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Pat O'Malley ACTOR

Pat O'Malley was born on September 3rd, 1890 in Forest City, Pennsylvania with the birth name of Patrick H. O'Malley Jr.  Many confuse him and British actor, J. Pat O'Malley, but they are indeed two different men with two different backgrounds within the entertainment industry.
Pat O'Malley's career as an entertainer began as a circus entertainer.  He then began to appear on a number of silent films starting at the age of sixteen with some of his more well known films being, "The Heart of Humanity" (1918) starring Dorothy Phillips, Tom London, William Stowell and Eric von Stroheim, "Brothers Under the Skin" (1922) with Helene Chadwick and Mae Busch, "The Virginian" (1923) co-starring Kenneth Harlan, Russell Simpson, Florence Vidor and Raymond Hatton, "The Shadow of the Eagle" (1932) starring John Wayne, Dorothy Gulliver, Edward Hearn and Richard Tucker, "The Green Hornet Strikes Again!" (1940) starring Warren Hull, Keye Luke, Eddie Acuff, Anne Nagel, Pierre Watkin and Wade Boteler, "Shooting High" (1940) starring Gene Autry, Eddie Acuff, Kay Aldridge, Jack Carson, George Chandler, Tom London, Robert Lowery, Charles Middleton and Jane Withers, "My Wild Irish Rose" (1947) starring with Dennis Morgan, Arlene Dahl, George Tobias, Andrea King, George O'Brien, William Frawley and Alan Hale Sr. and "The Man from Colorado" (1948) starring William Holden, Glenn Ford, Ellen Drew, Ray Collins, Edgar Buchanan, Jim Bannon, Jerome Courtland and James Millican and his final film "Days of Wine and Roses" (1962) starring Jack Lemmon, Lee Remick, Charles Bickford, Alan Hewitt, Mel Blanc, Jack Albertson and Jack Klugman.
Over the course of his career in the industry he would appear in over 400 shorts, films and television shows.  Although, he did work steadily in the industry, making the transition from silent to sound films did not come so easily to O'Malley, however he was able to work as a television actor for many years.
Some of his television series appearances included, "Restless Gun", "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", 'Saints and Sinners", "The Lone Ranger", "Highway Patrol", "M Squad", "Shotgun Slade", "The Adventures of Kit Carson", "Lights Out", "The Range Rider", "Annie Oakley" and "State Trooper". 

Pat O'Malley married once to actress, Lillian Wilkes in 1915 and the couple had three children together and remained married until O'Malley passed away at the age of seventy five on May 21st, 1966 after suffering from a heart attack. 


