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Philip Carey ACTOR


Philip Carey was born on July 15th, 1925 in Hackensack, New Jersey with the birth name Eugene Joseph Carey.  His career as an actor began working mostly in western films in the 1950's however he did not reach the level of fame he was after till he was over age fifty.
Carey was raised in Long Island, New York and during World War II he joined the United States Marine Corps.  After completing his military service he briefly studied drama at New York's Mohawk University as well as at the University of Miami.

he began his career as an actor performing as a stage actor and did a number of summer stock plays.  When he was on stage performing in a production of, "Over 21" he caught the attention of a talent scout and soon he was offered a contract with Warner Brothers.
Some of his early film roles included, "Operation Pacific" (1951) starring John Wayne, Patricia Neal, Ward Bond, Scott Forbes and Martin Milner, "I Was a Communist for the FBI" (1951), "Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison" (1951) starring Steve Cochran, David Brian, Ted de Corsia, Scott Forbes and Dick Wesson, "This Woman is Dangerous" (1952) starring Joan Crawford, David Brian and Dennis Morgan, "Springfield Rifle" (1952) starring Gary Cooper, Phyllis Thaxter, David Brian, Paul Kelly, Lon Chaney Jr., Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, Alan Hale Jr., Martin Milner and James Millican and "Calamity Jane" (1953) starring Doris Day and Howard Keel.
After his tern with Warner Brothers came to an end he chose to sign with Columbia Pictures and although none of his films were highly successful, he remained working in the industry and there was no shortage of film roles. 

During this period of his career he added such film credits to his resume as, "The Nebraskan" (1953) starring Wallace Ford, Roberta Haynes, Lee Van Cleef and Richard Webb, "Wyoming Renegades" (1954) starring Gene Evans and Martha Hyer, "Pushover" (1954) starring alongside Fred MacMurray, Kim Novak, Dorothy Malone and E.G. Marshall, "Mister Roberts" (1955) starring Henry Fonda, James Cagney, Ward Bond, William Powell, Jack Lemmon, Nick Adams, Ken Curtis and Harry Carey Jr. and "Count Three and Pray" (1955) starring Van Heflin, Joanne Woodward, in her film debut, and Raymond Burr.
His first real starring role was in 1968 on the series, "All in the Family" and in 1979 on the television soap opera, "One Life to Live" (1968).  Prior to these role, he had turned his focus from film to television and added to his resume roles on the series, "77 Sunset Strip", "McCloud", "The Rifleman", "The Virginian", "Bright Promise", "Ironside", "Gunsmoke", "Banacek" and "Felony Squad".

Philip Carey married twice, first to Maureen Peppler whom he met in high school and they had three children together.  He then wed Colleen Welch in 1976 and they also had two children together.  He passed away on February 6th, 2009 in Manhattan, New York after suffering from lung cancer at the age of eighty three.   


1987-2008     One Life to Live
1980         Monster
1979         Little House on the Prairie 
1977         The Betty White Show 
1976         The Bionic Woman 
1976         The Blue Knight
1976         Fighting Mad
1975         Police Story 
1975         McCloud 
1974         Kolchak: The Night Stalker
1974         Police Woman 
1973-1974     Wide World Mystery 
1974         Banace
1974         Scream of the Wolf
1973         Room 222
1969         Bright Promise 
1972         McMillan & Wife
1971         Gunsmoke 
1971         The Seven Minutes
1971         All in the Family
1970         The Rebel Rousers
1969         Once You Kiss a Stranger...
1968-1969     Ironside
1968         Three Guns for Texas
1968         Cimarron Strip
1967         Felony Squad 
1967         Custer 
1965-1967     Laredo
1967         Daniel Boone 
1965         The Great Sioux Massacre
1965         Town Tamer
1963-1965     The Virginian 
1964         The Time Travelers
1964         Dead Ringer
1964         Kraft Suspense Theatre
1963         G.E. True
1963         The Lucy Show
1962-1963     77 Sunset Strip
1963         The Doctors and the Nurses 
1963         The Gallant Men
1963         FBI Code 98
1962         Cheyenne
1962         Black Gol
1962         Bronco 
1962         Lawman
1962         Insight 
1962         The Trun
1962         Red Nightmare 
1961         The Roaring 20's
1961         Tales of Wells Fargo
1961         The Asphalt Jungle
1961         The Rifleman
1961         Stagecoach West 
1961         Thriller 
1961         Zane Grey Theater 
1960         Michael Shayne 
1959-1960     Philip Marlowe
1959         Lux Playhouse
1958         Tonka
1958         Screaming Mim
1958         Return to Warbow
1957         Lux Video Theatre
1953-1957     The Ford Television Theatre
1956-1957     Tales of the 77th Bengal Lancers 
1957         The Shadow on the Window
1956         Port Afrique
1955-1956     Celebrity Playhouse
1956         Wicked as They Come
1955         Three Stripes in the Sun
1955         Count Three and Pray
1955         Mister Roberts
1955         Four Star Playhouse 
1955         The Long Gray Line
1954         Pushover
1954         The Outlaw Stallion
1954         Massacre Canyon
1954         They Rode West
1954         Wyoming Renegades
1953         The Nebraskan
1953         Calamity Jane
1953         Gun Fury
1953         Schlitz Playhouse
1953         The System
1953         The Man Behind the Gun
1952         Operation Secret
1952         Springfield Rifle
1952         Cattle Town
1952         This Woman Is Dangerous
1951         The Tanks Are Coming
1951         Force of Arms
1951         Tomorrow Is Another Day
1951         Ironside the Walls of Folsom Prison
1951         I Was a Communist for the FBI
1951         Three Husbands
1951         Operation Pacific

Matinee Classics - Operation Pacific starring John Wayne, Patricia Neal, Ward Bond, Scott Forbes, Philip Carey, Paul Picerni, Bill Campbell, Katherine Givney, Martin Milner, Cliff Clark and Jack Pennnick
Matinee Classics - Calamity Jane starring Doris Day, Howard Keel, Allyn McLerie, Philip Carey, Dick Wesson, Paul Harvey, Chubby Johnson and Gale Robbins
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Matinee Classics - Springfield Rifle starring Gary Cooper, Phyllis Thaxter, David Brian, Paul Kelly, Lon Chaney Jr., James Millican, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, Alan Hale Jr., Martin Milner, Wilton Graff and Jerry O'Sullivan
Matinee Classics - Springfield Rifle starring Gary Cooper, Phyllis Thaxter, David Brian, Paul Kelly, Lon Chaney Jr., James Millican, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, Alan Hale Jr., Martin Milner, Wilton Graff and Jerry O'Sullivan

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