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Mary Tyler Moore ACTOR


Mary Tyler Moore was born on December 29th, 1936 in Brooklyn, New York and was the oldest of three siblings.  When she was eight year old her family relocated to Los Angeles, California but her childhood was troubled due in part to her mothers addiction to alcoholism.
Moore attended a Catholic High School and in 1995, immediately after graduating she chose to marry Richard Meeker with whom she had her one only child with soon after, Richie.  Also that same year, Moore who had already developed an interest in dancing was given her first break into show business as a dancing kitchen appliance in a commercial for happy Hotpoint. 
This was her first introduction to acting and she decided it was an industry she wanted to pursue.   She began with being cast in a variety of television appearances as guest roles on, "The Eddie Fisher Show" (1957) and "Schiltz Playhouse" (1959).  She soon received a recurring role as the character, Sam on the series, "Richard Diamond, Private Detective" (1959).
When Moore was cast in what became two of the most popular comedies in television history, "The Dick Van Dyke Show" (1961) first in which she won a number of Emmy's for her portrayal of Laura Petrie, the wife of star, Dick Van Dyke.  This role was soon followed by a number of film roles and then her next major it, "Mary Tyler Moore" (1970) which was a major commercial success and was part of CBS's Saturday night line up.
In 1977, the show came to an end still being regarded today as one of the finest American television shows in history.  She had a hard time getting back into the industry without being typecast in her television known character, however she did get a chance to show that she was capable of portraying a variety of characters.  Moore was cast in the film, "Ordinary People" (1980), "Finnegan Begin Again" (1985) which was a television movie and "Stolen Babies" (1993) also a television movie which she played a baby smuggler and for which she won her sixth Emmy Award.
Along with a film career and highly successful television career, she also performed on Broadway and won a Tony Award for her role in, "Whose Life Is It Anyway?".  Her acting career continues with some of her latest roles being in, "Lipstick Jungle" (2008), "Against the Current" (2009) and "Hot in Cleveland" (2011).
She has had a very prosperous career, however her personal life has been full of ups and downs.  Both her siblings passed away before her.  Her sister, Elizabeth died of a drug overdose and her brother from cancer.  She also lost her only son, Richie in 1980 to an accidental gun going off.   

Mary has married a total of three times, after she divorced her first husband she then married Grant Tinker from 1962 through 1982.  Her third and final marriage was to a physician Robert Levine in 1983 and they are still together today.  

Moore is a vegetarian and has always been a supporter of animal rights.  She currently lives with her husband in Upstate New York.   She was honored in 1992 with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  She is for the most part retired today as she suffers from diabetes and it has caused her vision to decline.  She has also had to give up other hobbies she enjoys such as horse back riding and ballet.  She has just recently undergone surgery in 2011 to remove a brain tumor.     


2011 Hot in Cleveland
2009 Against the Current 
2008 Lipstick Jungle
2006 That '70s Show
2005 Snow Wonder 
2004 The Dick Van Dyke Show Revisited
2003 Blessings
2003 The Gin Game
2002 Miss Lettie and Me 
2002 Cheats
2001 The Ellen Show
2001 Like Mother Like Son: The Strange Story of Sante and Kenny Kimes 
2000 Labor Pains
2000 Mary and Rhoda
2000 Good as Gold 
1999 King of the Hill
1997 The Naked Truth
1997 Payback 
1996 How the Toys Saved Christmas
1996 Keys to Tulsa 
1996 Flirting with Disaster 
1996 Stolen Memories: Secrets from the Rose Garden 
1995 New York News 
1994 Frasier
1993 Stolen Babies 
1990 Thanksgiving Day 
1990 The Last Best Year 
1988-1989 Annie McGuire
1988 Lincoln 
1985-1986 Mary
1986 Just Between Friends 
1985 Finnegan Begin Again 
1984 Heartsounds 
1982 Six Weeks 
1980 Ordinary People 
1979 The Mary Tyler Moore Hour 
1978 First, You Cry 
1978 Mary 
1970-1977 Mary Tyler Moore
1974-1977 Rhoda
1975-1976 Phyllis 
1976 Mary's Incredible Dream 
1974 We the Women 
1969 Run a Crooked Mile 
1969 Change of Habit 
1968 Don't Just Stand There! 
1968 What's So Bad About Feeling Good? 
1967 Thoroughly Modern Millie 
1961-1966 The Dick Van Dyke Show
1960-1962 Thriller 
1962 Straightaway 
1961 X-15
1960-1961 Hawaiian Eye 
1961 Lock Up 
1961 Surfside 6
1961 The Aquanauts
1960 The Deputy
1960 Bachelor Father
1959-1960 Riverboat
1960 Wanted: Dead or Alive
1960 Checkmate
1960 The Tab Hunter Show
1960 The Millionaire
1959-1960 77 Sunset Strip
1960 Overland Trail 
1960 Johnny Staccato
1959 Bourbon Street Beat
1959 Bronco 
1959 Richard Diamond, Private Detective
1959 Steve Canyon
1959 Schlitz Playhouse
1958 Once Upon a Horse...
1957 The Eddie Fisher Show 

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