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Marion Davies ACTOR


Marion Davies was born on January 3rd, 1897 in Brooklyn, New York with the birth name Marion Cecelia Douras and was the youngest of five children. As a young girl she always admired watching her older sisters performing on stage and wanted to be just like them.  As she grew older she was a cast in a couple of school plays and very much enjoyed being on stage.
When she completed her education she found work as a chorus girl in the, Pony Follies and soon became a member of the Ziegfeld Follies.  She had goals of pursuing a career as an actress and was soon able to get cast in films.  Her film debut was in, "Runaway, Romany" (1917) which she actually wrote and her brother-in-law directed. This lead to more film roles in, "The Burden of Proof" (1918), "Cecilia of the Pink Roses" (1918), "The Cinema Murder" (1919) and "When Knighthood Was in Flower" (1922).
As the film era progressed from silent films to sound, Marion worried her stutter might cause an issue but it did just the opposite and she had no problem transitioning into the sound era of film making. Two of her better pieces of work were on the films, "Not So Dumb" (1930) and "The Florodora Girl" (1930).  Some of her mid 30's films that were mostly comedies and musicals were, "The Bachelor Father" (1931), "Polly of the Circus" (1932), "Peg o' My Heart" (1933), "Going Hollywood" (1933) and "Operator 13" (1934).  Her career did begin to decline quite soon after she was making her name for herself.  Her final film role was in 1937 in the film, "Ever Since Eve".

After her career declined Marion turned to alcohol to relieve her pain and passed away way before her time at the age of sixty four on September 22nd, 1961 in Los Angeles, California after suffering from cancer of the jaw.
She married only one time to Horace Brown at the age of fifty four and they remained together until her death.  It was not a happy marriage and he encouraged her drinking, however even though she tried to file for divorce twice, neither were ever granted by Horace. Prior to her first marriage she was actually the mistress to William Randolph Heart for over 30 years.  His current wife resided in New York and she would live with him in California.
Marion Davies was known as one of the best comedic actresses of the 1930's and also was very involved in a number of charities such as a children's clinic that is still operating today and also fought childhood diseases through the Marion Davies Foundation.  She also worked as a production manager at Cosmopolitan Pictures.  She is interred at Hollywood Memorial Cemetery in Hollywood, California.


1937 Ever Since Eve
1936 Cain and Mabel
1936 Hearts Divided
1935 Page Miss Glory
1934 Operator 13
1933 Going Hollywood
1933 Peg o' My Heart
1932 Blondie of the Follies
1932 Polly of the Circus
1931 Five and Ten
1931 It's a Wise Child
1931 The Bachelor Father
1930 The Florodora Girl
1930 Not So Dumb
1929 Marianne
1929 Marianne
1928 Show People
1928 The Cardboard Lover
1928 The Patsy
1928 The Five O'Clock Girl
1927 Quality Street
1927 The Fair Co-Ed
1927 Tillie the Toiler
1927 The Red Mill
1926 Beverly of Graustark
1925 Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ
1925 Lights of Old Broadway
1925 Zander the Great
1924 Janice Meredith
1924 Yolanda
1923 Little Old New York
1923 The Pilgrim
1923 Adam and Eva
1922 When Knighthood Was in Flower
1922 The Young Diana
1922 Beauty's Worth
1922 Bride's Play
1921 Enchantment
1921 Buried Treasure
1920 The Restless Sex
1920 April Folly
1919 The Cinema Murder
1919 The Dark Star
1919 Getting Mary Married
1919 The Belle of New York
1918 The Burden of Proof
1918 Cecilia of the Pink Roses
1917 Runaway, Romany  

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Matinee Classics - Marion Davies
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