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Margaret Livingston ACTOR

Margaret Livingston was born on November 25th, 1900 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Her career in the industry began as a teenager with a number of leading roles on silent films.  Some of her early film roles included, "The Chain Invisible" (1916) starring Bruce McRae, Gerda Holmes, Alfred Hickman and Thomas McGrath, "Alimony" (1917) starring Lois Wilson, George Fisher, Josephine Whittell and Wallace Worsley and "Within the Cup" (1918) starring Bessie Barriscale, George Fisher, Edward Coxen and Aggie Herring.

As her career progressed more prominent leading roles came her way starring in, "The Parish Priest" (1920) starring William Desmond, Tom Ricketts, Carl Miller and  J. Morris Foster, "Eden and Return" (1921) with Doris May and Emmett King, "Divorce" (1923) starring alongside Jane Novak, John Bowers, James Corrigan and Edythe Chapman and "A Trip to Chinatown" (1926) co-starring Anna May Wong and Charles Farrell, Earle Foxe, Wilson Benge, Gladys McConnell, Harry Woods, George Kuwa and J. Farrell MacDonald.
When sound films came about she had no issue making the transition.  Some of her more well known roles included, "American Beauty" (1927) starring with Billie Dove, Walter McGrail, Al 'Fuzzy' St. John, Alice White, Edythe Chapman, Lucian Prival, Lloyd Hughes and Yola d'Avril, "Mad Hour" (1928) with Sally O'Neill, Alice White and Donald Reed, "His Private Life" (1928) starring Adolphe Menjou, Kathryn Carver and Eugene Pallette, "The Last Warning" (1929) with Laura La Plante, Montague Love, Roy D'Arcy and John Boles, "The Canary Murder Case" (1929) starring William Powell, James Bell, Louise Brooks and Jean Arthur "Tonight at Twelve" (1929) Madge Bellamy, Robert Ellis and Vera Reynolds, "The Lady Refuses" (1931) co-starring Betty Compson, Gilbert Emery, John Darrow, Ivan Lebedeff, Daphne Pollard and Halliwell Hobbes and her final film role in, "Social Register" (1934) starring Colleen Moore, Alexander Kirkland and Pauline Frederick.

She married only once in 1931 to Paul Whiteman a musician.  In the mid 1930's, Livingston chose to retire from the industry and published a book titled, "Whiteman's Burden".

Margaret Livingston passed away on December 13th, 1984 in Warrington, Pennsylvania.


1934         Social Register
1932         Call Her Savage
1931         Broadminded
1931         Smart Money
1931         God's Gift to Women
1931         Kiki
1931         The Lady Refuses
1930         Big Money
1930         What a Widow!
1930         For the Love o' Lil
1930         Murder on the Roof
1929         Seven Keys to Baldpate
1929         Two O'Clock in the Morning
1929         Acquitted
1929         Tonight at Twelve
1929         The Girl Who Wouldn't Wait
1929         Innocents of Paris
1929         The Charlatan
1929         The Office Scandal
1929         The Canary Murder Case
1929         Bellamy Trial
1929         The Last Warning
1928         The Apache
1928         His Private Life
1928         Beware of Bachelors
1928         Through the Breakers
1928         Say It with Sables
1928         The Way of the Strong
1928         Wheel of Chance
1928         The Scarlet Dove
1928         Mad Hour
1928         A Woman's Way
1927         Streets of Shanghai
1927         The American Beauty
1927         Sunrise
1927         The Girl from Gay Paree
1927         Married Alive
1927         Lightning
1927         Secret Studio
1927         Slaves of Beauty
1926         Breed of the Sea
1926         Womanpower
1926         The Blue Eagle
1926         A Trip to Chinatown
1926         Hell's Four Hundred
1926         The Yankee SeƱor
1925         Wages for Wives
1925         When the Door Opened
1925         The Best People
1925         After Marriage
1925         Havoc
1925         The Wheel
1925         Greater Than a Crown
1925         I'll Show You the Town
1925         Up the Ladder
1925         Capital Punishment
1924         The Chorus Lady
1924         Butterfly
1924         Her Marriage Vow
1924         Wandering Husbands
1924         Love's Whirlpool
1923         Divorce
1923         The Social Buccaneer
1921         Eden and Return
1921         Passing Through
1921         Colorado Pluck
1921         The Home Stretch
1921         Lying Lips
1920         The Parish Priest
1920         The Brute Master
1920         Hairpins
1920         Water, Water, Everywhere
1920         What's Your Husband Doing?
1919         Haunting Shadows
1919         All Wrong
1919         The Busher
1918         Within the Cup
1917         Alimony
1916         The Chain Invisible

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