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Merle Oberon ACTOR


Merle Oberon was born on February 19th, 1911 in India with the birth name Estelle Merle Thompson.  She received her school in India until she turned seventeen years old.  She then relocated to live in London, England.

She began her career as an actress working on British films in very small un credited parts.  It was for many years that she continued to make a living working on these small films and taking on small roles until finally, she was spotted and some in the industry felt that she had a talent and could become well known in the industry.
After may years in the industry, she received a decent role portraying the character, Ysobel d'Aunay in the film, "Men of Tomorrow" (1933).  This role followed with another decent film, "The Private Life on Henry VIII" (1933) and then, "The Scarlet Pimpernel" (1934) portraying Lady Marguerite Blakeney.
Hollywood was now really beginning to take notice of her and she decided to relocate and see if she could make it as a Hollywood actress.  It was her role in, "Dark Angel" (1935) in which she was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress that boost her stardom in the United States as well as in Britain.
She was now being cast in top rated films such as, "These Three" (1936), "Over the Moon" (1939) and "The Divorce of Lady X" (1938).  By far, Oberon's most well known film was in the role of, Cathy Linton in, "Wuthering Heights" (1939).  Up until the early 40's, Oberon had been known as, "Queenie Thompson", but finally changed her name at the request of her current husband.  
She had finally reached the appreciation and level of stardom she had always dreamed of achieving.  The 1940's were just as good to her with an entire decade and a total of fifteen film roles such as, "Forever and a Day" (1943), "A Song to Remember" (1945) and "Temptation" (1946).  After she appeared in the film, "Berlin Express" (1948) she was not seen on screen for a total of four years.
As time progressed, she would continue to work but her appearances became less and less.  Merle was in the film, "Pardon My French" (1951), then disappeared from the screen for a while before appearing in the film, "Desiree" (1954).
Oberon did find work occasionally in television as well, as a host for the series, "Assignment Foreign Legion" (1956) and making her final film appearance on, "Interval" (1973).  
She finally retired from acting and moved to a retirement community in Malibu, California.  On November 23rd, 1979, Oberon passed away from a stroke at the age of sixty eight.  She is interred at Forest Lawn Memorial cemetery in Glendale, California. 
Throughout her lifetime, she married four times.  First to Alexander Korda from 1939 through 1945 and it was this husband that had her change her stage name. She then married, Lucien Ballard from 1945 through 1949.  Her third marriage was to Bruno Pagliai from 1957 through 1973 in which they had adopted two children during their time together, Francesca and Bruno.  Oberon's final marriage was to Robery Wolders from January 31st, 1975 sand the couple remained together until she passed away.     

1973   Interval 
1967   Hotel 
1963   Of Love and Desire 
1957   G.E. True Theater
1956-1957  Assignment Foreign Legion
1956   The Price of Fear 
1955   The Loretta Young Show 
1955   The 20th Century-Fox Hour
1953-1955  Four Star Playhouse
1953-1955  The Ford Television Theatre
1954   Deep in My Heart
1954   Desirée
1954   The Best of Broadway
1954   Todo es posible en Granada 
1953   Schlitz Playhouse
1952   Affair in Monte Carlo 
1952   Dans la vie tout s'arrange 
1951   Pardon My French 
1948   Berlin Express 
1947   Night Song 
1946   Temptation 
1946   Night in Paradise 
1945   This Love of Ours
1945   A Song to Remember 
1944   Dark Waters
1944   The Lodger 
1943   First Comes Courage 
1943   Forever and a Day 
1941   Lydia
1941   Affectionately Yours 
1941   That Uncertain Feeling 
1940   'Til We Meet Again
1939   The Lion Has Wings 
1939   Wuthering Heights
1939   Over the Moon 
1938   The Cowboy and the Lady 
1938   The Divorce of Lady X
1937   I, Claudius 
1936   Beloved Enemy 
1936   These Three
1935   The Dark Angel  
1935   Folies Bergère de Paris
1934   The Scarlet Pimpernel 
1934   Vagabond Violinist 
1934   The Private Life of Don Juan  
1934   Thunder in the East 
1933   The Private Life of Henry VIII 
1933   Strange Evidence 
1932   For the Love of Mike 
1932   Wedding Rehearsal 
1932   Men of Tomorrow 
1932   Aren't We All? 
1932   Ebb Tide 
1932   Reserved for Ladies
1931   Fascination 
1931   Never Trouble Trouble
1930   A Warm Corner 
1930   Alf's Button 
1930   The W Plan 
1929   The Three Passions 

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