   The Group

1966   The Loner

1965   The Trials of O'Brien 
1960-1965  Perry Mason 

1965   Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

1965   Profiles in Courage 
1959-1965  Wagon Train

1965   The Magnificent Yankee

1965   Diamond Jim: Skulduggery in Samantha
1964   The Alfred Hitchcock Hour 

1964   The Doctors and the Nurses

1964   The Eleventh Hour 
1964   The Great Adventure 

1964   Temple Houston

1963   Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre
1960-1963  The Untouchables 

1963   McKeever & the Colonel 

1962-1963  Route 66
1963   The Dick Powell Theatre

1963   G.E. True 

1963   Sam Benedict
1963   Stoney Burke

1961-1963  Have Gun - Will Travel

1963   Ensign O'Toole 
1962   Going My Way 

1962   Kid Galahad 

1962   Kraft Mystery Theater
1962   The Intruder

1962   The Tall Man

1962   Target: The Corruptors
1956-1962  G.E. True Theater

1961-1962  The New Breed 

1961   The Gertrude Berg Show 
1961   Shirley Temple Theatre 

1961   Underworld U.S.A. 

1960-1961  Sunday Showcase
1961   The Barbara Stanwyck Show

1961   Twilight Zone 

1961   The Tom Ewell Show
1961   Laramie

1961   Checkmate

1961   Naked City
1959-1960  Riverboat

1960   Hong Kong

1960   Wrangler
1960   Overland Trail

1960   Startime

1960   Wake Me When It's Over
1960   The Betty Hutton Show

1960   Playhouse 90 

1960   The DuPont Show of the Month
1959   Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond

1955-1959  Alfred Hitchcock Presents

1959   Peter Gunn 

1959   Five Fingers 

1959   Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse 
1958   The Badlanders 

1955-1958  The United States Steel Hour 

1951-1958  Kraft Theatre 
1958   All the King's Men

1957   3:10 to Yuma 

1956-1957  The Alcoa Hour 
1956   Star Tonight 

1955   Lux Video Theatre

1955   The Big Knife
1955   The Elgin Hour 

1954   Justice 

1951-1954  The Web 
1953-1954  The Man Behind the Badge

1952   The Iron Mistress 

1950-1952  Suspense 
1952   Robert Montgomery Presents

1951   Pulitzer Prize Playhouse 

1951   The Dagmar Story
1949-1950  Studio One in Hollywood

1949   Martin Kane

1939   Marco Millions 

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