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Mabel Normand ACTOR


Mabel Normand was born on November 10th, 1895 in New Brighton, Staten Island in New York with the birth name Amabel Ethelreid Normand.  Her father, Claude Normand worked as a part time carpenter at Sailors' Snug Harbor home for elderly seamen.  Her mother was a vaudeville musician. 
She started her career working as a model for artists and photographers,  posing for postcards.  Her film debut was with Vitagraph in 1010 on, "Over the Garden Wall" and soon she met director Mack Sennett, whom she began a relationship with.  When he started Keystone Studios in 1912 he began casting her in films.
She began with being cast as a bathing suit beauty but soon was actually proven that she had a comedic talent and was a decent actress.  Mabel was the main reason for the success of Keystone as she did whatever it took to get the publics attention on the films she was cast in.
In total, Mabel appeared in over 100 2-reel films and also became involved as working as a director for such films as, "Mabel's Married Life" (1914) and "Caught in a Cabaret" (1914).  Mabel also co starred with Charlie Chaplin in, "Tillie's Punctured Romance" (1914) and began to show an interest in working in features.
She soon left Sennett and signed a five year contract with Samuel Goldwyn for which she made a total of eighteen feature films.  However on a personal level she became addicted to drugs, alcohol and a life of partying which had a huge affect on her work ethic.  She was even a suspect in a murder case of director, William Desmond Taylor whom she was in love with.  He was accused of having numerous affairs and was shot in the chest, Mabel being one of the suspects, however the case was never solved.
In 1926, she was signed by Hal Roach Studios and continued working as a film actress starring in the film, "Raggedy Rose" (1926) followed by roles in, "The Nickel-Hopper" (1926), "Anything Once!" (1927), "Should Men Walk Home?" (1927) and "One Hour Married" (1927).
In 1929, her health began to decline due to her excessive addiction and she entered a sanitarium where she remained for six months.  She sadly passed away on February 23rd, 1930 from tuberculosis.  She only married once to Lew Cody in 1926 and were together only four years before she passed away in Monrovia California, never having any children of her own.
Mabel Normand is interred at Calvary Cemetery in Boyle Heights, California and was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contribution to the Motion Picture Industry. 


