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Rebecca De Mornay ACTOR

Rebecca De Mornay was born on August 29th, 1959 in Santa Rosa, California with the birth name Rebecca Jane Pearch, born to former television host and disk jockey, Wally George.  Her parents divorced when she was still a young girl and her mother re-married a man by the name of Richard De Mornay who adopted Rebecca and raised her like his own daughter.  Unfortunately, he passed away unexpectedly and her mother decided to take Rebecca and relocate to Europe where Rebecca was raised in mostly England and Austria.  After she graduated from a German high school in the Swiss Alps, Rebecca decided to relocate to Los Angeles, California in pursuit of a career as an actress.
She began by studying the art at Lee Strasberg's Institute and was then given a chance to work an apprenticeship at Francis Ford Coppola's Zoetrope Film Studio.  In 1982 she had her film debut in, "One from the Heart" followed by roles in such features as, "Risky Business" (1983), "Runaway Train" (1985), "The Trip to Bountiful" (1985), "And God Created Women" (1988), "Backdraft" (1991), "The Hand that Rocks the Cradle" (1992) and "Guilty as Sin" (1993).    

Along with working as a film actress she also added a number of stage and television credits to her resume.  Some of her stage productions include, "Born Yesterday", "Marat/Sade" and "Closer".  On television, Mornay appeared in the television movies, "Getting Out" (1984), "An Inconvenient Woman" (1991), "The Shining" (1997) and "Night Ride Home" (1999).  She also made appearances on such television series as, "Boomtown" and "The Practice".
In the mid 90's, she also was given a chance to work on the other side of the industry as a producer.  She added such producing credits to her resume for the films, "Never Talk to Strangers" (1995), "The Winner" (1996) and "A Table for One" (1999).
Rebecca De Mornay has married twice throughout her lifetime.  Her first husband was Bruce Wagner whom she wed in 1989 and remained together with him until divorcing in 1990.  She then married Patrick O'Neal in 1995 and together they had two children before this marriage also came to an end in 2002.  
Most recently she has graced the big screen in such feature films as, "American Venus" (2007), "Flipped" (2010), "Mother's Day" (2010), "Collar" (2011), "Apartment 1303 3D" (2012) and soon to release in 2013, "Escort Service" and "Downers Grove".  


2012   Downers Grove

2013   Escort Service 

2012   Apartment 1303 3D 

2012   American Reunion 

2011   Collar 

2010   Mother's Day 

2010   Flipped 

2007   American Venus 

2007   John from Cincinnati 

2007   Music Within 

2006   Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

2005   Wedding Crashers

2005   Lords of Dogtown 

2004   Raise Your Voice

2004   The Practice 

2003   Boomtown 

2003   Identity

2003   No Place Like Home

2002   Salem Witch Trials

2001   A Girl Thing

2000   Range of Motion 

2000   The Right Temptation

1999   ER 

1999   A Table for One

1999   Night Ride Home

1999   Thick as Thieves 

1998   The Con

1997   The Shining

1996   The Winner 

1995   Never Talk to Strangers

1995   The Outer Limits

1994   Getting Out 

1993   The Three Musketeers 

1993   Guilty as Sin 

1993   Blind Side 

1992   The Hand That Rocks the Cradle 

1991   Backdraft 

1991   An Inconvenient Woman 

1990   By Dawn's Early Light

1989   Dealers 

1988   Feds 

1988   And God Created Woman 

1987   Beauty and the Beast 

1986   The Murders in the Rue Morgue 

1986   Tall Tales & Legends 

1985   The Trip to Bountiful

1985   Runaway Train

1985   The Slugger's Wife

1983   Testament

1983   Risky Business

1982   One from the Heart

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