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Peter Falk ACTOR


Peter Falk was born on September 16th, 1927 in New York City, New York with the birth name Peter Michael Falk.  When he was just three years old he had to have his right eye surgically removed due to cancer.  This did not stop him from living a normal childhood.  He graduated from Ossining High School and his original intent was to pursue a career as a certified public accountant.  He found employment with the Budget Bureau of the state of Connecticut before deciding to try a career as an actor.
He first studied acting with Eva Le Gallienne and Sanford Mesner.  He did briefly serve in the Merchant Marines but did still manage to earn a college degree in Political Science from New York's New School and a MPA, Masters of Public Administration degree from Syracuse University in 1953.
He began acting at the age of twenty six, but it was not until he relocated to New York at the age of twenty eight that he actually defined himself as an actor.  His most well known role is that of detective, Columbo in the series with the same name which aired from 1971 through 2003.
Falk was also the first actor to be nominated for an Oscar and an Emmy in the same year.  He received a Best Supporting Actor nomination for the movie, "Murder, Inc" 91960) and for the television show, "The Law and Mr. Jones" (1960).  He also won a Best Actor for an episode on, "The Dick Powell Theatre" (1961).  
He also appeared on the big screen in a number of films such as, "Husbands" (1970), "Machine Gun McCain" (1969), "Mikey and Nicky" (1976), "Opening Night" (1977), "Big Trouble" (1986), "A Woman Under the Influence" (1974) and the television movie, "Columbo: Etude in Black" (1972). 
2008 was a difficult year for Falk, first suffering a head injury as a result of a car accident, followed by a hip replacement and being diagnosed with dementia which was brought on by his Alzheimer's disease. 
Peter Falk married twice during his lifetime.  First to Alyce Mayo whom he wed on April 17th, 1960 and they had two children together, Catherine and Jackie.  Their divorce finalized on May 28th, 1976.  He then married Shera Danese on December 7th, 1977 and they remained together until he passed away on June 23rd, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California from Alzheimer's disease.  His remains were interred at Westwood Memorial Park in Westwood, Los Angeles, California upon his death.


2009 American Cowslip 
2007 Next 
2007 Three Days to Vegas 
2005 The Thing About My Folks 
2005 Checking Out 
2004 When Angels Come to Town 
2004 Shark Tale 
2003 Finding John Christmas
2003 Wilder Days 
1971-2003 Columbo
2002 Undisputed 
2002 Three Days of Rain
2001 The Lost World 
2001 A Town Without Christmas 
2001 Corky Romano
2001 Made
2001 Hubert's Brain 
2000 Enemies of Laughter 
2000 Lakeboat 
2000 A Storm in Summer 
2000 From Where I Sit 
1998 Vig 
1997 Pronto 
1996 The Sunshine Boys 
1995 Roommates 
1995 Cops n Roberts 
1992 The Larry Sanders Show 
1990 Tune in Tomorrow... 
1990 In the Spirit
1989 Cookie 
1988 Vibes 
1987 The Princess Bride
1987 Happy New Year 
1987 Wings of Desire 
1986 Big Trouble 
1981 ...All the Marbles
1981 The Great Muppet Caper
1979 The In-Laws
1978 The Brink's Job
1978 The Cheap Detective
1977 Opening Night 
1977 The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast: Frank Sinatra
1976 Mikey and Nicky
1976 Murder by Death 
1976 Griffin and Phoenix: A Love Story
1974 A Woman Under the Influence
1971 A Step Out of Line
1971 The Name of the Game 
1970 Husbands
1970 Rosolino PaternĂ², soldato...
1969 Castle Keep 
1969 Machine Gun McCain
1968 Anzio
1968 A Hatful of Rain
1968 Prescription: Murder 
1967 Too Many Thieves
1967 Luv 
1967 The Red Skelton Hour 
1966 Penelope 
1963-1966 Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre
1966 Brigadoon 
1965-1966 The Trials of O'Brien 
1965 The Great Race 
1964 Ben Casey
1964 Attack and Retreat 
1962-1964 The DuPont Show of the Week 
1964 Ambassador at Large
1964 Robin and the 7 Hoods
1964 Jackie Gleason and His American Scene Magazine
1963 It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World 
1963 Wagon Train
1963 Dr. Kildare
1963 The Balcony 
1962-1963 The Dick Powell Theatre 
1962 The Alfred Hitchcock Hour
1962 Pressure Point 
1962 Here's Edie
1958-1962 Naked City
1962 87th Precinct 
1962 The New Breed
1961 Pocketful of Miracles 
1961 Twilight Zone 
1960-1961 The Untouchables 
1961 Target: The Corruptors 
1961 The Barbara Stanwyck Show 
1961 Alfred Hitchcock Presents 
1961 The Million Dollar Incident 
1961 Cry Vengeance! 
1961 The Aquanauts
1961 The Law and Mr. Jones 
1960 The Witness
1960 The Secret of the Purple Reef 
1960 Have Gun - Will Travel 
1960 The Islanders 
1960 Murder, Inc. 
1959-1960 Play of the Week
1960 Pretty Boy Floyd
1959 Brenner
1959 Decoy
1959 New York Confidential
1959 The Bloody Brood 
1958 Wind Across the Everglades 
1958 Kraft Theatre 
1958 Armstrong Circle Theatre 
1957 Studio One in Hollywood
1957 Camera Three
1957 Robert Montgomery Presents  

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