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Max 'Alibi' Terhune ACTOR


Max 'Alibi' Terhune was born on February 12th, 1891 in Anderson, Indiana.  As a young boy he enjoyed entertaining his family and friends with impersonations of barn animals and soon joined vaudeville and then a musical touring group called, the Hoosier Hotshots.
He took a brief break from entertaining to work as a tool maker but then decided he preferred being on stage performing and so he returned to entertaining.  He worked with the Weaver Brothers and became the master of ceremonies of radio's WLS Barn Dance.  It was during this experience that he met Gene Autry and after four years of working together, Max relocated to Hollywood.    
Max soon was making his film debut in, "Ranger, Ride" (1936).  He was well received in Hollywood for his many talents as a magician, juggler, whistler, impressionist and most well received, as a ventriloquist.
Some of his other film roles to follow were in features such as the, "Three Mesquiteer" series for which he played the part of 'Lullaby' in twenty one films total.  He then moved on to another very popular series of pictures, "Range Buster" movies for which he starred in a total of twenty four.
Once he slowed down and began to move from film roles to television roles he made appearance on such shows as, "Ramar of the Jungle" (1952) and "I Love Lucy" (1954).  He also did a scene in the film, "The King of Four Queens" (1956) where he doubled, Clark Gable's hands for a close up card scene.
Max Terhune was listed as one of the 'top ten' money-making western film stars from 1937-1939. 

He married only one time to Maude Cassidy in 1922 and they had three children together, Doris, Roltaire and Robert.  They remained married until he passed away on June 5th, 1973 in Los Angeles, California from a heart attack and a stroke.    


1956 Giant
1954 Annie Oakley
1954 I Love Lucy 
1953 Ramar of the Jungle 
1951 Jim Thorpe All-American 
1951 Rawhide
1950 The Lone Ranger 
1949 Square Dance Jubilee 
1949 Western Renegades
1949 Range Justice
1949 West of El Dorado 
1949 Trails End
1949 Law of the West 
1948 Hidden Danger
1948 Gunning for Justice
1948 The Sheriff of Medicine Bow
1947 Along the Oregon Trail
1946 Swing, Cowboy, Swing
1944 Harmony Trail
1944 Sheriff of Sundown 
1944 Cowboy Canteen 
1943 Bullets and Saddles 
1943 Black Market Rustlers 
1943 Cowboy Commandos 
1943 Land of Hunted Men
1943 Haunted Ranch 
1943 Two Fisted Justice 
1942 Trail Riders 
1942 Texas to Bataan 
1942 Arizona Stage Coach 
1942 Texas Trouble Shooters 
1942 Boot Hill Bandits
1942 Rock River Renegades
1942 Thunder River Feud
1941 Underground Rustlers
1941 Tonto Basin Outlaws
1941 Saddle Mountain Roundup
1941 Fugitive Valley
1941 Wrangler's Roost
1941 Tumbledown Ranch in Arizona
1941 The Kid's Last Ride 
1941 The Trail of the Silver Spurs 
1940 West of Pinto Basin 
1940 Trailing Double Trouble 
1940 The Range Busters 
1939 Three Texas Steers
1939 Man of Conquest 
1939 The Night Riders 
1938 Red River Range 
1938 Santa Fe Stampede
1938 Overland Stage Raiders 
1938 Pals of the Saddle
1938 Heroes of the Hills 
1938 Riders of the Black Hills
1938 Ladies in Distress 
1938 Outlaws of Sonora 
1938 Call the Mesquiteers 
1938 The Purple Vigilantes 
1937 Mama Runs Wild 
1937 Wild Horse Rodeo 
1937 The Trigger Trio 
1937 Boots and Saddles 
1937 Heart of the Rockies 
1937 Range Defenders 
1937 Come on, Cowboys 
1937 Gunsmoke Ranch 
1937 Hit Parade of 1937 
1937 Hit the Saddle 
1937 Riders of the Whistling Skull 
1936 Roarin' Lead 
1936 The Big Show 
1936 Ghost-Town Gold 

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