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Louis Jean Heydt ACTOR


Louis Jean Heydt was born on April 17th, 1903 in Montclair, New Jersey and after high school attended Worcester Academy and Dartmouth College.  Originally, he planned on pursuing a career in journalism and found work as a reporter for the old New York world, however after some time, he began to develop an interest in acting.
Heydt began with working as a stage actor and worked on a number of productions in New York between 1927 and 1948.  After feeling quite confident in his skills as an actor, he made the move west to Los Angeles, California and began to break into the film industry.
Some of his more well known film roles included multi Academy Award winner, "Gone with the Wind" (1939) starring Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Leslie Howard, Olivia de Havilland, Hattie McDaniel, Thomas Mitchell, Rand Brooks, George Reeves, Butterfly McQueen, Ann Rutherford, Victor Jory, Evelyn Keyes, Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson, Ward Bond, Jane Darwell and Yakima Canutt, "Abe Lincoln in Illinois" (1940) starring Raymond Massey, Howard Da Silva, Gene Lockhart, Minor Watson, Ruth Gordon, Charles Middleton and Andy Clyde, John Ford's "They Were Expendable" (1945) starring Robert Montgomery, John Wayne, Donna Reed, Marshall Thompson, Cameron Mitchell, Jeff York, Leon Ames, Ward Bond, Russell Simpson, Charles Trowbridge and Jack Holt, "The Big Sleep" (1946) starring Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Dorothy Malone, Martha Vickers, Regis Toomey, Bob Steele, Peggy Knudson, Elisha Cook Jr. and John Ridgely, "The Hoodlum Saint" (1946) starring William Powell, Esther Williams, Angela Lansbury, James Gleason, Lewis Stone, Frank McHugh, Henry O'Neill, Charles Trowbridge and Slim Summerville, "I Cover Big Town" (1947) with Philip Reed, Hillary Brooke and Robert Lowery, "Raton Pass" (1951) co-starring Dennis Morgan, Patricia Neal, Steve Cochran, Scott Forbes and Dorothy Hart, "Models Inc." (1952) also starring Howard Duff, Coleen Gray, John Howard, Marjorie Reynolds and Frank Ferguson, "The Eternal Sea" (1955) starring Sterling Hayden, Alexis Smith, Ben Cooper, Dean Jagger, Douglas Kennedy, Hayden Rorke, Richard Crane, Virginia Grey, Frank Ferguson and Morris Ankrum, "Wetbacks" (1956) starring Lloyd Bridges, Nancy Gates, Barton MacLane and I. Stanford Jolley and "Inside the Mafia" (1959) starring Cameron Mitchell, Robert Strauss, Grant Richards, James Brown, Edward Platt and Ted de Corsia.
In addition to his many film roles he also had quite a name for himself a television actor adding such series to his resume as, "The Silver Theatre", "The Bigelow Theatre", "Rawhide", "The Unexpected", "My Hero", "The Adventures of Superman", "Climax!", 'Fury", "My Friend Flicka", "Cheyenne", "Stories of the Century", "Zane Grey Theatre", "Wagon Train", "The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show", "Flight", "Racket Squad", "China Smith", "Sugarfoot", "Casey Jones", "Northwest Passage", "Maverick" and his final television role in 1960, "The Best of the Post".
Louis Jean Heydt married only once to Leona Maricle in 1928 and he then sadly passed away back stage at the Colonial Theatre in Boston during a performance of, "There Was a Little Girl" on January 29th, 1960 after suffering a heart attack.


