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Pierce Lyden ACTOR


Pierce Lyden was born on January 8th, 1908 in Hildreth, Nebraska.  As a young boy he learned how to ride a horse bareback as his father worked as a horse buyer for the United States Army.  He grew up in a family that struggled financially but still was able to study at the University of Nebraska after graduating from Naponee High School as well as later studied at the Emerson College of Oratory in Boston.
His career began as a stock performer performing in a number of stage productions in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Soon, Hollywood began to take notice of him and he made his way west.  
Some of his early credits include appearing in the serials called, 'Cliffhangers' along with a large number of other feature films and television roles.  He is also well known for appearing in a total of 150 episodes of "The Cisco Kid" starring Duncan Renaldo and Leo Carrillo.
Other television credits include, "The Lone Ranger" starring Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels, "Wild Bill Hickok" starring Guy Madison and Andy Devine, "Space Patrol", "Hopalong Cassidy" starring William Boyd, "Tales of the Texas Rangers", "Tales of Wells Fargo" starring Dale Robertson, "Highway Patrol" starring Broderick Crawford, "Bat Masterson" starring Gene Barry and his last role in 1962 on, "Cheyenne" starring Clint Walker
He retired from the industry in 1962 and resided in Orange, California.  He married three times and was widowed twice.  He had one son who passed away in 1988.  Ten years later, he lost his life on October 10th, 1998 in Orange, California after suffering from cancer.
Pierce Lyden has been honored with a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Fame and was as given the, "Buffalo Bill Award" in 1997 from the State of Nebraska.  He soon relocated to Hollywood and began appearing in a number of westerns, due mostly to his talent of horseback riding which he excelled at as a youngster.


1962   Cheyenne 

1962   The Wild Westerners 

1960   The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp
1960   The Slowest Gun in the West 

1959-1960  Lawman 

1959   The Texan 
1959   The Rough Riders 

1959   Bat Masterson 

1955-1958  Highway Patrol 
1958   Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color 

1958   Gunman's Walk 

1958   26 Men

1958   Going Steady 

1957-1958  Tales of Wells Fargo 
1958   Harbor Command 

1957   Tombstone Territory

1956-1957  Sergeant Preston of the Yukon
1957   The Tall Stranger

1957   Decision at Sundown

1955-1957  Tales of the Texas Rangers
1957   The Hired Gun

1957   The Night the World Exploded

1957   Calypso Heat Wave
1957   The Lone Ranger

1957   Utah Blaine 

1957   Schlitz Playhouse
1956   The Women of Pitcairn Island 

1952-1956  The Roy Rogers Show 
1956   Tension at Table Rock 

1956   The Count of Monte Cristo 

1951-1956  Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok 
1956   The First Traveling Saleslady 

1956   Blazing the Overland Trail 

1956   Frontier Gambler 
1956   The Life of Riley

1956   Great Day in the Morning

1954-1956  The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin
1951-1956  The Cisco Kid 

