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Mickey Shaughnessy ACTOR


Mickey Shaughnessy was born on August 5th, 1920 in New York City, New York with the birth name Joseph Michael Shaughnessy.  He began with performing in the Catskills Mountains at the resort and realized his love for acting at this time.
He later became most well known for his role portraying Elvis Presley's fellow prison buddy and mentor in the film, "Jailhouse Rock" (1957).  After high school he first joined the Army during World War II and then began to perform his comedy act in a number of nightclubs.
In the early 50's, he began to work in the film industry appearing on such features as, "The Marrying Kind" (1952) strring Aldo Ray, Judy Holliday and Charles Bronson, "From Here to Eternity" (1953) starring Frank Sinatra, Burt Lancaster, Deborah Kerr, Montgomery Clift, Donna Reed and Jack Warden, "Until They Sail" (1957) starring Jean Simmons, Joan Fontaine, Paul Newman and Piper Laurie, "Designing Woman" (1957) starring Gregory Peck, Lauren Bacall, Chuck Connors and Dolores Gray, "The Sheepman" (1958) starring Glenn Ford, Shirley MacLaine and Leslie Nielsen, "Don't Give Up on the Ship" (1959) and "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" (1960).
As his career progressed he began to add more prominent roles to his resume appearing in, "North to Alaska" (1960) starring John Wayne, Stewart Granger, Fabian Forte, Ernie Kovacs and Capucine, "Sex Kittens Go to College" (1960) starring Mamie Van Doren, Tuesday Weld, John Carradine and Jackie Coogan, "Dondi" (1961) starring David Janssen and Patti Page, "Pocketful of Miracles" (1961) starring Glenn Ford, Bette Davis, Hope Lange and Arthur O'Connell, "A House is Not a Home" (1964) starring Shelley Winters, "Never a Dull Moment" (1968) and his final film role, "Primal Scream" which was released after his death in 1987.
Along with film he made quite a name for himself in the television industry adding appearances on such series as, "The Chicago Teddybears", "Vacation Playhouse", "Going My Way", "Run for Your Life", "The Outsiders" and "Love, American Style".
Mickey Shaughnessy passed away at the age of sixty five on July 23rd, 1985 in Cape May Court House, New Jersey after suffering from lung cancer. 

1987   Primal Scream

1971-1972  Love, American Style

1971   Doctor's Honeymoon/Love and the Motel Mixup … Harry (segment "Love and the Doctor's Honeymoon")
1971   The Chicago Teddy Bears

1971   Alias Smith and Jones

1970   The Boatniks
1967-1969  Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color

1969   The Outsider 

1969   St. Patrick's Day TV Special 

1969   Vernon's Volunteers

1968   Never a Dull Moment
1967   Run for Your Life

1966   The Legend of Jesse James 

1965   Laredo 
1964   A House Is Not a Home 

1964   A Global Affair 

1963   Mickey and the Contessa 
1963   Vacation Playhouse 

1963   Going My Way 

1962   How the West Was Won
1962   The Virginian 

1962   Maverick 

1961   Pocketful of Miracles
1961   The McGonigle

1961   King of the Roaring 20's: The Story of Arnold Rothstein 
1961   Dondi 

1960   The Untouchables 

1960   North to Alaska 
1960   Sex Kittens Go to College 

1960   College Confidential

1960   The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 
1960   Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond 

1959   Edge of Eternity 

1959   Don't Give Up the Ship 
1959   Ask Any Girl 

1959   The Hangman

1958   A Nice Little Bank That Should Be Robbed
1958   Gunman's Walk 

1958   The Sheepman 

1957   Don't Go Near the Water 
1957   Jailhouse Rock

1957   Until They Sail 

1957   Slaughter on Tenth Avenue 
1957   Kraft Theatre

1957   The Burglar 

1957   Designing Woman
1955   The Elgin Hour

1955   Conquest of Space

1953   From Here to Eternity
1953   Last of the Comanches

1952   The Marrying Kin

Matinee Classics - Sex Kittens Go To College starring Mamie Van Doren, Tuesday Weld, Mijanou Bardot, John Carradine, Jackie Coogan, Babe London, Pamela Mason, Martin Milner, Louis Nye, Mickey Shaughnessy, Conway Twitty and Vampira
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