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Lupe Velez ACTOR


Lupe Velez was born on July 18th, 1908 in San Luis Potosi, Mexico with the birth name Maria Guadalupe Villalobos Velez.  She had one brother and two sisters and as a young child, the family lost their father, a Mexican Army officer during a revolution.   
At the age of thirteen her family sent her to live in Texas in a convent.  She had aspirations as a child to grow and become a professional roller-skater, however her family struggled financially and she soon had to return to Mexico and finds various jobs to help out.  She would give her family the money from her paychecks but saved a little on the side so she could afford to take up dancing.
In 1924, Lupe decided to see if she could use her beauty and dance talent to make a better future for herself.  Lupe found work in Mexico as a stage performer and in 1927, Lupe decided to take a big step and relocate to Hollywood.
It did not take long for Hal Roach, a director to spot her talent and Beauty and chose to cast her in a comedy with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.  This role was soon followed by a number of other film appearances such as, "The Gaucho" (1927), "Hot Pepper" (1933), "Strictly Dynamite" (1934), "Palooka" (1934), "Laughing Boy" (1934), "Mexican Spitfire' (1940), "Mexican Spitfire Out West" (1940), "Mexican Spitfire's Baby" (1941) and "Mexican Spitfire's Blessed Event" (1943), which all these films were written specifically for Lupe and earned her the nickname, 'Mexican Spitfire'.
As roles were becoming less available to her in the United States, she returned to Mexico and tried to make a comeback in the Mexican film, "Nana" (1944) which she gained amazing reviews for and also opened up another door for her in the united States where she appeared on the big screen in her final film role, "Ladies Day" (1943). 
Sadly, even though her professional career was heading in the right direction, she had experienced so many failed relationships with men, at the age of thirty six and pregnant, Lupe committed suicide, by taking an overdose of Seconal on December 13th, 1944 in Beverly Hills, California. 
She had only legally married once to Johnny Weissmuller in 1933 through 1939 and all her other relationships were with men unwilling to make the marriage commitment.  Lupe  Vélez was laid to rest in the Civil Cemetery of Sorrows in Mexico City.  


1944 Nana
1943 Mexican Spitfire's Blessed Event
1943 Redhead from Manhattan
1943 Ladies' Day
1942 Mexican Spitfire's Elephant
1942 Mexican Spitfire Sees a Ghost
1942 Mexican Spitfire at Sea
1941 Playmates
1941 Honolulu Lu
1941 Mexican Spitfire's Baby
1941 Six Lessons from Madame La Zonga
1940 Mexican Spitfire Out West
1940 Mexican Spitfire
1939 The Girl from Mexico 
1938 Mad About Money 
1938 La zandunga 
1937 High Flyers 
1936 Gypsy Melody
1935 The Morals of Marcus
1934 Hollywood Party
1934 Strictly Dynamite
1934 Laughing Boy
1934 Palooka
1933 Hot Pepper
1932 The Half Naked Truth
1932 Kongo
1932 The Broken Wing
1932 Hombres de mi vida
1931 The Cuban Love Song
1931 The Squaw Man
1931 Resurrección
1931 Resurrection
1930 Oriente es Occidente
1930 East Is West 
1930 The Storm 
1930 Hell Harbor
1929 Tiger Rose 
1929 Where East Is East
1929 The Wolf Song
1929 Lady of the Pavements
1928 Stand and Deliver
1927 The Gaucho
1927 Sailors Beware
1927 What Women Did for Me   

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