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Richard Egan ACTOR


Richard Egan was born on July 29th, 1921 in San Francisco, California with only one brother, Willis Edan.  He attended school at St. Ignatius Preparatory School in San Francisco and then went on to college.  In 1942 he enlisted in the army during World War II and served as an officer teaching Judo and bayonet and knife fighting.  
After completing his military service he earned a graduate degree from Stanford in Theater History and Drama in 1948.  He also taught classes at Northwestern.  He then began to working the theater industry first interpreting plays and in 1949 he began his film career.
He first took a small role in the film, "The Story of Molly X" (1949) starring June Havoc, John Russell and Dorothy Hart, which lead to him having the opportunity to sign a contract with 20th Century Fox.  Richard had a number of roles in a variety of successful films such as, "Love Me Tender" (1956) starring Elvis Presley, Debra Paget, William Campbell, Neville Brand, Robert Middleton and James Drury, "A Summer Place" (1959) starring with Troy Donahue, Dorothy McGuire, Arthur Kennedy, Beulah Bondi and Sandra Dee, Walt Disney's "Pollyanna" (1960) starring with Hayley Mills, Jane Wyman, Karl Malden, Adolphe Menjou and Agnes Moorehead, "Esther and the King" (1960) with beautiful Joan Collins, "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue" (1957) co-starring Julie Adams, Dan Duryea, Jan Sterling and Walter Matthau and "The Big Cube" (1969) also starring Lana Turner, George Chakiris and Dan O'Herilihy to name just a few.
Along with a successful film career, Egan also made a number of television appearances. on such shows as, "Empire" (1962-1963) and joined the cast of the daytime political drama, "Capital".
He married only one time to Patricia Hardy from June 7th, 1958 through July 20th, 1987 when he passed away in Los Angeles California from prostate cancer.  He had five children total, four daughters and one son.  He was buried in Culver City's Holy Cross Cemetery. 
He had a great reputation in the industry and was very liked and honored especially by other 'stuntmen'.  He was actually deemed an "Honorary Stuntman" by the Stuntmen's Association of America.  He was also responsible for helping a number of young actors get their first big break into the industry. 


1982-1987 Capitol
1979 The Sweet Creek County War 
1977 The Amsterdam Kill
1977 Mission to Glory: A True Story 
1974-1976 Police Story
1976 The Quest
1975 Matt Helm
1974 Shootout in a One-Dog Town 
1974 Throw Out the Anchor!
1973 The Streets of San Francisco
1973 Moonfire 
1973 The Day of the Wolves
1972 Left Hand of Gemini
1970 The House That Would Not Die 
1969 Downhill Racer 
1969 The Big Cube 
1968 The Destructors
1967 Chubasco 
1967 Valley of Mystery 
1966 Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre
1964 Insight 
1964 Fanfare for a Death Scene 
1963 Redigo
1962-1963 Empire 
1962 The 300 Spartans
1960 Esther and the King
1960 Pollyanna 
1959 A Summer Place 
1959 These Thousand Hills 
1958 The Hunters
1958 Voice in the Mirror 
1957 Slaughter on Tenth Avenue 
1956 Love Me Tender
1956 Tension at Table Rock 
1956 The Revolt of Mamie Stover 
1955 The View from Pompey's Head 
1955 Seven Cities of Gold 
1955 Violent Saturday 
1955 Untamed 
1955 Underwater! 
1954 Khyber Patrol 
1954 Demetrius and the Gladiators 
1954 Gog 
1954 Schlitz Playhouse
1953 Wicked Woman
1953 The Ford Television Theatre
1953 The Kid from Left Field 
1953 The Glory Brigade
1953 Split Second 
1952 Blackbeard, the Pirate 
1952 Hollywood Opening Night 
1952 The Devil Makes Three
1952 One Minute to Zero 
1952 Cripple Creek
1952 The Battle at Apache Pass 
1951 Flame of Araby 
1951 The Golden Horde 
1951 Bright Victory 
1951 Hollywood Story 
1951 Up Front 
1950 The Killer That Stalked New York 
1950 Highway 301
1950 Kansas Raiders 
1950 Undercover Girl 
1950 Wyoming Mail 
1950 Return of the Frontiersman
1950 The Damned Don't Cry
1950 The Good Humor Man 
1949 The Story of Molly X  

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