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Richard Barthelmess ACTOR


Richard Barthelmess was born on May 9th, 1895 in New York City, New York with the birth name Richard Semler Barthelmess.  His mother, Caroline Harris was a stage actress and therefore he developed an interest in acting.  He lost his father when he was just a baby.  After high school he enrolled at Trinity College where he too became involved in school productions.
During a family vacation, a friend of his mothers took notice of him and offered him a small role in the film, "War Brides" (1916).  After working on this film, he dropped out of college and decided to pursue a full time career as an actor.
After gaining some more film experience he was soon signed to a contract with D.W. Griffith in 1919.  Soon such film roles followed as, "Broken Blossoms or the Yellow Man and the Girl" (1919) and "Way Down East" (1920).  As his film career continued he worked with Inspiration Pictures in the film, "Tol'able David" (1921) and with First National Pictures on such films as, "The Patent Leather Kids" (1927) and "The Noose" (1928).  
However with the transition to sound films, roles were beginning to become less available to him.  However he did still mange to have a couple decent roles in such films as, "Only Angels Have Wings" (1939), "The Spoilers" (1942) and his last film, "The Mayor of 44th Street" (1942).  He then decided to join the navy Reserves and following completing his military service, he chose to retire from the industry for good and moved to Long Island New York where he lived financially off his real estate investments.
Throughout his acting career he appeared in over seventy five films and was one of the founders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.  Barthelmess was also awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to the Motion Picture Industry.  
Throughout his lifetime he married twice, first to Mary Hay in 1920 and they had one child before the marriage ended in 1927.  He then married, Jessica Stewart Sergeant in 1928 and they remained together until he passed away at the age of sixty eight, on August 17th, 1963 in Southampton, New York after suffering from throat cancer.  His remains are interred at the Ferncliff Cemetery and Mausoleum in Hartsdale, New York.


1942 The Mayor of 44th Street 
1942 The Spoilers 
1940 The Man Who Talked Too Much 
1939 Only Angels Have Wings 
1936 Spy of Napoleon 
1935 Four Hours to Kill!
1934 Midnight Alibi 
1934 A Modern Hero
1934 Massacre
1933 Heroes for Sale 
1933 Central Airport 
1932 The Cabin in the Cotton 
1932 Alias the Doctor 
1931 The Last Flight 
1931 The Finger Points
1930 The Lash 
1930 The Dawn Patrol
1930 Son of the Gods 
1929 Young Nowheres 
1929 Drag 
1929 Weary River
1928 Scarlet Seas 
1928 Out of the Ruins
1928 Wheel of Chance
1928 The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come
1928 The Noose
1927 The Drop Kick
1927 The Patent Leather Kid
1926 The White Black Sheep
1926 The Amateur Gentleman
1926 Ranson's Folly
1926 Just Suppose
1926 Camille
1925 The Beautiful City
1925 Shore Leave
1925 Soul-Fire
1925 New Toys
1924 Classmates 
1924 The Enchanted Cottage 
1923 Twenty-One 
1923 The Fighting Blade
1923 The Bright Shawl 
1923 Fury 
1922 The Bond Boy 
1922 Sonny 
1922 The Seventh Day 
1921 Tol'able David 
1921 Experience 
1920 Way Down East 
1920 The Love Flower 
1920 The Idol Dancer
1919 Scarlet Days
1919 I'll Get Him Yet
1919 Broken Blossoms or The Yellow Man and the Girl 
1919 Peppy Polly 
1919 Three Men and a Girl 
1919 The Girl Who Stayed at Home 
1919 Boots
1918 The Hope Chest 
1918 Wild Primrose 
1918 Hit-the-Trail Holliday
1918 Rich Man, Poor Man 
1918 Sunshine Nan 
1917 The Seven Swans 
1917 For Valour
1917 Nearly Married 
1917 Bab's Burglar 
1917 Bab's Diary 
1917 Camille
1917 The Streets of Illusion 
1917 The Soul of a Magdalen 
1917 The Valentine Girl
1917 The Eternal Sin 
1917 The Moral Code 
1916 Just a Song at Twilight 
1916 Snow White
1916 War Brides
1916 Gloria's Romance 

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Matinee Classics - Broken Blossoms starring Lillian Gish and Richard Barthelmess
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Matinee Classics - Broken Blossoms starring Lillian Gish, Richard Barthelmess and Donald Crisp
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