1956   Perils of the Wilderness

1956   Judge Roy Bean
1955   The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues

1955   Jungle Jim

1955   Tennessee's Partner
1955   Science Fiction Theatre

1955   The Mickey Rooney Show

1955   Stories of the Century
1951-1955  Space Patrol 

1955   I Led 3 Lives 

1954   The Adventures of Kit Carson
1954   Riding with Buffalo Bill

1953-1954  The Gene Autry Show 

1954   Annie Oakley 
1954   Gunfighters of the Northwest 

1952-1953  Hopalong Cassidy

1953   Calamity Jane 
1953   The Great Adventures of Captain Kidd 

1953   Rebel City 

1953   Cowboy G-Men 
1953   Star of Texas 

1953   Ramar of the Jungle

1953   The Range Rider
1952   Montana Belle

1952   Canyon Ambush 

1952   The Golden Hawk 
1952   Wagon Team

1952   Blackhawk: Fearless Champion of Freedom 

1952   Carson City 
1952   Kansas Territory

1952   Thief of Damascus 

1952   Rancho Notorious
1952   Waco

1952   Texas City 

1952   Gang Busters
1951   Stage to Blue River

1951   Captain Video, Master of the Stratosphere

1951   Texas Lawmen

1951   Lawless Cowboys

1951   Whistling Hills 
1951   Stagecoach Driver

1951   Never Trust a Gambler

1951   Government Agents vs Phantom Legion 
1951   Nevada Badmen

1951   Man from Sonora

1951   Fury of the Congo
1951   Roar of the Iron Horse - Rail-Blazer of the Apache Trail

1950   Jungle Jim in Pygmy Island
1950   Pirates of the High Seas

1950   Last of the Buccaneers

1950   Hit Parade of 1951
1950   Atom Man vs. Superman 

1950   Covered Wagon Raid 

1950   The Gunfighter 
1950   The Ford Theatre Hour

1950   Cody of the Pony Express

1950   Twilight in the Sierras 
1950   The Kid from Texas

1950   Woman in Hiding 

1950   Backfire
1950   Mark of the Gorilla

1950   The Traveling Saleswoman

1949   The Adventures of Sir Galahad 
1949   Sons of New Mexico 

1949   The Gal Who Took the West

1949   Calamity Jane and Sam Bass
1949   Illegal Entry 

1949   Son of a Badman

1949   The Big Sombrero
1949   Shadows of the West

1948   The Countess of Monte Cristo

1948   Dead Man's Gold
1948   Red River

1948   Silver Trails

1948   Back Trail
1948   Blazing Across the Pecos 

1948   The Rangers Ride 

1948   Crossed Trails 
1948   Overland Trails 

1948   Six-Gun Law

1947   The Fabulous Texan 
1947   Heaven Only Knows 

1947   The Sea Hound 

1947   Rustlers of Devil's Canyon 
1947   Song of the Wasteland

1947   The Vigilante: Fighting Hero of the West 

1947   The Adventures of Don Coyote 

1947   Six-Gun Serenade

1947   Valley of Fear
1947   South of the Chisholm Trail

1947   Son of Zorro 

1947   Raiders of the South
1946   Magnificent Doll

1946   Shadows on the Range

1946   Trigger Fingers
1946   Roll on Texas Moon

1946   Wild Beauty

1946   The Gentleman from Texas
1946   Rainbow Over Texas

1946   Lost City of the Jungle 

1946   Alias Billy the Kid 
1946   Dragonwyck 

1946   The Gay Cavalier 

1946   The Scarlet Horseman
1945   The Cherokee Flash

1945   Frontier Feud

1945   Code of the Lawless 
1945   Bad Men of the Border 

1945   Flame of the West 

1945   Trail to Vengeance 
1945   Blonde Ransom

1945   The Master Key 

1944   Firebrands of Arizona
1944   Trigger Law

1944   The Singing Sheriff

1944   San Fernando Valley
1944   West of the Rio Grande

1944   Raiders of Ghost City 

1944   Mystery Man
1944   Lumberjack

1944   Outlaws of Santa Fe

1944   Texas Masquerade 
1944   Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

1943   California Joe 

1943   The Phantom
1943   Riders of the Deadline

1943   Death Valley Manhunt

1943   Canyon City 
1943   False Colors

1943   The Kansan

1943   Danger! Women at Work 
1943   Black Hills Express 

1943   Fugitive from Sonora 

1943   A Gentle Gangster 
1943   Daredevils of the West 

1943   Good Morning, Judge

1943   Chatterbox
1943   Border Patrol

1943   The Blocked Trail

1943   Dead Man's Gulch
1942   Undercover Man 

1942   Baby Face Morgan 

1942   They Raid by Night
1942   One Thrilling Night

1942   Land of the Open Range 

1942   Private Snuffy Smith 
1941   Holt of the Secret Service 

1941   King of Dodge City 

1941   The Getaway
1941   Sky Raiders

1940   The Green Hornet Strikes Again!

1940   Junior G-Men
1940   Grand Ole Opry 

1940   Forgotten Girls 

1935   Folies Bergère de Paris

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