1927 One Hour Married 
1927 Should Men Walk Home? 
1927 Anything Once! 
1926 The Nickel-Hopper 
1926 Raggedy Rose 
1923 The Extra Girl 
1923 Suzanna
1922 Oh, Mabel Behave 
1922 Head Over Heels 
1921 Molly O' 
1920 What Happened to Rosa
1920 The Slim Princess 
1920 Pinto 
1919 Jinx 
1919 Upstairs 
1919 When Doctors Disagree 
1919 The Pest 
1919 Sis Hopkins 
1918 Stake Uncle Sam to Play Your Hand
1918 A Perfect 36 
1918 Peck's Bad Girl
1918 Mickey 
1918 Back to the Woods 
1918 The Venus Model 
1918 Joan of Plattsburg 
1918 The Floor Below 
1918 Dodging a Million 
1916 Bright Lights 
1916 He Did and He Didn't 
1916 Fatty and Mabel Adrift 
1915 Stolen Magic 
1915 My Valet 
1915 The Little Teacher 
1915 Mabel Lost and Won 
1915 Mabel's Wilful Way 
1915 Their Social Splash 
1915 Wished on Mabel 
1915 That Little Band of Gold 
1915 Mabel and Fatty's Married Life 
1915 Mabel, Fatty and the Law 
1915 Fatty and Mabel at the San Diego Exposition 
1915 Fatty and Mabel's Simple Life 
1915 Mabel and Fatty's Wash Day 
1914 Getting Acquainted 
1914 Shotguns That Kick 
1914 The Sea Nymphs 
1914 Fatty's Wine Party 
1914 Tillie's Punctured Romance 
1914 An Incompetent Hero 
1914 His Trysting Place
1914 Lovers' Post Office 
1914 Gentlemen of Nerve 
1914 Mabel's Blunder 
1914 Hello, Mabel 
1914 Mabel's Latest Prank 
1914 The Masquerader 
1914 Those Country Kids
1914 The Sky Pirate 
1914 Mabel's New Job 
1914 Mabel's Married Life 
1914 A Missing Bride 
1914 A Gambling Rube
1914 Mabel's Busy Day 
1914 Her Friend the Bandit 
1914 The Fatal Mallet 
1914 The Alarm 
1914 Mabel's Nerve 
1914 Caught in a Cabaret 
1914 Where Hazel Met the Villain
1914 Mabel at the Wheel 
1914 Mack at It Again 
1914 A Film Johnnie 
1914 Mabel's Strange Predicament 
1914 Mabel's Bear Escape 
1914 Won in a Closet 
1914 Mabel's Stormy Love Affair
1914 A Glimpse of Los Angeles 
1914 A Misplaced Foot 
1913 The Champion 
1913 Zuzu, the Band Leader 
1913 Fatty's Flirtation 
1913 The Gusher 
1913 Cohen Saves the Flag 
1913 A Muddy Romance 
1913 Love Sickness at Sea 
1913 The Speed Kings 
1913 A Healthy Neighborhood 
1913 The Bowling Match 
1913 When Dreams Come True 
1913 The Fatal Taxicab 
1913 What Father Saw 
1913 The Gypsy Queen 
1913 Mabel's Dramatic Career 
1913 Mabel's New Hero 
1913 Baby Day 
1913 The Riot 
1913 Professor Bean's Removal 
1913 Love and Courage 
1913 A Noise from the Deep 
1913 The Telltale Light 
1913 For the Love of Mabel 
1913 The Waiters' Picnic 
1913 The Speed Queen 
1913 The Hansom Driver 
1913 Barney Oldfield's Race for a Life 
1913 The Foreman of the Jury 
1913 Hubby's Job 
1913 Mabel's Awful Mistake 
1913 A Little Hero 
1913 That Ragtime Band
1913 His Chum the Baron 
1913 The Bangville Police 
1913 A Game of Poker 
1913 Father's Choice 
1913 Those Good Old Days 
1913 Hide and Seek 
1913 Her New Beau 
1913 At Twelve O'Clock 
1913 Near to Earth 
1913 The Rube and the Baron 
1913 Foiling Fickle Father 
1913 A Strong Revenge 
1913 The Sleuths at the Floral Parade 
1913 A Doctored Affair 
1913 A Red Hot Romance 
1913 A Tangled Affair 
1913 Heinze's Resurrection 
1913 Mabel's Heroes 
1913 The Battle of Who Run 
1913 Brothers
1913 Just Brown's Luck 
1913 The Deacon Outwitted
1913 The Mistaken Masher 
1913 For Lizzie's Sake 
1913 How Hiram Won Out
1913 A Double Wedding
1913 Saving Mabel's Dad 
1912 Mabel's Stratagem 
1912 The Duel 
1912 The Drummer's Vacation 
1912 Mabel's Adventures 
1912 A Family Mixup 
1912 A Midnight Elopement 
1912 Brown's Seance 
1912 Pat's Day Off 
1912 A Desperate Lover 
1912 Mr. Fix-It 
1912 The Rivals 
1912 A Temperamental Husband 
1912 The Deacon's Troubles 
1912 At It Again 
1912 Mabel's Lovers 
1912 At Coney Island 
1912 Ambitious Butler 
1912 The Flirting Husband 
1912 Pedro's Dilemma 
1912 The Beating He Needed 
1912 Riley and Schultz 
1912 The New Neighbor 
1912 Cohen Collects a Debt 
1912 The Water Nymph 
1912 He Must Have a Wife 
1912 Mr. Grouch at the Seashore 
1912 An Interrupted Elopement 
1912 Tragedy of the Dress Suit 
1912 The Tourists 
1912 What the Doctor Ordered 
1912 A Dash Through the Clouds 
1912 The New Baby
1912 Katchem Kate 
1912 Neighbors 
1912 Tomboy Bessie 
1912 Helen's Marriage 
1912 When Kings Were the Law 
1912 The Furs 
1912 The Fickle Spaniard 
1912 The Brave Hunter 
1912 Help! Help! 
1912 Oh, Those Eyes 
1912 A Voice from the Deep 
1912 Hot Stuff 
1912 A Spanish Dilemma 
1912 The Engagement Ring 
1912 The Fatal Chocolate 
1912 The Mender of Nets 
1912 Did Mother Get Her Wish? 
1912 The Eternal Mother 
1912 Kings Court
1912 Race for a Life
1911 Saved from Himself 
1911 Why He Gave Up 
1911 A Victim of Circumstances
1911 Their First Divorce Case 
1911 The Inventor's Secret
1911 Through His Wife's Picture 
1911 The Unveiling 
1911 Italian Blood 
1911 The Making of a Man 
1911 Her Awakening 
1911 The Revenue Man and the Girl
1911 The Squaw's Love 
1911 The Baron 
1911 How Betty Won the School 
1911 The Diving Girl 
1911 The Strategy of Ann 
1911 The Subduing of Mrs. Nag 
1911 Two Overcoats
1911 The Changing of Silas Marner
1911 A Dead Man's Honor
1911 When a Man's Married His Trouble Begins 
1911 His Mother 
1911 Picciola; or, The Prison Flower 
1911 Troublesome Secretaries 
1911 Betty Becomes a Maid 
1911 A Tale of Two Cities 
1911 The Diamond Star 
1911 Saved from Herself 
1910 Over the Garden Wall 
1910 Indiscretions of Betty  

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