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Rin Tin Tin ACTOR


Rin Tin Tin was discovered at the end of World War I when an American soldier, Duncan, came across a German Shepherd and her litter of five in Lorraine, France.  The soldier and his battalion took in the dogs and he picked out two of the puppies to keep for himself, a male and a female.  He named them Rin Tin Tin and Nenette after French puppets. 
He spent a lot of time with the puppies training them.  When the war ended, he took both puppies back to Los Angeles, California with him.  During the travels back to New York Nanette became quite ill and upon arrival in the US, Duncan got to know a woman, Mrs. Wanner who was a breeder of GSD's and she offered to help rehabilitate Nanette back to good health.   However, Nanette was not able to overcome the 'dog distemper' disease and he lost her.  With condolences, Mrs. Wanner sent Duncan another puppy to make up for his loss.

Duncan took Rin Tin Tin with him to several dog shows.  'Rinty' shocked everyone by jumping almost 12 feet during a show held by the Shepherd Dog Club of America in 1922.  After the show Charles Jones offered Duncan $350 to film the dog with his new moving picture camera.  Duncan accepted and then realized his dog's star potential.

Duncan went to every Hollywood studio, trying to get them to use his dog, Rin Tin Tin in their films, he was not having any luck until his persistence finally paid off when he came across a studio on the verge of bankruptcy, Warner Brothers Pictures.

He located a film crew trying unsuccessfully to shoot a scene with a wolf.  Duncan told them that Rin Tin Tin could wrap up the scene in just one take. 

The film crew told Duncan they were not interested in using Rin Tin Tin, but he wanted to prove to them that his dog was so talented, they finally gave in and Rin Tin Tin did in fact complete the shot in one take, hence, Rin Tin Tin was kept on for the rest of the filming of "Man From Hell's River."

This movie was a huge success and the public took a liking to this dog.  It was the first time ever a dog was receiving fan mail, as many as 10,000 letters per week.  Any film using Rin Tin Tin was a ongoing success and was able to financially support the studio.  Rinty starred in 30 films with Warner Brothers before unexpectedly passing away on August 10th, 1932.

Duncan arranged to have Rin Tin Tin sent back to his country of birth to be buried in a renowned pet cemetery, Cimetière des Chiens, in the Parisian suburb of Asnières-sur-Seine.

Duncan was determined to have another dog just as talented as Rin Tin Tin.  A puppy who was Rin Tin Tin's offspring, Junior (RTT II) was his hope to follow in his fathers footsteps.  The studio decided to put Jr. on a commercial air flight and tour in 1933 being the first dog to ever fly on an airplane.  Luckily, Jr was just as talented as his father and was adored by the public.  

Duncan was so devoted to his dog that his wife filed for divorce naming Rin Tin Tin as co-respondent. The published report stated her feeling that Duncan loved the dog more than he loved her.  The case was later dropped and the divorce not granted.

When World War II began, Duncan wanted to help his country,  but due to an injury, was unable to serve in the war efforts.  However he asked the military how they felt about a training camp set up for dogs in California and they agreed, therefore, he started a camp to train dogs for the military.  Over 5,000 dogs and handlers were trained by Duncan and Rin Tin Tin III for the war effort at Camp Hahn in California.

When the War ended, any of the dogs that had been untrained, were returned back to those who had donated them for the war efforts. 

Duncan and his dogs were so famous and desired, people from all over were approaching him to find out how they too could become owners of the offspring.  Duncan only allowed one person to take on one of the puppies, as he felt all the others did not have the dedication needed to own a talented animal such as Rin Tin Tin.

Her name was Janettia Brodsgaard Propps and she requested a puppy for her breeding program, ultimately obtaining four dogs from Duncan.

On September 20, 1960, Duncan passed away, luckily the future of the Rin Tin breed was left in good hands with Ms. Propps and Bodyguard Kennels. She continued to breed with the primary attributes of intelligence and sound working structure.

Mrs. Propps and her granddaughter had security companies in Houston that supplied the guards with K-9 dogs such as the breed of Rin Tin Tin. 

Ms. Propps passed on December 17, 1988 and her granddaughter, Miss Hereford took over and maintains the strong lineage today.  This breed of dogs are placed on a strict spay/neuter agreement to protect the integrity of the lineage and the name.  She states that the dogs coming out of her breeding program today, are the same as the breed Duncan brought to film in the 1950's. 
As the Rin Tin Tin's and the Jr's continue to live their lives and then pass on, due to the dedication of Duncan, Mrs. Propps and her granddaughter and those to follow, there will always be a Rin Tin Tin for generation to generation to enjoy and appreciate. 
In the 1950' there was even a successful television series titled "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin".


1922   Man From Hell's River 
1922   My Dad
1923   Shadows of the North
1923   Where the North Begins
1924   Find Your Man
1924   The Lighthouse By the Sea
1925   Tracked in the Snow Country
1925   Below the Line
1925   Clash of the Wolves
1926   The Night Cry 
1926   Hero of the Big Snows
1926   While London Sleeps
1927   Tracked By the Police
1927   Jaws of Steel
1927   Hills of Kentucky
1927   Dog of the Regiment
1928   Land of the Silver Fox
1928   Race for Life
1928   Rinty of the Desert
1929   Frozen River
1929   A Dog of the Regiment
1929   The Million Dollar Collar
1929   Show of Shows
1930   On the Border
1930   Tiger Rose
1930   The Man Hunter
1930   Rough Waters
1930   The Lone Defender
1931   The Lightning Warrior 

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