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Mack Sennett ACTOR


Mack Sennett was born on January 17th, 1880 in Richmond, Québec, Canada with the birth name Michael Sinnott.  Both of his parents were Irish immigrants. His father worked as a blacksmith. When he was seventeen years old his family relocated to East Berlin, Connecticut.  He found employment as a laborer at American Iron Works.  His family soon relocated again to North Hampton, Massachusetts and there, Sennett met Marie Dressler.  She was the one that convinced him to try for a career in acting.
Sennett relocated to New York City and found some small bit burlesque and chorus parts.  In 1908 he had the chance to act in some Biograph films for about three years. According to "The History of Sherlock Holmes", Sennett played the part of Sherlock Holmes in 11 films from 1911 to 1913.

Soon he became involved as a director and actually opened his own production company, Keystone with financial help from a man named Adam Kessel and Charles O. Bauman who were with the New York Motion Picture Company.  He directed some famous actors such as Charles Chaplin, Mabel Normand and Al 'Fuzzy' St. John amongst others.
In 1915 along with a man named D.W. Griffith and Thomas H Ince, the three formed another production company called Triangle films.  Comedy was making the move from slapstick comedy to scripted versions.  In 1917 Mack Sennett Comedies was formed.  Mack was producing short films and even some feature films.
Entering into the 1920's he was working with some very talented actors such as Billy Bevan, Andy Clyde and Ben Turpin.  Many of his films were inherited by Warner Brothers but they made changes such as adding music and in the end many of Sennett's original shorts were lost and are no longer available to be viewed.
Soon Sennett moved over to Pathé distribution, but this company did many things wrong especially when Sennett's films were compeating with his top competitor, Hal Roach.  MGM signed with Roach and made it even more difficult for Sennett along with pathe to be successful.
When sound films were coming into the new era, Sennett made an reasonable easy transition working alongside Earle Hammons's Educational Pictures.  Sennett was beginnning to experiment with color film and he was the first to produce a short talkie in 1928.  Sennett was nominated in 1932 for the Academy Award for Live Action Short Film for producing, "The Loud Mouth" and also won in the novelty division for his film, "Wrestling Swordfish".
Sennett was having great success with his short comedies and his products were being picked up by Paramount Pictures.  Sadly when the great depression hit, Sennett's studio did not survive through it and was forced into bankruptsy in 1933.
Sennett's final work was directing Buster Keaton in, "The Timid Young Man" and Joan Davis in, "Way Up Thar" (both 1935).  At the age of fifty five, Mack Sennett entered semi retirement having over his career lifetime produced over 1000 silent films and a coupel dozen talkies. 

There were rumors that Sennett would come out of retirement and produce more films, but that never happened.  He did however, return to the screen as an actor in, "Hollywood Cavalcade" (1939).  Sennett also appeared in, "Down Memory Lane" (1949).
Mack Sennett passed away on November 5th, 1960 in Woodland Hills, California at the age of eighty.  He was interred in the Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, California.  Mack Sennett was awarded a special Oscar in 1937 to, "The master of fun, discoverer of the stars" for his lasting contribution to the technique of comedy on the screen.               

