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Noah Beery Jr. ACTOR


Noah Beery Jr. was born August 10th, 1913 in New York City, New York with the birth name Noah Lindsey Beery.  His father, Noah Beery was also an actor and Noah Beery Jr. became introduced to the industry at a young age.  In 1915, his family relocated to Los Angeles, California where his father began working in the film industry.  Noah Jr. attended Harvard Military Academy but was also able to work on a number of stage and film performances with his father.  At the age of seven he appeared in the film, "The Mark of Zorro" (1920) alongside his father.    

When he turned nineteen, Jr. was starting to slowly make an acting career for himself playing second leads in mostly western films.  He appeared in a number of films, one of his earlier roles was in the film, "The Trail Beyond" (1934) and he in known to say his favorite film he worked on was, "Red River" (1948) starring John Wayne, Montgomery Clift and Walter Brennan.
By far, Jr. is most well known for his role as, Joseph (Rocky Rockford) on the popular television series, "The Rockford Files" (1974-1980) which was ranked #45 in TV Guide's list of the "50 Greatest TV Dads of All Time".
Jr. also did a number of other television appearances such as a weekly stint as a clown in, "Circus Boy" (1956-1957) and also worked on an NBC Western series, "Riverboat" (1960) replacing Burt Reynolds in the co-starring role.  

Noah Beery Jr. married twice throughout his lifetime, first to Maxine Jones from March 30th, 1940 through November 19th, 1965.  The couple had three children.  His second marriage was to Lisa Thorman from April 9th, 1968 through his death.
Noah Beery Jr. passed away on November 1st, 1994 in Tehachapi, California from cerebral thrombosis and was buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery with his father, Noah Beery Sr. and his mother, Margarite Lindsey.  He was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to the television industry.   


1980-1986 The Love Boat 
1985 Murder, She Wrote 
1985 Trapper John, M.D.
1984 Cover Up
1983-1984 The Yellow Rose
1982 Waltz Across Texas 
1982 The Quest 
1982 The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas 
1982 Mysterious Two 
1982 The Capture of Grizzly Adams 
1982 Beyond Witch Mountain
1977-1982 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
1981 Magnum, P.I.
1981 The Big Stuffed Dog 
1981 Vega$
1981 Fantasy Island
1981 Revenge of the Gray Gang
1980 The Asphalt Cowboy 
1980 Gridlock 
1974-1980 The Rockford Files 
1979 ABC Weekend Specials
1979 Eight Is Enough
1979 Greatest Heroes of the Bible 
1978 The Bastard 
1977 The Ghost of Cypress Swamp 
1976 Francis Gary Powers: The True Story of the U-2 Spy Incident 
1974-1976 The Six Million Dollar Man
1976 Ellery Queen
1975 Walking Tall Part II
1974 Savages
1974 The Spikes Gang 
1974 Sidekicks 
1974 The Streets of San Francisco 
1974 The Waltons
1973 Police Story
1973 The Alpha Caper 
1973 Doc Elliot 
1973 Walking Tall
1972 43: The Richard Petty Story 
1972 Me and the Chimp 
1971 Alias Smith and Jones
1970 The Immortal
1966-1970 Lassie 
1966-1970 The Virginian 
1970 Little Fauss and Big Halsy 
1970 The Murdocks and the McClays
1970 Cockeyed Cowboys of Calico County 
1970 The High Chaparral 
1969 Then Came Bronson
1969 Heaven with a Gun 
1969 Lancer 
1968 Journey to Shiloh
1965-1968 Bonanza 
1967 Hondo 
1967 Combat!
1966 The Monroes
1966 Laredo
1964-1966 Gunsmoke 
1966 Incident at Phantom Hill
1965 Perry Mason
1965 Branded
19647 Faces of Dr. Lao 
1960-1964 Wagon Train 
1963 Temple Houston
1963 The Great Adventure
1963 Death Valley Days
1962 The Wide Country 
1962 Route 66
1961 Adventures in Paradise
1961 Wanted: Dead or Alive
1961 The Real McCoys
1960-1961 Riverboat 
1960 Inherit the Wind 
1960 Guns of the Timberland 
1959 G.E. True Theater 
1959 Rawhide
1958 Escort West 
1958 Studio One in Hollywood 
1956-1957 Circus Boy
1957 Climax
1957 Decision at Sundown 
1956 The Fastest Gun Alive
1956 Jubal
1956 Crossroads 
1955 Schlitz Playhouse 
1955 White Feather
1954 The Black Dakotas 
1954 The Yellow Tomahawk 
1953 War Arrow
1953 Wings of the Hawk
1953 Your Favorite Story
1953 Tropic Zone
1952 The Story of Will Rogers
1952 Wagons West
1952 The Cimarron Kid 
1951 The Texas Rangers 
1951 The Last Outpost
1950 Two Flags West
1950 Rocketship X-M
1950 The Savage Horde
1950 Davy Crockett, Indian Scout
1949 The Doolins of Oklahoma
1948 Red River
1946 The Cat Creeps
1945 The Daltons Ride Again
1945 The Crimson Canary
1945 The Beautiful Cheat
1945 The Clock
1945 See My Lawyer 
1945 Her Lucky Night 
1945 Under Western Skies 
1944 Hi, Beautiful
1944 Allergic to Love
1944 Weekend Pass
1943 'Gung Ho!': The Story of Carlson's Makin Island Raiders
1943 Corvette K-225 
1943 Top Man 
1943 Frontier Badmen 
1943 We've Never Been Licked 
1943 Prairie Chickens 
1943 Calaboose 
1942 'Neath Brooklyn Bridge
1942 Overland Mail 
1942 Dudes Are Pretty People 
1942 Hay Foot 
1941 All-American Co-Ed 
1941 Tanks a Million 
1941 Two in a Taxi 
1941 Sergeant York
1941 Riders of Death Valley
1940 A Little Bit of Heaven 
1940 The Carson City Kid 
1940 Passport to Alcatraz 
1940 20 Mule Team 
1940 The Light of Western Stars 
1939 Of Mice and Men 
1939 Glove Slingers 
1939 Parents on Trial 
1939 Flight at Midnight 
1939 Bad Lands 
1939 Only Angels Have Wings 
1938 Strange Case of Dr. Meade 
1938 Trouble at Midnight 
1938 Girls' School 
1938 Forbidden Valley 
1937 Some Blondes Are Dangerous 
1937 The Road Back 
1937 The Mighty Treve of Arizona 
1937 Squadron of Doom 
1936 Ace Drummond 
1936 Parole! 
1935 Tailspin Tommy in The Great Air Mystery 
1935 Stormy 
1935 The Call of the Savage 
1935 Devil's Canyon
1935 Five Bad Men 
1934 Tailspin Tommy 
1934 The Trail Beyond  
1934 Viva Villa!
1933 Fighting with Kit Carson
1933 The Three Musketeers 
1933 Rustlers' Roundup 
1932 The Jungle Mystery 
1932 Heroes of the West 
1930 Renegades
1930 The Big House 
1929 Gold Diggers of Broadway 
1922 Penrod 
1920 The Mark of Zorro 
1920 The Mutiny of the Elsinore 

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