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Ralph Meeker ACTOR


Ralph Meeker was born on November 21st, 1920 in Minneapolis, Minnesota to parents were Ralph and Magnhild.  After graduating from North Western University he decided to pursue a career as an actor.
He began with working on Broadway.  His first role was in, "Streetcar Named Desire" and after some time of working as a stage actor he then decided to give a film career a try.  His film debt was in 1951 with a small role on, "Teresa" which soon followed by a lead role in the film, "Four in a Jeep" (1951) with Viveca Lindfors.

Ralph's film career then began to pick up with roles in such films as, "The Naked Spur" (1953) starring James Stewart, Robert Ryan, Janet Leigh and Millard Mitchell and "Picnic" (1954) starring William Holden and Kim Novak for which he was awarded the New York Critic's Circle Award.   

His film career continued throughout the 1950's starring in a number of low budget films such as, "Code Two" (1953), "Kiss Me Deadly" (1955) starring with Maxine Cooper, Cloris Leachman, Albert Dekker, Paul Stewart and Jack Elam, "Paths of Glory" (1957) starring Kirk Douglas, Adolphe Menjou, Wayne Morris, George Macready and Timothy Carey, "Ada" (1961) starring with Susan Hayward, Dean Martin, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Ford Rainey and Martin Balsam, "The St. Valentine's Day Massacre" (1967) starring Jason Robards, George Segal, Jan Merlin, David Canary, Harold J. Stone, Bruce Dern, John Agar, Reed Hadley, Leo Gordon, Buck Taylor and Jack Nicholson, "The Dirty Dozen" (1967) starring alongside Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine, George Kennedy, Richard Jaeckel, Jim Brown, Charles Bronson, Clint Walker, Robert Ryan, Telly Savalas, Donald Sutherland, John Cassavetes, Trini Lopez and Robert Webber, "The Detective" (1968) starring Frank Sinatra, Lee Remick, Jacqueline Bisset, Jack Klugman, Lloyd Bochner and Robert Duvall and "Brannigan" (1975) starring John Wayne, Mel Ferrer and Richard Attenborough.   
Along with working as a film actor he also took on the role of producer with the film, "My Boys are Good Boys" (1978) with Ida Lupino and Lloyd Nolan.  Meeker also made a number of television appearances such as in, "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" (1955), "Wagon Train" (1958), "Not For Hire" (1960) and "Breaking Point" (1963) among many others. 
He remained active in the industry up until the 1980's and although never reaching any major level of stardom, he did manage to have a decent run as an actor on the stage, film and television and made his mark in the entertainment industry. 
Ralph Meeker married twice throughout his lifetime, first to an actress by the name of Salome Jens from 1964 through 1966.  He then married for a second time to Colleen Meeker.  

Sadly on August 5th, 1988, Ralph Meeker passed away in Los Angeles, California after suffering a heart attack.   


1980 Without Warning
1979 Winter Kills
1977 The Hi-Riders
1976 The Alpha Incident
1976 The Food Of The Gods
1975 Johnny Firecloud
1975 Brannigan
1975 Dead Don't Die
1974 Girl on the Late, Late Show
1974 Night Games
1974 Cry Panic
1973 Police Story
1973 Birds of Prey
1973 You'll Never See Me Again
1973 Angela
1972 The Happiness Cage
1972 Reluctant Heroes
1972 Night Stalker
1971 The Anderson Tapes
1970 I Walk the Line
1969 Gentle Ben
1968 The Detective
1967 The St. Valentine's Day Massacre
1967 The Dirty Dozen
1967 Gentle Giant
1965 Alfred Hitchcock Presents
1962 Loretta Young Theater
1961 Something Wild
1961 Ada
1957 Run of the Arrow
1957 The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown
1957 Paths of Glory
1955 Kiss Me Deadly
1955 Big House, U.S.A.
1955 Desert Sands
1953 The Naked Spur
1953 Jeopardy
1951 Four in a Jeep
1951 Teresa  

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