1925   Giddap
1924   Flickering Youth  
1922   Oh, Mabel Behave  
1916   The Judge
1916   The Snow Cure
1915   Stolen Magic  
1915   My Valet
1915   The Little Teacher
1915   Hearts and Planets
1914   His Talented Wife 
1914   Mabel's Latest Prank
1914   A New York Girl
1914   The Property Man
1914   Mabel's Busy Day
1914   The Knockout
1914   The Fatal Mallet
1914   A Busy Da
1914   Mabel at the Wheel
1914   Mack at It Again 
1914   Mabel's Bare Escape
1914   Too Many Brides
1913   Love Sickness at Sea
1913   A Healthy Neighborhood
1913   Mabel's Dramatic Career
1913   The Firebugs
1913   Rastus and the Game Cock 
1913   His Crooked Career
1913   Peeping Pete
1913   The Hansom Driver
1913   Barney Oldfield's Race for a Life 
1913   Their First Execution
1913   Mabel's Awful Mistake
1913   His Ups and Downs 
1913   Murphy's I.O.U. 
1913   Those Good Old Days
1913   Her New Beau 
1913   At Twelve O'Clock 
1913   The Rube and the Baron 
1913   A Strong Revenge 
1913   The Sleuths at the Floral Parade 
1913   The Sleuth's Last Stand 
1913   A Landlord's Troubles
1913   Mabel's Heroes
1913   The Jealous Waiter
1913   The Stolen Purse
1913   The Battle of Who Run
1913   The Elite Ball
1913   The Mistaken Masher
1913   How Hiram Won Out
1912   I The Duel
1912   Hoffmeyer's Legacy
1912   A Family Mixup 
1912   The New York Hat
1912   Pat's Day Off
1912   A Bear Escape
1912   Mr. Fix-It 
1912   I The Rivals
1912   A Temperamental Husband
1912   The Deacon's Troubles
1912   At It Again
1912   At Coney Island
1912   Ambitious Butler 
1912   The Flirting Husband
1912   Pedro's Dilemma
1912   Riley and Schultz 
1912   The New Neighbor 
1912   Cohen Collects a Debt 
1912   The Water Nymph
1912   The Tourists 
1912   What the Doctor Ordered
1912   The Would-Be Shriner
1912   The Speed Demon
1912   Man's Genesis 
1912   The New Baby 
1912   Tomboy Bessie 
1912   Helen's Marriage 
1912   The Furs  
1912   The Brave Hunter  
1912   Their First Kidnapping Case  
1912   Those Hicksville Boys  
1912   Hot Stuff  
1912   A Spanish Dilemma
1912   A String of Pearls  
1912   A Message from the Moon 
1912   The Fatal Chocolate
1912   Did Mother Get Her Wish?
1911   I Caught with the Goods
1911   Their First Divorce Case
1911   Through His Wife's Picture
1911   Trailing the Counterfeiter
1911   Mr. Bragg, a Fugitive  
1911   Too Many Burglars
1911   The Village Hero
1911   The $500 Reward
1911   That Dare Devil
1911   Mr. Peck Goes Calling
1911   The Beautiful Voice  
1911   The Ghost
1911   Bearded Youth
1911   Dutch Gold Mine
1911   The White Rose of the Wilds  
1911   The Manicure Lady
1911   The New Dress
1911   The Country Lovers
1911   Cupid's Joke
1911   Misplaced Jealousy
1911   Paradise Lost
1911   The Spanish Gypsy
1911   Cured
1911   I Comrades
1911   A Decree of Destiny 
1911   His Daughter
1911   Fisher Folks 
1911   Priscilla's Engagement Ring 
1911   Three Sisters
1911   His Trust Fulfilled 
1911   His Trust
1911   The Italian Barber 
1910   After the Ball
1910   His Wife's Sweethearts
1910   Happy Jack, a Hero
1910   Effecting a Cure
1910   Not So Bad as It Seemed 
1910   The Song of the Wildwood Flute 
1910   Love in Quarantine 
1910   The Passing of a Grouch
1910   The Broken Doll 
1910   A Lucky Toothache 
1910   The Masher 
1910   A Gold Necklace 
1910   The Iconoclast 
1910   Examination Day at School 
1910   A Summer Tragedy 
1910   A Mohawk's Way
1910   Little Angels of Luck 
1910   Muggsy Becomes a Hero 
1910   The Affair of an Egg
1910   The Modern Prodigal
1910   Wilful Peggy
1910   When We Were in Our Teens  
1910   I The Usurer 
1910   A Salutary Lesson 
1910   Her Father's Pride 
1910   An Arcadian Maid 
1910   The Call to Arms
1910   As the Bells Rang Out! 
1910   Serious Sixteen 
1910   A Flash of Light 
1910   I A Child's Faith 
1910   What the Daisy Said
1910   A Midnight Cupid 
1910   A Child's Impulse 
1910   The Marked Time-Table 
1910   I Never Again
1910   The Face at the Window
1910   In the Border States 
1910   A Victim of Jealousy 
1910   The Purgation
1910   In the Season of Buds 
1910   A Knot in the Plot
1910   Ramona
1910   An Affair of Hearts 
1910   Over Silent Paths  
1910   Love Among the Roses
1910   The Gold Seekers
1910   Up a Tree 
1910   The Way of the World 
1910   A Rich Revenge 
1910   As It Is in Life
1910   I The Two Brothers 
1910   Gold Is Not All 
1910   The Twisted Trail
1910   Faithful 
1910   The Love of Lady Irma
1910   The Converts 
1910   In Old California 
1910   The Thread of Destiny 
1910   The Newlyweds
1910   Taming a Husband 
1910   The Englishman and the Girl 
1910   One Night, and Then -- 
1910   The Woman from Mellon's 
1910   The Cloister's Touch
1910   The Last Deal 
1910   The Call
1910   All on Account of the Milk 
