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Miles Mander ACTOR


Miles Mander was born on May 14th, 1888 in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire in England with the birth name Lionel Mander.  He received his early years education at Harrow School and Loretto School.  Later he also attended McGill University in Montreal. 

Originally he worked in New Zealand farming sheep, but later pursued a career as a novelist, playwright and actor.  He also served in the Royal Army Service Corps during World War I.

He is most remembered for his role in the film, "The Three Musketeers" (1939) starring Walter Abel, Ian Keith, Margot Grahame, John Qualen, Rosamond Pinchot, Onslow Stevens, Heather Angel, Nigel De Brulier, Lumsden Hare, Moroni Olsen and Ralph Forbes and Paul Lukas, which he appeared in three of the films portraying a different character each time, King Louis XIII, Cardinal Richelieu and Aramis.   

Over the course of his career other film credits he added to his resume included, "The First Born" (1928) with John Loder and Madeleine Carroll, "The Private Life of Henry VIII" (1933) starring alongside Charles Laughton, Merle Oberon, Elsa Lanchester, Robert Donat, Binnie Barnes, Laurence Hanray, John Loder, Everley Gregg and Franklin Dyall, "Wuthering Heights" (1939) starring Merle Oberon, Laurence Olivier, David Niven, Donald Crisp, Cecil Kellaway, Flora Robson, Leo G. Carroll, Hugh Williams and Geraldine Fitzgerald, "Adventures of Don Quixote" (1933) starring Feodor Chaliapin, George Robey, Frank Stanmore, Oscar Asche and Emily Fitzroy, "The Little Princess" (1939) starring Shirley Temple, Richard Greene, Arthur Treacher, Ian Hunter, Anita Louise and Cesar Romero, "Daredevils of the Red Circle" (1939) starring Charles Quigley, Herman Brix, David Sharpe, Carole Landis, C. Montague Shaw, George Chesebro, Raymond Bailey, Fred 'Snowflake' Toones and Charles Middleton, "To Be or Not to Be" (1942) starring Carole Lombard, Jack Benny, Robert Stack, Felix Bressart, Lionel Atwill, Stanley Ridges and Sig Ruman, "A Tragedy at Midnight" (1942) with John Howard, Margaret Lindsay and Roscoe Karns, "Apache Trail" (1942) starring Lloyd Nolan, Donna Reed, Ann Ayars, Ray Teal, Grant Withers, John Forrest 'Fuzzy' Knight, William Lundigan, Connie Gilchrist, Chill Wills, "Lucky Jordan" (1942) with Alan Ladd, Helen Walker, Sheldon Leonard, Mabel Paige, Lloyd Corrigan and Clem Bevans, "The Scarlet Claw" (1944) starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce, "Confidential Agent" (1945) starring Charles Boyer and Lauren Bacall, Peter Lorre, Wanda Hendrix, George Zucco, Katina Paxinou, Ian Wolfe and Victor Francen and his final film role in 1947, "The Imperfect Lady" starring Ray Milland, Teresa Wright, Cedric Hardwicke, Virginia Field, Anthony Quinn, Reginald Owen, Rhys Williams, Melville Cooper and George Zucco.
Miles Mander married twice, first to an Indian Princess, Prativa Devi.  He then married Kathren Bunty and they had one son together and remained married until he passed away from a heart attack on February 8th, 1946 in Hollywood, California at the age of fifty seven.   


1947         The Imperfect Lady
1946         The Walls Came Tumbling Down
1946         The Bandit of Sherwood Forest
1945         Confidential Agent
1945         Week-End at the Waldorf
1945         The Crime Doctor's Warning
1945         The Brighton Strangler
1945         Watchtower Over Tomorrow
1945         The Picture of Dorian Gray
1944         Murder, My Sweet
1944         Enter Arsene Lupin
1944         The Pearl of Death
1944         The Scarlet Claw
1944         The White Cliffs of Dover
1944         The Story of Dr. Wassell
1944         Four Jills in a Jeep
1944         The Return of the Vampire
1943         Madame Curie
1943         Guadalcanal Diary
1943         Phantom of the Opera
1943         First Comes Courage
1943         Five Graves to Cairo
1943         Assignment in Brittan
1942         Secrets of the Underground
1942         Journey for Margaret
1942         Apache Trail
1942         Somewhere I'll Find You
1942         The War Against Mrs. Hadley
1942         Mrs. Miniver
1942         Tarzan's New York Adventure
1942         This Above All
1942         Fingers at the Window
1942         To Be or Not to Be
1942         Captains of the Clouds
1942         A Tragedy at Midnight
1942         Fly-By-Night
1941         Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day
1941         They Met in Bombay
1941         That Hamilton Woman
1941         Shadows on the Stairs
1941         Free and Easy
1940         South of Suez
1940         Captain Caution
1940         Babies for Sale
1940         Primrose Path
1940         Road to Singapore
1940         The House of the Seven Gables
1940         Laddie
1940         The Earl of Chicago
1939         Tower of London
1939         Stanley and Livingstone
1939         The Man in the Iron Mask
1939         Daredevils of the Red Circle
1939         Wuthering Heights
1939         The Little Princess
1939         The Three Musketeers
1938         Suez
1938         The Mad Miss Manton
1938         Kidnapped
1937         Youth on Parol
1937         Wake Up and Live
1937         Slave Ship
1936         Lloyd's of London
1935         The Three Musketeers
1935         Here's to Romance
1935         Death Drives Through
1934         The Case for the Crown
1934         Thunder in the East
1934         The Four Masked Men
1933         The Private Life of Henry VIII 
1933         Loyalties
1933         Don Quixote
1933         Bitter Sweet
1933         Matinee Idol
1932         That Night in London
1932         Lily Christine
1932         Sherlock Holmes and the Missing Rembrandt
1932         Frail Women
1931         Mary
1930         Murder!
1930         Loose Ends
1929         The Crooked Billet
1929         Perjury
1928         The First Born
1928         Balaclava
1928         The Physician
1928         Der Faschingsk√∂nig
1928         Jokeren
1928         Doctors' Women
1927         The Fake
1927         Tiptoes
1927         As We Lie
1926         London Love
1926         Riding for a King
1925         The Pleasure Garden
1925         The Lady in Furs
1925         The Painted Lady
1924         Dangerous Virtue
1924         Lovers in Araby
1922         Half a Truth
1922         Open Country
1921         The Road to London
1921         A Scandal in Bohemia 
1921         The Place of Honour
1920         Testimony
1920         The Old Arm Chair
1920         The Rank Outsider
1920         The Temporary Lady   

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