1962         Days of Wine and Roses
1962         Saints and Sinners 
1962         Target: The Corruptors 
1961         Laramie 
1959-1961     Twilight Zone 
1957-1961     Tales of Wells Fargo
1961         Shotgun Slade 
1960         The Law and Mr. Jones 
1959         Black Saddle
1959         Law of the Plainsman
1959         M Squad 
1959         Alfred Hitchcock Presents
1959         The Restless Gun 
1959         The D.A.'s Man
1958         Mike Hammer 
1958         Suspicion 
1957         State Trooper
1957         G.E. True Theater
1957         The Lone Ranger
1956         Highway Patrol 
1956         Blackjack Ketchum, Desperado
1956         Invasion of the Body Snatchers
1955         Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre 
1955         Frontier 
1955         The Long Gray Line
1954         The Adventures of Kit Carson 
1954         A Star Is Born
1954         Brigadoon
1954         Three Hours to Kill
1954         Annie Oakley 
1954         Wyoming Renegades
1954         The Great Diamond Robbery
1953         The Wild One
1953         Small Town Girl
1953         The Girl Who Had Everything
1953         The Ford Television Theatre 
1953         On Top of Old Smoky
1953         I Love Melvin
1953         Family Theatre
1952         Eight Iron Men
1952         The Bad and the Beautiful
1952         Everything I Have Is Yours
1952         The Kid from Broken Gun
1952         Barbed Wire
1952         The Quiet Man
1952         Border Saddlemates
1952         The Old West
1951         Valley of Fire
1950-1951     Lights Out 
1951         Criminal Lawyer
1951         Silver Canyon
1951         Whirlwind
1951         The Range Rider 
1950         The Killer That Stalked New York
1950         The Blazing Sun
1950         Beyond the Purple Hills
1950         Cow Town
1950         Kill the Umpire
1950         A Woman of Distinction
1950         Mule Train
1950         Ambush
1949         Riders in the Sky
1949         All the King's Men
1949         The Reckless Moment
1949         The Big Steal
1949         The Secret of St. Ives
1949         The Doolins of Oklahoma
1949         The Crime Doctor's Diary
1949         Alias Nick Beal
1949         Boston Blackie's Chinese Venture
1949         Challenge of the Range
1949         A Miss in a Mess
1948         The Man from Colorado
1948         Blazing Across the Pecos
1948         Best Man Wins
1948         The Wreck of the Hesperus
1947         Key Witness
1947         The Corpse Came C.O.D.
1947         Hard Boiled Mahoney
1947         The Thirteenth Hour
1946         Singin' in the Corn
1946         Boston Blackie and the Law
1946         The Return of Rusty
1946         The Walls Came Tumbling Down
1946         The Man Who Dared
1946         The Phantom Thief
1946         Blondie's Lucky Day
1946         One Way to Love
1945         The Big Show-Off
1945         Youth on Trial
1944         She's a Sweetheart
1944         The Missing Juror
1944         One Mysterious Night
1944         Irish Eyes Are Smiling
1944         An American Romance
1944         The Last Ride
1944         The Desert Hawk
1944         Roger Touhy, Gangster
1944         The Adventures of Mark Twain
1944         The Whistler
1944         Sailor's Holiday
1944         The Racket Man
1943         The Phantom
1943         The Iron Major
1943         The Adventures of a Rookie
1943         Destroyer
1943         The Man from Down Under
1943         Batman
1943         Redhead from Manhattan
1943         A Stranger in Town
1943         Mission to Moscow
1943         Double Up 
1943         G-men vs. the Black Dragon
1942         Tennessee Johnson
1942         Over My Dead Body
1942         Quiet Please: Murder
1942         Duck Soup 
1942         Gentleman Jim
1942         The Glass Key
1942         Deep in the Heart of Texas
1942         Cairo
1942         Junior G-Men of the Air
1942         Hold 'Em Jail
1942         Thru Different Eyes
1942         Top Sergeant
1942         Pacific Rendezvous
1942         This Gun for Hire
1942         Larceny, Inc.
1942         The Great Man's Lady
1942         Murder in the Big House
1942         Gang Busters
1942         Two Yanks in Trinidad
1942         Always in My Heart
1942         Roxie Hart
1942         Cadets on Parade
1942         Bombay Clipper
1942         Blue, White and Perfect
1941         Steel Against the Sky
1941         Moon Over Her Shoulder
1941         Honky Tonk
1941         We Go Fast
1941         Reg'lar Fellers
1941         Private Nurse
1941         Cracked Nuts
1941         Your Last Act
1941         Law of the Range
1941         Strange Alibi
1941         Sky Raiders
1941         Pals of the Pecos
1941         Knockout
1941         Double Date
1941         Footsteps in the Dark
1941         Rage in Heaven
1941         The Great Mr. Nobody
1941         Blonde Inspiration
1941         Back Street
1940         The Green Hornet Strikes Again!
1940         The Bank Dick
1940         Little Nellie Kelly
1940         Youth Will Be Served
1940         East of the River
1940         A Dispatch from Reuter's
1940         A Little Bit of Heaven
1940         River's End
1940         Girl from Avenue A
1940         Pony Express Days
1940         A Fugitive from Justice
1940         Girl in 313
1940         Rocky Mountain Rangers
1940         Tear Gas Squad
1940         Shooting High
1940         The House Across the Bay
1940         Castle on the Hudson
1940         The Saint's Double Trouble
1940         Remember the Night
1940         The Man Who Wouldn't Talk
1940         Emergency Squad
1939         Invisible Stripes
1939         The Light That Failed
1939         The Night of Nights
1939         The Housekeeper's Daughter
1939         The Roaring Twenties
1939         Smashing the Money Ring
1939         The Phantom Creeps
1939         Dust Be My Destiny
1939         Frontier Marshal
1939         Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation
1939         Stunt Pilot
1939         Five Came Back
1939         Wolf Call
1939         Unmarried
1939         Women in the Wind
1939         The Man Who Dared
1939         Dodge City
1939         Romance of the Redwoods
1939         They Made Her a Spy
1939         Let Us Live
1939         Sergeant Madden
1939         Inside Story
1939         Secret Service of the Air
1939         My Son Is a Criminal
1939         Persons in Hiding
1938         Angels with Dirty Faces
1938         Mysterious Mr. Moto
1938         Keep Smiling
1938         Little Tough Guy
1938         Always Goodbye