1910   The Dancing Girl of Butte 
1909   Choosing a Husband 
1909   The Day After 
1909   To Save Her Soul 
1909   In Little Italy
1909   A Trap for Santa Claus
1909   In a Hempen Bag
1909   A Corner in Wheat
1909   The Red Man's View
1909   Through the Breakers
1909   The Death Disc: A Story of the Cromwellian Period
1909   In the Window Recess  
1909   The Trick That Failed  
1909   The Mountaineer's Honor  
1909   The Open Gate
1909   A Midnight Adventure
1909   Two Women and a Man 
1909   The Light That Came 
1909   Nursing a Viper
1909   The Gibson Goddess  
1909   What's Your Hurry? 
1909   Lines of White on a Sullen Sea
1909   In the Watches of the Night
1909   The Expiation
1909   His Lost Love
1909   A Change of Heart
1909   The Little Teacher 
1909   Pippa Passes; or, The Song of Conscience
1909   The Awakening 
1909   Leather Stocking 
1909   A Fair Exchange 
1909   In Old Kentucky 
1909   The Broken Locket
1909   Getting Even 
1909   The Hessian Renegades Hessian 
1909   The Little Darling (short)
1909   In Boarding House 
1909   The Sealed Room
1909   The Mills of the Gods
1909   Oh, Uncle!
1909   The Seventh Day
1909   The Indian Runner's Romance 
1909   His Wife's Visitor
1909   Mrs. Jones' Lover; or, 'I Want My Hat'
1909   With Her Card 
1909   The Better Way 
1909   Mr. Jones' Burglar 
1909   They Would Elope
1909   The Mended Lute 
1909   A Strange Meeting
1909   The Slave 
1909   A Convict's Sacrifice 
1909   Jealousy and the Man 
1909   The Cardinal's Conspiracy
1909   The Message 
1909   The Necklace
1909   The Way of Man 
1909   The Mexican Sweethearts
1909   The Peachbasket Hat
1909   Was Justice Served?
1909   Her First Biscuits
1909   The Faded Lilies
1909   The Son's Return
1909   A New Trick
1909   The Lonely Villa 
1909   The Violin Maker of Cremona 
1909   What Drink Did
1909   The Cricket on the Hearth
1909   Eloping with Auntie
1909   Two Memories
1909   I Resurrection
1909   The Jilt 
1909   A Baby's Shoe
1909   Jones and the Lady Book Agent
1909   The French Duel 
1909   One Busy Hour 
1909   The Note in the Shoe 
1909   I The Suicide Club
1909   Tis an Ill Wind That Blows No Good
1909   Lucky Jim
1909   Twin Brothers 
1909   A Troublesome Satchel
1909   Lady Helen's Escapade 
1909   Confidence  
1909   A Sound Sleeper
1909   The Winning Coat 
1909   A Rude Hostess
1909   Schneider's Anti-Noise Crusade  
1909   The Road to the Heart  
1909   Trying to Get Arrested 
1909   A Drunkard's Reformation 
1909   Jones and His New Neighbors
1909   The Medicine Bottle
1909   A Burglar's Mistake 
1909   And a Little Child Shall Lead Them
1909   The Deception
1909   The Voice of the Violin
1909   The Lure of the Gown
1909   The Salvation Army Lass
1909   The Roue's Heart
1909   The Wooden Leg
1909   A Fool's Revenge
1909   His Wife's Mother
1909   The Prussian Spy
1909   At the Altar 
1909   The Golden Louis
1909   The Politician's Love Story
1909   The Joneses Have Amateur Theatricals
1909   The Curtain Pole
1909   Tragic Love 
1909   A Wreath in Time
1909   The Brahma Diamond 
1909   The Girls and Daddy
1909   The Cord of Life
1909   The Welcome Burglar
1909   Those Awful Hats
1909   Mr. Jones Has a Card Party 
1909   The Fascinating Mrs. Francis
1909   The Criminal Hypnotist 
1909   A Rural Elopement
1909   The Sacrifice 
1909   Love Finds a Way
1909   The Honor of Thieves
1909   Mrs. Jones Entertains
1909   The Maniac Cook
1909   I One Touch of Nature
1909   The Heart of an Outlaw 
1908   The Helping Hand
1908   Mr. Jones at the Ball
1908   The Christmas Burglars
1908   An Awful Moment
1908   The Test of Friendship
1908   The Reckoning
1908   The Feud and the Turkey
1908   The Valet's Wife
1908   Money Mad
1908   The Clubman and the Tramp 
1908   The Song of the Shirt
1908   The Guerrilla 
1908   The Taming of the Shrew 
1908   The Pirate's Gold 
1908   After Many Years 
1908   Concealing a Burglar
1908   The Call of the Wild
1908   Romance of a Jewess 
1908   The Vaquero's Vow
1908   Ingomar, the Barbarian
1908   Father Gets in the Game
1908   The Zulu's Heart
1908   The Devil
1908   A Smoked Husband
1908   Where the Breakers Roar 
1908   The Heart of O'Yama
1908   The Red Girl
1908   Behind the Scenes
1908   The Girl and the Outlaw
1908   Monday Morning in a Coney Island Police Court
1908   Betrayed by a Handprint
1908   Balked at the Altar 
1908   The Fatal Hour  
1908   Deceived Slumming Party 
1908   The Black Viper  
1908   The Stage Rustler
1908   The Kentuckian
1908   Over the Hill to the Poorhouse
1908   The Man in the Box
1908   The Invisible Fluid 
1908   Thompson's Night Out 
1908   The Sculptor's Nightmare 
1908   The King's Messenger 
1908   Old Isaacs, the Pawnbroker

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