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Richard Basehart ACTOR

Richard Basehart was born on August 31st, 1914 in Zanesville, Ohio with the birth name John Richard Basehart. He is most remembered for his role as Admiral Nelson on the television series drama, "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" (1964). 

His career in acting began working as a stage actor performing in a number of Broadway productions.  After gaining some years of stage experience he relocated to Hollywood and began appearing on such films as, "He Walked by Night" (1948), "Fourteen Hours" (1951), "The House on Telegraph Hill" (1951), "La Strada" (1954) and "Moby Dick" (1956) starring Gregory Peck.
Along with his work in film he was also seen on television such as in the televised play, "Valley Forge" (1975) and the television movie, "The Paradine Case" (1962).  He also did voice over work for such projects as the mini series, "Vietnam: The Ten Thousand Day War" (1980).  Other television credits included appearances on such series as, "Columbo", "Hawaii Five-O", "The Twilight Zone" and "Little House on the Praire".  
In addition to his career as an actor he worked on the other side of the industry as well producing a number of sci-fi series in the mid 60's and also such films as, "The Poseidon Adventure" (1972) and "The Towering Inferno" (1974) starring Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, William Holden and Richard Chamberlain.  
Richard Basehart married three times throughout his lifetime, first to Stephanie Klein in 1940 and they were together until she passed away in 1950.  He then married Valentina Cortese in 1951 and they had one child before the marriage ended in divorce in 1960.  His third and final wife was Diana Lotery whom he wed in 1962 and together they had two children and remained married until he passed away at the age of seventy on September 17th, 1984 in Los Angeles, California after suffering from multiple strokes. 
His final acting job was in 1984 prior to his passing when he voiced the closing ceremonies for the Los Angeles Olympics.  He and his third wife Diana founded the organization, Actors and Others for Animals in 1971.  

1982-1986  Knight Rider

1983   The Crowded Life 

1983   Tales of the Unexpected 

1981   Mr. Merlin

1981   The Love Boat 

1981   Masada 

1981   Vega$ 

1980   Marilyn: The Untold Story

1979   Being There

1979   Greatest Heroes of the Bible 

1979   The Rebels 

1978   The Great Bank Hoax 

1978   W.E.B. 

1978   The Critical List 

1978   Once Upon a Classic

1978   How the West Was Won

1977   The Island of Dr. Moreau

1977   Stonestreet: Who Killed the Centerfold Model? 

1976   Flood! 

1976   21 Hours at Munich 

1976   Mansion of the Doomed

1976   Time Travelers

1976   Little House on the Prairie

1976   The Streets of San Francisco

1975   Valley Forge

1975   Joe Forrester 

1975   Medical Story

1975   Judgment: The Court Martial of Lieutenant William Calley 

1974   Marcus Welby, M.D. 

1974   The First Woman President

1973   Maneater

1973   Hawaii Five-O

1973   ...And Millions Die!

1972   Columbo

1972   Rage

1972   The Bounty Man 

1972   The Bold Ones: The New Doctors

1972   Chato's Land

1972   Assignment: Munich

1971   The Death of Me Yet

1971   The Birdmen

1971   They've Killed President Lincoln

1971   City Beneath the Sea

1971   Gunsmoke

1970   Dan August

1970   Ironside 

1970   The Andersonville Trial

1970   Sole Survivor

1969   Love Is a Funny Thing 

1969   Hans Brinker

1969   Giotto

1964-1968  Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea 

1965   Lost in Space

1965   The Satan Bug 

1963   Kings of the Sun

1963   Twilight Zone

1962-1963  The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

1963   Arrest and Trial

1963   Ben Casey

1963   Combat!

1963   The Dick Powell Theatre 

1963   Route 66

1962   Naked City

1962   The DuPont Show of the Week 

1962   Hitler 

1962   The Paradine Case 

1961   The Savage Guns 

1961   Rawhide

1961   Passport to China

1961   The Light That Failed 

1961   Play of the Week 

1960   Shangri-La

1960   The DuPont Show of the Month 

1960   For the Love of Mike

1960   Portrait in Black
1957-1960  Playhouse 90

1960   5 Branded Women

1959   Jons und Erdme 

1959   The Ambitious One 

1958   Zane Grey Theater 

1958   Love and Troubles

1958   The Brothers Karamazov 

1957   Time Limit 

1957   Studio One in Hollywood 

1957   Miracles of Thursday

1956   Finger of Guilt

1956   Moby Dick 

1956   The Extra Day 

1956   Canyon Crossroads 

1955   Il bidone 

1955   Cartouche

1955   La vena d'oro 

1954   Jailbirds 

1954   La strada 

1954   The Good Die Young 

1954   Angels of Darkness

1954   La mano dello straniero

1953   Titanic

1951   Decision Before Dawn

1951   Fixed Bayonets! 

1951   The House on Telegraph Hill 

1951   Fourteen Hours

1950   Outside the Wall

1949   Tension

1949   Reign of Terror

1949   Roseanna McCoy

1948   He Walked by Night

1947   Cry Wolf

1947   Repeat Performance

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