1938         Speed to Burn
1938         Accidents Will Happen
1938         This Marriage Business
1938         Island in the Sky
1938         He Couldn't Say No
1938         Love on a Budget
1938         Bringing Up Baby
1937         Submarine D-1
1937         Alcatraz Island
1937         Music for Madame
1937         Fit for a King
1937         San Quentin
1937         Wild West Days
1937         Ever Since Eve
1937         Parnell
1937         Meet the Missus
1937         The Great Hospital Mystery
1937         Girl Overboard
1937         Woman-Wise
1936         Mysterious Crossing
1936         Beloved Enemy
1936         Wanted: Jane Turner
1936         Rose Bowl
1936         Old Hutch
1936         Straight from the Shoulder
1936         Hollywood Boulevard
1936         The Case of the Velvet Claws
1936         Charlie Chan at the Race Track
1936         His Brother's Wife
1936         Crash Donovan
1936         36 Hours to Kill
1936         High Tension
1936         San Francisco
1936         The Big Noise
1936         Trouble for Two
1936         Champagne Charlie
1936         The Country Beyond
1936         Sky Parade
1936         The First Baby
1936         Moonlight Murder
1936         Exclusive Story
1935         We're Only Human
1935         A Thrill for Thelma 
1935         The Fighting Marines
1935         Paddy O'Day
1935         Rendezvous
1935         Metropolitan
1935         Charlie Chan in Shanghai
1935         This Is the Life
1935         His Family Tree
1935         Heir to Trouble
1935         Special Agent
1935         Wanderer of the Wasteland
1935         Ladies Love Danger
1935         Man on the Flying Trapeze
1935         Lady Tubbs
1935         Ginger
1935         Public Hero #1
1935         Men of the Hour
1935         $10 Raise
1935         The Miracle Rider
1935         The Drunkard
1935         Princess O'Hara
1935         The Perfect Clue
1935         Death Flies East
1935         The Whole Town's Talking
1935         After Office Hours
1935         Mystery Woman
1935         Behind the Evidence
1934         Fugitive Lady
1934         Behold My Wife
1934         Broadway Bill
1934         I'll Fix It
1934         Evelyn Prentice
1934         Against the Law
1934         Among the Missing
1934         Death on the Diamond
1934         Girl in Danger
1934         The Crime Doctor
1934         Love Past Thirty
1934         Six of a Kind
1934         I've Got Your Number
1934         Pirate Treasure
1933         Blood Money
1933         Perils of Pauline
1933         A Man of Sentiment
1933         One Year Later
1933         Sing, Sinner, Sing
1933         Morning Glory
1933         Before Dawn
1933         Riot Squad
1933         Laughing at Life
1933         I Love That Man
1933         The Whirlwind
1933         Mystery of the Wax Museum
1933         Parachute Jumper
1932         Sundown Rider
1932         Frisco Jenny
1932         The Penal Code
1932         Call Her Savage
1932         The Fighting Gentleman
1932         Those We Love
1932         Klondike
1932         Exposure
1932         American Madness
1932         Speed Madness
1932         The Strange Love of Molly Louvain
1932         Attorney for the Defense
1932         The Trial of Vivienne Ware
1932         High Speed
1932         The Reckoning
1932         The Shadow of the Eagle
1931         Hell Divers
1931         The Fighting Marshal
1931         Night Life in Reno
1931         The Lightning Warrior
1931         Anybody's Blonde
1931         Homicide Squad
1931         The Sky Spider
1931         Die Maske fällt
1930         Mothers Cry
1930         Average Husband 
1930         The Fall Guy
1929         The Man I Love
1929         Alibi
1928         The House of Scandal
1927         The Slaver
1927         A Bowery Cinderella
1927         Woman's Law
1927         The Rose of Kildare
1927         Pleasure Before Business
1927         Perch of the Devil
1927         Cheaters
1926         Spangles
1926         My Old Dutch
1926         The Midnight Sun
1926         Watch Your Wife
1925         The Fighting Cub
1925         The Teaser
1925         The White Desert
1925         Proud Flesh
1925         Tomorrow's Love
1925         Let Women Alone
1924         Worldly Goods
1924         The Mine with the Iron Door
1924         Bread
1924         The Fighting American
1924         The Beauty Prize
1924         Fools' Highway
1924         Happiness
1923         The Man from Brodney's
1923         The Eternal Struggle
1923         Cause for Divorce
1923         Souls in Bondage
1923         The Virginian
1923         Wandering Daughters
1923         Slippy McGee
1923         Brass
1923         The Last Hour
1922         Brothers Under the Ski
1922         My Wild Irish Rose
1922         The Lying Truth
1922         A Game Chicken
1921         False Kisses
1921         The Ten Dollar Raise
1921         Bob Hampton of Placer
1921         Black Beauty
1921         The Breaking Point
1920         The Heart of a Woman
1920         Dinty
1920         The Breath of the Gods
1920         Go and Get It
1920         Sherry
1920         The Blooming Angel
1920         The Prospector's Vengeance
1919         False Evidence
1919         The Red Glove
1918         The Heart of Humanity
1918         She Hired a Husband
1918         The Prussian Cur
1918         Hit-the-Trail Holliday
1918         Her Boy
1917         The Adopted Son
1917         Your Obedient Servant
1917         The Barker
1917         The Love That Lives
1917         The Tell-Tale Step
1917         The Law of the North
1916         The Picture of Dorian Gray
1916         The Littlest Magdalene
1916         Celeste of the Ambulance Corps
1915         Blade o' Grass
1915         The Taint
1915         The Magistrate's Story
1915         Gladiola
1915         The Widow's Breezy Suit
1915         What Happened on the Barbuda
1915         The Slavey Student 
1915         A Sprig of Shamrock 
1915         The King of the Wire 
1915         On Dangerous Paths
1915         All for Old Ireland 
1915         McQuade of the Traffic Squad
1915         According to Their Lights 
1915         Sally Castleton, Southerner 
1915         The Struggle Upward
1915         Out of the Ruins 
1915         Won Through Merit 
1915         The Boston Tea Party
1915         The Glory of Clementina 
1915         To Make the Nation Prosper
1915         The Voice of the Violin 
1914         The Best Man 
1908         Saved by Love
1908         Love Will Find a Way 

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