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Lynn Redgrave ACTOR


Lynn Redgrave was born on March 8th, 1943 in Marylebone, London in the United Kingdom with the birth name Lynn Rachel Redgrave, born to Sir Michael Redgrave and Rachel Kempson.  Both of her parents were actors and initially she had no thoughts of following in their footsteps and was more focused on growing up to pursue a career as a chef or equestrienne.  However, around the age of fifteen she began showing an interest in acting and would participate in a number of stage performances with her father.
In 1962 while studying at London's Central School of Music and Drama she made her first real stage debut in, "Mid Summer Nights Dream".  Within about a year she began to work in the film industry with appearances on such features as, "Tom Jones" (1963), "Girl with Green Eyes" (1964), "Sunday Out of Season" (1965) and "Georgy Girl" (1966) which was her first film to really gain the attention of film critics.  For her role in this film she won a Golden Globe as well as a New York Film Critics Award and a nomination for Best Actress.
Although she had finally begun to make a name for herself in the industry and continued to appear in a number of films, none were really helping her reach any major level of success.  Redgrave was seen on the big screen in such films as, "Smashing Time" (1967), and "The Virgin Soldiers" (1969).
Lynn now decided to relocate to the United States and resides in California, although she traveled frequently to New York to appear in stage productions on Broadway such as, "Black Comedy/White Lies" (1967), "My Fat Friend" (1974), "Mrs. Warren's Profession" (1976), "Knock Knock" (1976), "Saint Joan" (1977-1978), "Aren't We All" (1985), "Sweet Sue" (1987) and "Three Sister's" (1991).  Later she actually wrote her own show titled, "Shakespeare for My Father" (1993-1994), for which she performed on Broadway. 
Along with working as a stage actress she did continue to work on films, but nothing of major significance.  However, Redgrave did appear on a number of television shows such as, "Not for Women Only" (1968), "Kojak" (1976), "Centennial" (1978-1979), "House Calls" (1979-1981), "Fantasy Island" (1982-1984) and "Hotel" (1983-1986).
Redgrave also became the national spokesperson for, 'Weight Watchers' appearing in a number of their commercials.  She was also a published author with the release of the book, This is Living: How I Found Health and Happiness".  She also added to her resume, narrating around twenty audio books such as, "Prince Caspian: The Chronicles of Narnia" and "Inkheart".
In the late 90's, Redgrave returned to the film industry appearing on, "Shine" (1996) and "Gods and Monsters" (1998), a role for which she received a Golden Globe as well as an Oscar nomination.
Some of her more recent roles were on the television series, "Me, Eloise" (2006-2007), "Desperate Housewives" (2007), 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent" (2009) and "Ugly Betty" (2009).
Lynn Redgrave married only once to John Clark in 1967 and they had three children together and remained married until 2000.  Sadly in 2003, Redgrave was diagnosed with breast cancer.  This realization of how valuable each day of life is brought her to write her second book, "A Mother and Daughter's Recovery from Breast Cancer".  Sadly, she battled breast cancer for seven years and was not able to overcome the illness.  At the age of sixty seven she passed away on May 2nd, 2010 in Kent, Connecticut.  Her remains are interred in St. Peter's Episcopal Cemetery in the hamlet of Lithgow, in New York.    


2009   Ugly Betty

2009   Law & Order: Criminal Intent 

2009   My Dog Tulip 

2009   Confessions of a Shopaholic 

2007   The Jane Austen Book Club 

2007   Desperate Housewives 

2006-2007  Me, Eloise

2007   Nurses 

2005   The White Countess 

2004   Kinsey 

2003   Peter Pan

2003   Charlie's War 

2003   The Wild Thornberrys

2002   Anita and Me 

2002   Hansel & Gretel
2002   Unconditional Love 

2002   Spider

2002   My Sister's Keeper

2001   My Kingdom

2001   Varian's War

2001   Venus and Mars

1998-2001  Rude Awakening

2000   How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog

2000   Deeply

2000   The Next Best Thing

2000   The Simian Line 

2000   Lion of Oz 

1999   A Season for Miracles 

1999   The Annihilation of Fish

1999   Touched

1999   Different

1998   All I Wanna Do

1998   White Lies 

1998   Gods and Monsters 

1997   Indefensible: The Truth About Edward Brannigan

1997   Toothless

1996   Shine 

1993   Calling the Shots

1991   What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

1990   The Great American Sex Scandal

1990   Silent Mouse

1989   Chicken Soup

1989   Midnight 

1989   Getting It Right

1989   Screen Two

1988   Great Performances

1988   A Woman Alone

1987   Morgan Stewart's Coming Home 

1987   Walking on Air

1983-1986  Hotel

1986   My Two Loves

1985   The Bad Seed 

1984   Murder, She Wrote 

1984   The Fainthearted Feminist 

1982-1984  Fantasy Island 

1982-1983  Teachers Only 

1983   Antony and Cleopatra 

1982   The Love Boat

1982   CBS Afternoon Playhouse

1982   Rehearsal for Murder 

1979-1981  House Calls 

1981   Steve Martin's Best Show Ever 

1981   Musical Comedy Tonight II 

1980   Linda in Wonderland

1980   Sunday Lovers 

1980   The Seduction of Miss Leona 

1980   Gauguin the Savage

1979   Beggarman, Thief 

1979   Sooner or Later 

1978-1979  Centennial

1978   Disco Beaver from Outer Space

1976   Kojak 

1976   The Big Bus 

1975   The Happy Hooker 

1975   Daft As a Brush

1974   The Turn of the Screw

1974   Vienna 1900 

1971-1973  BBC Play of the Month

1973   The Shape of Things

1973   The National Health 

1973   ABC Afterschool Specials

1972   Every Thing You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask 

1972   Every Little Crook and Nanny 

1971   Don't Turn the Other Cheek

1970   Last of the Mobile Hot Shots 

1969   The Virgin Soldiers 

1968   A Touch of Venus

1966-1968  Love Story 

1967   Smashing Time 

1963-1967  Armchair Theatre 

1966   The Deadly Affair 

1966   Georgy Girl

1966   Comedy Playhouse 

1965   Sunday Out of Season 

1964   Girl with Green Eyes

1963   Tom Jones 

1960   Shoot to Kill

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