1960         The Best of the Post 
1960         Zane Grey Theatre 
1958-1960     Wagon Train 
1960         Rawhide
1959         Men Into Space 
1959         The Man from Blackhawk
1959         Tightrope
1959         Buick-Electra Playhouse 
1959         Maverick
1959         Inside the Mafia
1959         Playhouse 90
1958-1959     Mackenzie's Raiders 
1958         Northwest Passage
1958         The Man Who Died Twice
1958         Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre
1958         Casey Jones 
1958         Flight
1958         Hide and Seek 
1957         The Millionaire 
1957         The Adventures of McGraw 
1957         Raiders of Old California
1957         Sugarfoot
1957         The United States Steel Hour
1954-1957     Lux Video Theatre
1957         Wire Service
1957         The Badge of Marshal Brennan
1957         The Wings of Eagles
1957         Official Detective 
1956         Cheyenne
1956         The Kaiser Aluminum Hour 
1956         The Fastest Gun Alive
1956         Crossroads 
1956         Wetbacks
1956         Stranger at My Door
1955-1956     TV Reader's Digest
1956         Fury 
1955         Playwrights '56 
1955         My Friend Flicka 
1955         Celebrity Playhouse
1955         No Man's Woman
1955         The Ford Television Theatre
1955         The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show
1955         Science Fiction Theatre 
1955         The Eternal Sea
1952-1955     Four Star Playhouse
1953-1955     Cavalcade of America 
1955         Fireside Theatre 
1955         Many Rivers to Cross
1955         Climax! 
1955         Ten Wanted Men
1955         Treasury Men in Action
1955         The Adventures of Falcon 
1954         City Detective 
1954         Waterfront 
1954         A Star Is Born
1954         Stories of the Century 
1954         The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse 
1954         The Boy from Oklahoma
1953         Adventures of Superman
1953         Island in the Sky
1953         G.E. True Theater 
1953         The Vanquished
1953         My Hero
1952         Racket Squad
1952         China Smith
1952         Models Inc.
1952         Flesh and Fury
1952         Mutiny
1952         The Unexpected 
1952         Sailor Beware
1952         The Old West
1951         Drums in the Deep South
1951         Roadblock
1951         Warpath
1951         Criminal Lawyey
1951         Two of a Kin
1951         Raton Pass
1951         Rawhide
1951         The Great Missouri Raid
1951         The Bigelow Theatre 
1951         Al Jennings of Oklahoma
1951         Close to My Heart
1950         The Furies
1950         The Silver Theatre
1950         Paid in Full
1949         The Kid from Cleveland
1949         Come to the Stable
1949         Make Believe Ballroom
1949         Bad Men of Tombston
1948         California's Golden Beginning
1947         Spoilers of the North
1947         I Cover Big Town
1947         Sinbad, the Sailor
1946         That Brennan Girl
1946         Abie's Irish Rose
1946         Gentleman Joe Palooka
1946         The Big Sleep
1946         The Hoodlum Saint
1946         To Each His Own
1945         They Were Expendable
1945         Strange Destiny 
1945         Our Vines Have Tender Grapes
1945         You Came Along
1945         Zombies on Broadway
1945         Betrayal from the East   
1944         Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo
1944         The Great Moment
1944         The Story of Dr. Wassell
1944         Her Primitive Man
1944         See Here, Private Hargrove
1944         The Miracle of Morgan's Creek
1943         'Gung Ho!': The Story of Carlson's Makin Island Raiders
1943         The Iron Major
1943         First Comes Courage
1943         Stage Door Canteen
1943         Mission to Moscow
1943         One Dangerous Night
1942         Commandos Strike at Dawn
1942         Manila Calling
1942         Night in New Orleans
1942         Ten Gentlemen from West Point
1942         Tortilla Flat
1942         Canal Zone
1942         Captains of the Clouds
1942         Dr. Kildare's Victory
1941         Pacific Blackout
1941         How Green Was My Valley
1941         Dive Bomber
1941         Coffins on Wheels 
1941         Power Dive
1941         Sleepers West
1941         High Sierra
1941         Let's Make Music
1940         Santa Fe Trail
1940         The Great McGinty
1940         Pier 13
1940         The Man Who Talked Too Much
1940         Irene
1940         The Hidden Master 
1940         All About Hash 
1940         Johnny Apollo
1940         Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet
1940         Abe Lincoln in Illinois
1939         The Hunchback of Notre Dame
1939         Gone with the Wind
1939         A Child Is Born
1939         Reno
1939         Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the President
1939         Dad for a Day
1939         Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
1939         Full Confession
1939         Charlie Chan at Treasure Island
1939         Each Dawn I Die
1939         Stronger Than Desire
1939         The Flying Irishman
1939         They Made Her a Spy
1939         Let Freedom Ring
1939         They Made Me a Criminal
1938         I Am the Law
1938         A Crime Does Not Pay Subject: They're Always Caught
1938         Test Pilot
1938         No Time to Marry
1937         The Jones Family in Borrowing Trouble
1937         Make Way for Tomorrow
1933         Before Morning

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