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Lynn Bari ACTOR

Lynn Bari was born on December 18th, 1913 in Roanoke, Virginia with the birth name Margaret Schuyler Fisher.  She became a well known World War II Pin-up model known as, "The Woo Woo Girl" and 'The Girl With the Million Dollar Figure'. 

In 1926, her father passed away and her mother took her and her brother John to live in Boston.  Her mother later re-married and the family relocated to California.  She soon broke into the film industry, mostly working as an extra and later signed a contract with MGM.

Some of her early film roles included, "Meet the Baron" (1933) starring Jack Pearl, Jimmy Durante, Edna May Oliver, Zasu Pitts, Ted Healy and the Three Stooges, Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Curly Howard, "Dante's Inferno" (1935) starring Spencer Tracy, Claire Trevor, Scotty Beckett, Rita Hayworth and Henry B. Walthall, "Lancer Spy" (1937) starring Dolores del Rio, George Sanders, Peter Lorre, Sig Ruman, Joseph Schildkraut, Luther Adler, Virginia Field and Lionel Atwill and "Always Goodbye" (1938) starring Barbara Stanwyck, Herbert Marshall, Cesar Romero, Franklin Pangborn, Ian Hunter and Binnie Barnes

She also began working with Fox Studio's now that she had begun to make a name for herself in Hollywood.  Some of her more substantial film roles included, "Return of the Cisco Kid" (1939) starring Warner Baxter, Cesar Romero, Henry Hull, Victor Kilian and Kane Richmond, "Pack Up Your Troubles" (1939) starring The Ritz Brothers, Jane Withers, Joseph Schildkraut, Stanley Fields and Leon Ames, "Hotel for Women" (1939) with Ann Sothern, Jean Rogers, James Ellison, Kay Aldridge, Linda Darnell and Sidney Blackmer, "Hollywood Cavalcade" (1939) starring Alice Faye, Don Ameche, Buster Keaton, James Finlayson, Al Jolson, J. Edward Bromberg, Jed Prouty, Stu Erwin and Alan Curtis, "Pier 13" (1940) with Lloyd Nolan and Joan Valerie, Douglas Fowley and Louis Jean Heydt, "Earthbound" (1940) co-starring Warner Baxter, Andrea Leeds, Charley Grapewin, Henry Wilcoxon and Pedro De Cordoba, "Kit Carson" (1940) starring Jon Hall, Dana Andrews, Ward Bond, Clayton Moore, Raymond Hatton and Stanley Andrews, "Sun Valley Serenade" (1941) co-starring Sonja Henie, John Payne, Glenn Miller, Dorothy Dandridge, Joan Davis and Milton Berle and "The Magnificent Dope" (1942) starring alongside Henry Fonda, Don Ameche, Frank Orth, Edward Everett Horton.

Although, she was being offered work in Hollywood, nothing was really showcasing her talent as an actress and she was never able to quite reach 'A' billing status.  Other film roles she added to her resume were, "Shock" (1946) co-starring Vincent Price, Stephen Dunne and Reed Hadley, "I'd Climb the Highest Mountain" (1951) starring alongside Susan Hayward and William Lundigan with Rory Calhoun, Barbara Bates, Gene Lockhart and Alexander Knox, "Sunny Side of the Street" (1951) starring Frankie Laine, Billy Daniels, Jerome Courtland, Terry Moore and Toni Arden, "Abbott and Costello Meet the Keystone Kops" (1955) starring Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Mack Sennett, Fred Clark and Joe Besser, "Damn Citizen" (1958) starring Keith Andes, Maggie Hayes, Gene Evans and Edward Platt and her final film role in, "The Young Runaways" (1968) also starring Brooke Bundy, Kevin Coughlin, Patty McCormac, Lloyd Bochner, Dick Sargent, Richard Dreyfuss and Isabel Sanford. 

She did also appear on a variety of television series such as, "Boss Lady", "Climax!", "Studio 57", "City Detectives", "Bronco", "Overland Trail", "The Red Skelton Hour", "Checkmate", "Ben Casey", "Perry Mason", "Death Valley Days" and "The FBI Stories".

She married three times throughout her lifetime, first to Walter Kane in 1939 and by 1943 this marriage came to an end.  She then married Sidney Luft in 1943 and they had two children before this marriage ended in divorce in 1950.  Her third and final husband was Dr. Nathan Rickles in 1955 however again by 1972, a third marriage was unsuccessful.

Lynn Bari passed away on November 20th, 1989 in Santa Barbara, California after suffering from a heart attack at the age of seventy five. 


