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Mari Blanchard ACTOR

Mari Blanchard was born on April 13th, 1923 in Long Beach, California with the birth name Mary E. Blanchard.  Originally, Blanchard had dreams as a young girl of pursuing a future as a dancer, however, she suffered from poliomyelitis from the age of nine and those dreams were shattered

After high school she enrolled at the University of Southern California and earned a degree in international law.  Unable to find work in that field, Blanchard went on to work as an advertising model with Conover Agency and it was this job that lead to Paramount Studios taking notice of her and signing her to an acting contract.
She began appearing in small roles in such films as, "Ten Tall Men" (1951) starring with Burt Lancaster, Jody Lawrance, Gerald Mohr, Gilbert Roland, George Tobias, Kieron Moore, Mike Mazurki, Nick Dennis, Robert Clary, Michael Pate and John Dehner, "The Unknown Man" (1951) starring Walter Pidgeon, Ann Harding, Barry Sullivan, Keefe Brasselle, Eduard Franz and Lewis Stone, "Terry and the Pirates" (1952), "Back at the Front" (1952) starring Tom Ewell and Harvey Lembeck and "The Brigand" (1952) with Anthony Dexter, Jody Lawrence, Gale Robbins, Carleton Young, Carl Benton Reid, Fay Roope, Anthony Quinn, Lester Matthews, Holmes Herbert, Walter Kingsford, Barbara Brown, Donald Randolph, Ron Randell and Ian MacDonald.  Disappointed with the direction her acting career was heading, she chose to leave Paramount and joined on with Universal Pictures. 

Soon her career began to head in the right direction and she was appearing in more substantial roles on such films as, "The Veils of Bagdad" (1953) with Victor Mature, Virginia Field, Guy Rolfe, James Arness, Glenn Strange, Howard Petrie and Nick Cravat, "Abbott and Costello Go to Mars" (1953) starring Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Jack Kruschen, Horace McMahon, Robert Paige, Joe Kirk, Anita Ekberg, Martha Hyer, Jean Willes, Renate Hoy and Harry Shearer, "Destry" (1954) starring alongside Audie Murphy, Thomas Mitchell, Lori Nelson, Lyle Bettger, Edgar Buchanan, George Wallace, Mary Wickes, Wallace Ford, Alan Hale Jr. and Mitchell Lawrence, "Black Horse Canyon" (1954) starring Joel McCrea, Race Gentry, Ewing Mitchell and Irving Bacon and "Son of Sinbad" (1955) also starring Dale Robertson, Sally Forrest, Vincent Price and Lily St. Cyr.
Sadly, when her contract came to an end with Universal, they chose not to renew.  She began doing freelance work appearing in the films, "She Devil" (1957) co-starring Jack Kelly, John Archer, Fay Baker, Paul Cavanagh and Albert Dekker, "No Place to Land" (1958) co-starring John Ireland, Gail Russell, Jackie Coogan, Burt Topper, James Macklin and Robert Middleton and "McLintock!" (1963) starring John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, Yvonne De Carlo, Patrick Wayne, Stefanie Powers, Jerry Van Dyke, Gordon Jones, Jack Kruschen, Edward Faulkner, Bruce Cabot, Strother Martin, Robert Lowery, Edgar Buchanan, Michael Pate, Perry Lopez, Chill Wills, Leo Gordon, Hank Worden, Aissa Wayne, Chuck Roberson and Bob Steele.
Film roles were becoming less available to her and therefore she turned the majority of her focus towards television work appearing on such series as, "Burke's Law", "Sugarfoot", "Climax!", "It's a Great Life", "Casablanca", "Shotgun Slade", "The Texan", "Not for Hire", "Tales of Wells Fargo", "Mr. Lucky", "Bronco", "Sea Hunt", "Rawhide", "Klondike", "77 Sunset Strip", "The Detectives" and her final role in 1968, "It Takes a Thief".

Mari Blanchard was then sadly diagnosed with cancer and retired from acting.  Just two years later she passed away on May 10th, 1970 in Woodland Hills, California at the young age of forty seven.  She left behind her second husband, Vincent Conti.  She was married once before to Reese H. Taylor Jr. briefly.


1968         It Takes a Thief 
1967         The Virginian 
1965         Burke's Law 
1964         Breaking Point
1963         McLintock!
1963         Twice-Told Tales
1962         Don't Knock the Twist
1962         Perry Mason 
1962         The Detectives
1961         77 Sunset Strip
1961         Hawaiian Eye 
1961         Gunslinger
1961         The Roaring Twenties 
1960-1961     Klondike
1959-1961     Rawhide 
1960         Sea Hunt
1960         Bronco
1960         Mr. Lucky 
1960         Laramie 
1960         Tales of Wells Fargo 
1959         Bachelor Father 
1959         Sugarfoot 
1959         Not for Hire 
1959         The Texan
1959         Shotgun Slade
1958         Machete
1958         No Place to Land
1958         Karasu
1957         The Millionaire 
1957         Jungle Heat
1957         She Devil
1956         Stagecoach to Fury
1956         The Cruel Tower
1956         Casablanca 
1956         The Ford Television Theatre 
1955         It's a Great Life 
1955         The Crooked Web
1955         The Return of Jack Slade
1955         Climax!
1955         Son of Sinbad
1954         Destry
1954         Black Horse Canyon
1954         Rails Into Laramie
1953         The Veils of Bagdad
1953         Abbott and Costello Go to Mars
1952         Back at the Front
1952         Assignment: Paris
1952         The Brigand
1952         Something to Live For
1952         Terry and the Pirates 
1951         Overland Telegraph
1951         The Unknown Man
1951         Ten Tall Men
1951         Bannerline
1951         No Questions Asked
1951         On the Riviera
1950         Mr. Music
1947         Copacabana

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