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Lucille Ball ACTOR


Lucille Ball was born on August 6th, 1911 in Jamestown, New York with the birth name Lucille Désirée Ball.  She lost her father when she was only four years old and her mother had to work a variety of odd jobs to help support the family financially.  Luckily, her grandparents were able to help raise her and her younger brother.
Ball was a very restless teenager who wanted attention.  She went to the dramatic school in New York, but was sent home as they claimed she was too shy.  Lucy then found a job working as a model for Hattie Carnegie's and that soon followed with the offer to be a, "Goldwyn Girl" and appear in a film, "Roman Scandals" (1933).  RKO then signed her to a contract and she was offered several small roles in a variety of films such as, "Top Hat" (1935).  Soon she began to get larger roles in A rated films, for example, "Stage Door" (1937), "The Big Street" (1942) and "Too Many Girls" (1940).
Ball soon left her contract with RKO and signed with MGM working on even better films such as, "Du Barry Was a Lady" (1943), "Best Foot Forward" (1943) and "Without Love" (1945).  Soon her huge break came when she was working on a radio program called, "My Favorite Husband" (1948) playing a scatterbrained wife.  Soon CBS decided they wanted to make this concept into a television show and the next biggest sitcom was underway.
The outcome, "I Love Lucy" which was a sitcom centered around the radio show concept, but also pioneered the 3-camera technique that is still used today in filming sitcoms.  She had such a amazing resume so far and this was about to make her career reach a whole new level of stardom. She had been given a number of nick names throughout her career such as, Queen of 'B' movies and now she was adding to it, Technicolor Tessie, The First Lady of Television, Lucy and the Queen of Comedy.  The series lasted for years running from, October 15, 1951 to May 6, 1957 and was the most watched show in the United States four out of it's six season run.  Along with working on the show, Ball was also known as the "Chesterfield Girl" because she was the spokesmodel for the Cigarette brand.  Her final television appearances was in 1989 at the Academy Awards with Bob Hope.   
Lucille Ball married twice during her lifetime.  First to Desi Arnaz from 1940 through 1960 and they had two children, a son, Desi and a daughter, Lucie.  She then married again just one year later to Gary Morton in 1961 and they remained together until she passed away on April 26th, 1989 from acute aortic aneurysm in Beverly Hills, California.  She was first buried at Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills cemetery in Los Angeles, California but then her body was relocated to a the Ball family plot in Lake View Cemetery in Jamestown New York. 
Lucille Ball received the Women's International Center Living Legacy Award in 1990 and was also picked by TV Guide as the greatest TV star of all time.  In 2001, she was pictured on a commerative stamp in the Legends of Hollywood series and in 2002 she received another honor by being inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame.

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1951-1957 I Love Lucy  
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1951 The Magic Carpet 
1950 The Fuller Brush Girl 
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1949 Easy Living 
1949 Miss Grant Takes Richmond 
1949 Sorrowful Jones 
1947 Her Husband's Affairs 
1947 Lured
1946 Easy to Wed 
1946 Lover Come Back 
1946 Two Smart People
1946 The Dark Corner 
1945 Without Love 
1944 Meet the People 
1943 Best Foot Forward 
1943 Du Barry Was a Lady 
1942 Seven Days' Leave 
1942 The Big Street 
1942 Valley of the Sun 
1941 Look Who's Laughing 
1941 A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob
1940 Too Many Girls 
1940 Dance, Girl, Dance
1940 You Can't Fool Your Wife 
1940 The Marines Fly High 
1939 That's Right - You're Wrong 
1939 Five Came Back 
1939 Panama Lady 
1939 Twelve Crowded Hours 
1939 Beauty for the Asking
1938 Next Time I Marry 
1938 Annabel Takes a Tour 
1938 Room Service 
1938 The Affairs of Annabel 
1938 Having Wonderful Time 
1938 Joy of Living 
1938 Go Chase Yourself 
1937 Stage Door 
1937 There Goes My Girl 
1937 Don't Tell the Wife 
1936 That Girl from Paris
1936 Winterset 
1936 One Live Ghost 
1936 So and Sew 
1936 Swing It
1936 Dummy Ache 
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1936 The Farmer in the Dell 
1936 Follow the Fleet 
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1935 Foolish Hearts 
1935 I Dream Too Much
1935 The Three Musketeers
1935 Top Hat 
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1935 A Night at the Biltmore Bowl 
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1935 His Old Flame 
1935 Behind the Evidence 
1934 Fugitive Lady 
1934 Three Little Pigskins 
1934 Broadway Bill 
1934 Jealousy 
1934 Men of the Night 
1934 Perfectly Mismated 
1934 Kid Millions 
1934 The Affairs of Cellini
1934 Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back 
1934 Murder at the Vanities 
1934 Bottoms Up 
1934 Hold That Girl 
1934 Nana 
1934 Moulin Rouge 
1933 Roman Scandals 
1933 Blood Money 
1933 Broadway Thru a Keyhole 
1933 The Bowery 

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