1968         The Young Runaways
1967-1968     The F.B.I. 
1967         The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. 
1966         Elfego Baca: Six Gun Law
1964-1965     Perry Mason
1964         Death Valley Days 
1963         Ripcord 
1962         Trauma
1961         Ben Casey 
1961         Everglades 
1961         The New Breed 
1961         Checkmate
1961         Michael Shayne
1960         The Aquanauts
1960         Law of the Plainsman
1960         Overland Trail 
1959         Bronco 
1959         Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color 
1958         The Red Skelton Hour
1958         Damn Citizen
1956         The Women of Pitcairn Island
1951-1956     Lux Video Theatre
1956         Climax!
1955-1956     Studio 57
1955         Screen Directors Playhouse 
1955         Science Fiction Theatre 
1954-1955     City Detective
1955         The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse
1955         Abbott and Costello Meet the Keystone Kops
1954         Francis Joins the WACS
1954         Viceroy Star Theatre 
1953         Gruen Guild Theater
1953         The Ford Television Theatre
1952         Boss Lady
1952         The Schaefer Century Theatre
1952         Has Anybody Seen My Gal
1952         I Dream of Jeanie
1951         Sunny Side of the Street
1951         On the Loose
1951         Pulitzer Prize Playhouse
1951         I'd Climb the Highest Mountain
1951         The Bigelow Theatre
1950         Detective's Wife 
1949         The Kid from Cleveland
1948         The Amazing Mr. X
1948         Man from Texa
1946         Nocturne
1946         Margie
1946         Home, Sweet Homicide
1946         Shock
1945         Captain Eddie
1944         Sweet and Low-Down
1944         Tampico
1944         The Bridge of San Luis Rey
1943         Hello Frisco, Hello
1942         China Girl
1942         Orchestra Wives
1942         The Magnificent Dope
1942         The Falcon Takes Over
1942         Secret Agent of Japan
1942         The Night Before the Divorce
1941         The Perfect Snob
1941         Moon Over Her Shoulder
1941         We Go Fast
1941         Sun Valley Serenade
1941         Blood and Sand
1941         Sleepers West
1940         Charter Pilot
1940         Kit Carson
1940         Pier 13
1940         Earthbound
1940         Lillian Russell
1940         Free, Blonde and 21
1940         City of Chance
1939         Charlie Chan in City in Darkness
1939         Pack Up Your Troubles
1939         Hollywood Cavalcade
1939         Hotel for Women
1939         News Is Made at Night
1939         Chasing Danger
1939         Return of the Cisco Kid
1939         Pardon Our Nerve
1938         Sharpshooters
1938         Meet the Girls
1938         I'll Give a Million
1938         Always Goodbye
1938         Speed to Burn
1938         Josette
1938         Battle of Broadway
1938         Mr. Moto's Gamble
1938         Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
1938         Walking Down Broadway
1938         The Baroness and the Butler
1938         City Girl
1937         Love and Hisses
1937         45 Fathers
1937         Ali Baba Goes to Town
1937         Lancer Spy
1937         Life Begins in College
1937         Wife, Doctor and Nurse
1937         Wake Up and Live
1937         You Can't Have Everything
1937         The Lady Escapes
1937         She Had to Eat
1937         Wee Willie Winkie
1937         Sing and Be Happy
1937         This Is My Affair
1937         CafĂ© Metropole
1937         Fair Warning
1937         Love Is News
1937         Time Out for Romance
1937         On the Avenue
1937         Woman-Wise
1936         Crack-Up
1936         Under Your Spell
1936         Pigskin Parade
1936         Fifteen Maiden Lane
1936         Ladies in Love
1936         Star for a Night
1936         Sing, Baby, Sing
1936         Girls' Dormitory
1936         36 Hours to Kill
1936         Poor Little Rich Girl
1936         Private Number
1936         Gentle Julia
1936         The Great Ziegfeld
1936         Everybody's Old Man
1936         Song and Dance Man
1936         It Had to Happen
1936         My Marriage
1936         King of Burlesque
1935         Professional Soldier
1935         Show Them No Mercy!
1935         The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo
1935         Thanks a Million
1935         Music Is Magic
1935         Metropolitan
1935         Way Down East
1935         Charlie Chan in Shanghai
1935         The Gay Deception
1935         Ladies Love Danger
1935         Redheads on Parade
1935         Orchids to You
1935         Welcome Home
1935         Dante's Inferno
1935         Curly Top
1935         The Daring Young Man
1935         Doubting Thomas
1935         Spring Tonic
1935         $10 Raise
1935         George White's 1935 Scandals
1935         The Great Hotel Murder
1935         Under Pressure
1935         Charlie Chan in Paris
1934         Music in the Air
1934         365 Nights in Hollywood
1934         Caravan
1934         Handy Andy
1934         Stand Up and Cheer!
1934         Bottoms Up
1934         Coming-Out Party
1934         David Harum
1934         Search for Beauty
1933         I Am Suzanne!
1933         Dancing Lady
1933         Meet the Baron 

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