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Paul McCartney ACTOR


Sir James Paul McCartney is an English musician, composer, and songwriter who is regarded by Guinness World Records as “the most successful musician and composer in popular music history”. He got his start with the band The Beatles, and went on to find his own solo success. He also found time to become an actor, writer, producer, and director – making his name known in all areas of the entertainment industry. As well, McCartney plays the devoted role of humanitarian; he is an advocate for animal rights, vegetarianism, music education, ending third world debt, and other causes.

He was born in Liverpool, England on June 18, 1942 to Mary, a medical nurse and midwife, and Jim, who was a cotton salesman and concert pianist in a jazz band. In 1954, McCartney ran into future band mate George Harrison while waiting for the bus for school. When he was only fourteen years old, his mother passed away. The early loss of his mother later connected him with John Lennon, who lost his mother at seventeen. His father encouraged him to take his mind off of the death by exploring his interest in music and songwriting and buying him instruments. He quickly taught himself how to play the various instruments, including how to play a right handed guitar when he was actually left handed.
In 1957 while performing at a church festival, McCartney met another performer, John Lennon. They formed a close bond and began collaborating on songs together. Harrison joined their group shortly after, followed by Pete Best and Stu Sutcliffe. The latter two eventually left, and another member, Ringo Starr, was added to complete The Beatles. By 1963 they were all the talk in England, and by 1964 they were regarded as the same in America. That same year, they released their first film, “A Hard Days Night” (1964).The comedic documentary style film fared well with fans. Their next film, however, “Help!” (1965), failed to win the same praise, as its manic storyline about a cult on the chase for a ring in Ringo Starr’s possession seemed amateurish. McCartney also recalled that the band was so high on marijuana that their concentration was compromised. Nevertheless The Beatles had an enjoyable time being in front of the camera.

In 1967 the band decided to film one of their tours for a television documentary called “The Magical Mystery Tour”. All of The Beatles were featured as the writers, producers, and directors of the film. Their next movie collaboration was the animated picture “Yellow Submarine” (1968). It featured many of their songs, and ended with a Beatles onscreen appearance. Their final film as a band was the documentary “Let It Be” (1970), which chronicled the start of their breakup. However, it won each of the members an Academy Award for Best Music. After the picture was released, the band had split up and McCartney was on his own both musically and in film.

He started coming out with his own hits and #1's, and even started his own successful band called Wings. In 1974 he had his first motion picture appearance without his former band mates in “One Hand Clapping”. Soon after, he produced his first project without them also, the documentary short “Empty Hand” (1977). McCartney debuted as a screenwriter not too long after, for the musical drama “Give My Regards to Broad Street” (1984). He starred in the film, too. Next he voiced characters in, produced, and helped write the short animated picture “Rupert and the Frog Song” (1985).

McCartney continued to act, appearing in television shows and movies like “The Power of Music” (1988), “Great Performances” (2004), and “Saturday Night Live” (2006), videos and shorts such as “Tropic Island Hum” (1997), “Tuesday” (2001), “The Best of Ringo Starr and His Band So Far…” (2001), and “Al’s Brain in 3-D” (2009), as well as the film “Eat the Rich” (1988). The musician also played producer for a number of efforts that include the shorts “Daumier’s Law” (1992), “Tropic Island Hum” (1994), and “Paul McCartney Live in St. Petersburg” (2003). His final work as producer was the video documentary “The McCartney Years” (2007). In more recent years, McCartney has directed the TV movie “Paul McCartney: Good Evening New York City” (2009) and written the musical short “Minnesota Beatles Project: Fixing a Hole” (2011).

Paul McCartney remains today a major force in the music industry, and he was able to express some of his passion through film. His involvement with the screen also allowed him to explore his other areas of talent. Still, his work in music is what makes him the well known legend he is today. He, besides his one win, was nominated for two additional Oscars for Best Music in the films “Live and Let Die” (1973) and “Vanilla Sky” (2001), which permitted him to mix both the arts of film and music. The musician also has a number more of awards, including multiple Grammys and a Bambi Lifetime Achievement Award. As well, he is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and has a Guinness World Record for his sixty gold discs and sale of over one hundred million singles. Furthermore, The Beatles have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for recording.
2011       Minnesota Beatles Project: Fixing a Hole
2009       Al's Brain in 3-D
2009       Paul McCartney: Good Evening New York City
2007       The McCartney Years 
2006       Great Performances 
2006       Saturday Night Live 
2004       Great Performances
2003       Paul McCartney Live in St. Petersburg 
2001       Tuesday 
2001       The Best of Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band So Far...  
2000       The 10th Kingdom 
1997       Standing Stone
1997       Tropic Island Hum
1995       Grateful Dead 
1994       Pinocchio Pipenose Household dilemma
1993       Movin' On
1992       Daumier's Law 
1988       The Power of Music 
1988       Eat the Rich     
1985       Rupert and the Frog Song
1985       Arena    
1984       Paul McCartney: Freeze Frame
1984       Give My Regards to Broad Street 
1982       The Cooler
1981       Back to the Egg   
1980       Rockshow
1978       Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
1977       Empty Hand
1974       One Hand Clapping 
1970       Let It Be  
1970       4-3-2-1 Hot and Sweet 
1969       David Frost Presents... Frankie Howerd 
1968       David Frost Presents
1968       Yellow Submarine
1967       Magical Mystery Tour   
1966       Reflections on Love 
1965       Help!  
1964       A Hard Day's Night

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