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Popeye the Sailor ACTOR


Popeye the Sailor is a fictional cartoon hero that has appeared in comic strips, television shows, and animated movies for over seventy five years. This sea man is well known for his scrunched up eye, permanently attached pipe, muscular forearms that sported anchor tattoos, and love of spinach. He is a classic, yet bizarre character that never failed to capture the hearts of the world. Although the thirty-four year old displayed a rough and angry façade, he was really a kind soul with a fondness for justice and integrity. He showed these morals through his around-the-world adventures and confrontations with his arch nemesis Bluto.
His home base was in the made-up town of Sweethaven, although he mainly lived on a boat and travelled around. His love (and wife in some sources) was Olive Oyl, and they adopted Swee’Pea, an infant that was left on their doorstep, in 1936. Popeye is recognized for his incorrect grammar and speech impediment, which occasionally found its way into the titles of some of his cartoons. He as well is famed for his screw-ball sayings, such as “That’s all I can stands and I can’t stands no more!” and “I yam what I yam and tha’s all what I am.” While he was just a sailor, he was known for having superhuman strength, which came from his excessive consumption of spinach. Ironically, he actually increased the consumption of spinach in the United States by 33% from 1931 to 1936. He also later marketed his own brand of spinach.
Many of his shows followed the same basic story: Popeye’s enemy, Bluto, would try to make a move on his girlfriend, Olive Oyl, but he would end up defeating the villain by eating a huge amount of the leafy green.

Popeye made his debut on January 17, 1929 in a comic strip. Elzie Segar was his creator. He was featured in “Thimble Theater”, which was about Ham and the Oyl family. They wanted someone to help them search for the legendary Wiffle Hen, and so they asked Popeye to help them. Olive Oyl later kicked Ham out of the picture and appointed the sailor to become her boyfriend. Such great reviews were received about the addition of Popeye, that he became a permanent fixture that dominated the strip. The name was even changed to “Thimble Theater… Starring Popeye” in 1931.
He made an appearance on the silver screen in a “Betty Boop” cartoon entitled “Popeye the Sailor” (1933), where he first sang his trademark song “I’m Popeye the Sailor Man”. In 1933, Fleischer Studios gave Popeye his very own show, also entitled “Popeye the Sailor”, for Paramount. His first short was called “I Yam What I Yam” (1933). The animation turned out to be a massive success, overtaking all cartoons at the time, even Mickey Mouse. Hundreds of shorts were made and became fixtures on television and in theaters well into the 1960's. In 1936, Popeye was first introduced to color, beginning with the short “Popeye the Sailor Meets Sinbad the Sailor”. The shows didn’t solely change to color however until 1943.
Popeye was initially voiced by William Costello. However, after Costello developed behavioral problems, he was replaced by Jack Mercer, beginning with the episode “King of the Mardi Gras” (1935). An assortment of people voiced Popeye during Mercer’s time, and after, including the voices of some other characters on the show.
In 1941, Paramount took control over Fleischer Studios, renaming it Famous Studios. The Popeye cartoons continued to run, and not until 1957 did they halt. Under the new ownership, the animations took on a World War II theme, with the sailor taking on Nazis and Japanese soldiers; especially in the short “You’re a Sap, Mr. Jap”. Near the end of 1943, “Popeye the Sailor” was transitioned to Technicolor production, starting with “Her Honor the Mare”.
Throughout the 1960's, additional short Popeye cartoons were created and aired as television originals. They were mass-produced and shown in several studios around the world. It is argued that the Fleischer ones are still the best. During this time, Popeye furthermore maintained his comic strip, which is to this day in newspapers and most commonly titled “Popeye”.
In 1980, Popeye was turned into real flesh and blood for the live action film “Popeye”, and was played by Robin Williams.
Popeye has had such an integral part on our culture. Every year, The Popeye Picnic is held in Chester, Illinois, and fans from around the world attend. The medical field also pays tribute to the sailor, occasionally referring to a bicep bulge caused by a tendon rupture the “Popeye muscle” (take note however that Popeye had large forearms, not biceps). He has also had not a mere one, but two statues made to honor the seafarer: one in Segar’s hometown of Chester, Illinois, and another in the spinach capital of the world, Crystal City, Texas.


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1941  Quiet! Please

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1940  My Pop, My Pop

1940  Popeye Meets William Tell

1940  Puttin' on the Act

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1940  Doing Impossikable Stunts

1940  Fightin' Pals

1940  Nurse Mates

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1940  Onion Pacific

1940  Me Feelin's is Hurt

1940  Stealin' Ain't Honest

1940  Females is Fickle

1940  Shakespearian Spinach

1939  Never Sock a Baby

1939  It's the Natural Thing to Do

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1939  Wotta Nightmare

1939  Leave Me Well Enough Alone

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1935  Adventures of Popeye

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1935  Pleased to Meet Cha!

1935  Be Kind to Animals

1935  Beware of Barnacle Bill

1934  We Aim to Please

1934  The Dance Contest

1934  The Two-Alarm Fire

1934  A Dream Walking

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1933  Popeye the Sailor

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