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Nat Pendleton ACTOR


Nat Pendleton was born on August 9th, 1895 in Davenport, Iowa with the birth name Nathaniel Greene Pendleton, born to Adelaide E. and Nathaniel G. Pendleton.  He excelled at wrestling during high school and after graduating, went on to earn his college degree from Columbia University in 1916.  

Later, he became a Olympic wrestler earning a silver medal in the 1920 Olympic Games in Belgium.  In the early 1930's he moved into a career as an actor with many of his early career roles being un-credited.

Soon with his appearance in the film, "Horse Feathers" (1932) starring the Marx Brothers, Thelma Todd and Walter Brennan, his career began to take off.  Some of his more well known film roles included, "The Great Ziegfeld" (1936) starring William Powell, Myrna Loy, Luise Rainer, Frank Morgan, Virginia Bruce, Reginald Owen and Ray Bolger, "Trapped by Television" (1936) starring Mary Astor, Lyle Talbot, Joyce Compton and Thurston Hall "At the Circus" (1939) starring the Marx Brothers, Margaret Dumont, Eve Arden and Kenny Baker, "The Secret of Dr. Kildare" (1939) starring Lew Ayres, Lionel Barrymore, Lionel Atwill, Laraine Day and Frank Orth, "New Moon" (1940), "Buck Privates" (1941) starring Abbott and Costello with Lee Bowman, Alan Curtis, Jane Frazee and The Andrew Sisters and "Death Valley" (1946) co-starring Robert Lowery, Helen Gilbert and Sterling Holloway

His final film appearances were 1947 on, "Scared to Death" starring Bela Lugosi, George Zucco, Joyce Compton, Molly Lamont and Douglas Fowley and "Buck Privates Come Home" starring Abbott and Costello with Tom Brown, Joan Fulton, Beverly Simmons and Donald MacBride.  His only television role was his last time seen on screen in, "Schlitz Playhouse" in 1956.

He married twice throughout his lifetime, first briefly to Juanita Alfonozo and when this marriage came to an end he then wed Barbara Evelyn and they remained together until he passed away on October 12th, 1967 in San Diego, California after suffering from a heart attack. 


1956         Schlitz Playhouse 
1947         Buck Privates Come Home
1947         Scared to Death
1946         Death Valley
1943         Swing Fever
1943         Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case
1942         Dr. Gillespie's New Assistant
1942         Calling Dr. Gillespie
1942         The Mad Doctor of Market Street
1942         Jail House Blues
1941         Top Sergeant Mulligan
1941         Buck Privates
1940         Flight Command
1940         Dr. Kildare's Crisis
1940         Dr. Kildare Goes Home
1940         The Golden Fleecing
1940         New Moon
1940         Phantom Raiders
1940         Dr. Kildare's Strange Case
1940         The Ghost Comes Home
1940         Northwest Passage
1939         The Secret of Dr. Kildare
1939         Another Thin Man
1939         At the Circus
1939         On Borrowed Time
1939         6,000 Enemies
1939         It's a Wonderful World
1939         Calling Dr. Kildare
1939         Burn 'Em Up O'Connor
1938         Young Dr. Kildare
1938         The Crowd Roars
1938         The Chaser
1938         The Shopworn Angel
1938         Fast Company
1938         Arsène Lupin Returns
1938         Swing Your Lady
1937         Life Begins in College
1937         Gangway
1937         Song of the City
1937         Under Cover of Night
1936         Sing Me a Love Song
1936         Two in a Crowd
1936         The Luckiest Girl in the World
1936         Sworn Enemy
1936         Trapped by Television
1936         The Great Ziegfeld
1936         The Garden Murder Case
1935         It's in the Air
1935         Here Comes the Band
1935         Calm Yourself
1935         Murder in the Fleet
1935         Reckless
1935         Baby Face Harrington
1935         Times Square Lady
1934         The Gay Bride
1934         Death on the Diamond
1934         Straight Is the Way
1934         The Girl from Missouri
1934         The Cat's-Paw
1934         The Defense Rests
1934         The Thin Man
1934         Manhattan Melodrama
1934         Sing and Like It
1934         Lazy River
1934         Fugitive Lovers
1933         College Coach
1933         The Chief
1933         I'm No Angel
1933         Penthouse
1933         Lady for a Day
1933         Baby Face
1933         The Nuisance
1933         The White Sister
1933         Child of Manhattan
1933         Goldie Gets Along
1933         Parachute Jumper
1933         Whistling in the Dark
1932         Flesh
1932         The Sign of the Cross
1932         Deception
1932         The Night Club Lady
1932         Exposure
1932         Horse Feathers
1932         By Whose Hand?
1932         The Tenderfoot
1932         Attorney for the Defense
1932         State's Attorney
1932         Girl Crazy
1932         Play-Girl
1932         The Big Timer
1932         Hell-Fire Austin
1932         A Fool's Advice
1932         The Beast of the City
1932         Taxi!
1931         The Pottsville Palooka 
1931         Manhattan Parade
1931         The Secret Witness
1931         Blonde Crazy
1931         The Ruling Voice
1931         The Spirit of Notre Dame
1931         The Star Witness
1931         Mr. Lemon of Orange
1931         Fair Warning
1931         Seas Beneath
1930         Crazy House
1930         The Sea Wolf
1930         The Last of the Duanes
1930         La grande mare
1930         The Big Pond
1929         The Laughing Lady
1926         Let's Get Married
1924         Monsieur Beaucaire
1924         The Hoosier Schoolmaster
1913         The Battle of Gettysburg  

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