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Phyllis Coates ACTOR

Phyllis Coates was born on January 15th, 1927 in Wichita Falls, Texas with the birth name Gypsie Ann Evarts Stell.  Once she graduated from high school, she relocated to Los Angeles, California with the goals of studying at UCLA.
When she met Ken Murray in a local restaurant he suggested she join a comedian vaudeville show.  Her work in entertainment first began as a chorus girl and later she began touring with the USO.
Soon Warner Brothers began to take notice of her and cast her in a number of comedy short films such as, "So You Want to be in Politics" (1948), "Smart Girls Don't Talk" (1948) and "So You Want to Be a Baby Sitter" (1949).  
It was just a matter of time before Coates was being seen on such feature films as, "Superman and the Mole Man" (1951) starring George Reeves, "Blues Busters" (1950) starring he Bowery Boys, Craig Stevens and Adele Jurgens, "The Gunman" (1952) starring with Whip Wilson and John Forrest 'Fuzzy' Knight, "Topeka" (1953), "Panther Girl of the Kongo" (1955), "I Was a Teenage Frankenstein" (1957) co-starring with Whit Bissell and Gary Conway, "Blood Arrow" (1958) co-starring Scott Brady and Paul Richards and "The Baby Maker" (1970) starring Barbara Hershey.     
Along with film roles she also appeared on numerous television series such as her most popular playing Lois Lane on, "Adventures of Superman" (1952), for which she appeared in a total of twenty six episodes.
Other television credits included roles on, "Terry and the Pirates", "I'm the Law, "The Adventures of Kit Carson", "The Millionaire", "The Lone Ranger", "Lassie", "Frontier", "This is the Life", "It's a Great Life", "Rawhide", "The Untouchables", "Perry Mason", "The Virginian" and "Death Valley Days".  

In addition, Coates also worked in a variety of television movies adding to her credits, "Thompson's Ghost" (1966), "A Whisper Kills" (1988), "Kiss Shot" (1989) and "Mrs. Lambert Remembers Love" (1991). 
Coates has married four times, first very briefly to Norman Tokar.  She then married Richard L. Bare in 1948 but by 1949 this marriage came to an end.  Her third husband was Robert Nelms whom she wed in 1950 and had one child with before another marriage ended in 1953.  Her fourth and final husband was Dr. Bernard Press from 1962 through 1968 and she had another three children during this relationship.
Phyllis Coates has not re-married and her last appearance was in 1996 on "Hollywood: The Movie".   


1996   Hollywood: The Movie 

1994   Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

1994   Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman 

1991   Mrs. Lambert Remembers Love

1991   Midnight Caller

1989   Kiss Shot

1989   Goodnight, Sweet Marilyn 

1988   A Whisper Kills

1970   The Baby Maker 

1966   Thompson's Ghost 

1966   Summer Fun 

1964   Slattery's People 

1952-1964  Death Valley Days 

1958-1964  Gunsmoke 

1963-1964  The Patty Duke Show 

1964   The Virginian 

1958-1964  Perry Mason 

1959-1962  The Untouchables

1959-1961  Rawhide

1958-1961  Tales of Wells Fargo 

1961   Gunslinger 

1960   The Best of the Post 

1960   Hawaiian Eye 

1960   The DuPont Show with June Allyson 

1959   Hennesey 

1959   Lux Playhouse 

1959   Black Saddle 

1959   Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse 

1958   This Is Alice

1958   Cattle Empire

1958   Richard Diamond, Private Detective

1958   Blood Arrow 

1954-1958  G.E. True Theater 

1957   I Was a Teenage Frankenstein 

1957   Leave It to Beaver 

1957   Chicago Confidential 

1957   The Incredible Petrified World 

1956   Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color

1956   Girls in Prison

1956   So Your Wife Wants to Work 

1956   Chevron Hall of Stars

1956   Crossroads 

1956   So You Want to Play the Piano   

1954-1956  It's a Great Life

1956   So You Want to Be Pretty

1956   Four Star Playhouse

1956   Navy Log 

1955-1956  TV Reader's Digest

1956   This Is the Life 

1956   God Is in the Streets

1955   Frontier

1955   The Great Gildersleeve 

1955   Lassie 

1955   Science Fiction Theatre

1955   Stage 7 

1955   Willy 

1953-1955  The Lone Ranger 

1955   The Millionaire 

1955   Cavalcade of America 

1955   Professional Father

1955   Panther Girl of the Kongo 

1954   The Public Defender

1954   The Duke

1954   The Adventures of Kit Carson

1954   Gunfighters of the Northwest

1954   So You're Having Neighbor Trouble

1953   So You Want to Be an Heir

1953   So You Think You Can't Sleep 

1953   Here Come the Girls 

1953   The Red Skelton Hour

1953   El Paso Stampede

1953   Topeka 

1953   So You Love Your Dog

1953   I'm the Law 

1953   So You Want a Television Set 

1953   Ramar of the Jungle 

1953   Your Jeweler's Showcase 

1953   Perils of the Jungle 

1953   She's Back on Broadway

1952-1953  Adventures of Superman

1953   Marshal of Cedar Rock

1953   Jungle Drums of Africa

1953   The Abbott and Costello Show

1953   Terry and the Pirates

1952   Schlitz Playhouse

1952   The Maverick

1952   Invasion USA 

1952   Wyoming Roundup 

1952   So You Want to Wear the Pants

1952   Flat Top

1952   Canyon Ambush 

1952   Fargo

1952   So You Never Tell a Lie

1952   So You Want to Go to a Convention 

1952   Racket Squad 

1952   The Gunman 

1952   So You Want to Get It Wholesale 

1952   The Range Rider 

1952   Scorching Fury

1952   Craig Kennedy, Criminologist

1951   Stage to Blue River 

1951   The Longhorn

1951   Superman and the Mole-Men 

1951   So You Want to Be a Plumber

1951   So You Want to Be a Bachelor

1951   Oklahoma Justice

1951   So You Want to Buy a Used Car

1951   So You Want to Be a Paper Hanger

1951   Nevada Badmen

1951   Stars Over Hollywood

1951   So You Want to Be a Cowboy

1951   Canyon Raiders 

1951   Man from Sonora

1951   Valentino 

1950-1951  The Cisco Kid

1951   The Sun Was Setting

1950   Outlaws of Texas 

1950   Blues Busters 

1950   So You Want a Raise 

1950   My Blue Heaven

1950   So You Want to Move 

1950   So You Want to Hold Your Husband 

1950   So You Think You're Not Guilty

1950   So You Want to Throw a Party

1949   My Foolish Heart

1949   So You Want to Get Rich Quick 

1949   The House Across the Street

1949   So You're Having In-Law Trouble

1949   So You Want to Be a Muscle Man

1949   Look for the Silver Lining

1949   A Kiss in the Dark 

1949   So You Want to Be Popular

1949   Your Show Time 

1949   So You Want to Be a Baby Sitter 

1948   So You Want to Be on the Radio

1948   Smart Girls Don't Talk 

1948   So You Want to Be in Politics

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