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Louis Hayward ACTOR


Louis Hayward was born on March 19th, 1909 in Johannesburg, South Africa. with the birth name Louis Charles Hayward.  As a child his family relocated to England where he spent the majority of his youth growing up. 
After completing school he found employment managing a nightclub.  It was through this job hat he realized he had an interest and talent for being involved in the entertainment industry.   
He began getting experience on stage in London on such Broadway productions as, "Dracula" and "Another Language".  He soon had enough experience that felt he was ready for the New York stage.
He relocated and first performed on "Point Verlaine" (1935) which was his only real Broadway venture but it did land him a film contract in Hollywood.  His first screen debut was on, "The Flame Within" (1935) following this film were small supporting bit parts.  Hayward's finally got a decent break with a role on a Warner Brothers film called, "Anthony Adverse" (1936) portraying officer Denis Moore and was the romantic lead of the film.  It was this type of character roles that were the majority of his acting career from here on out.
He was a handsome man with an eloquent well mannered way about him and he was easily able to play the suave hero or villain.   His next decent role was in, "The Saint in New York" (1938) followed by "The Man in the Iron mask" (1939).  
During World War II Hayward joined the United States Marine Corps and joined a photographic unit that filmed the Battle of Tarawa earning himself a Bronze Star for courage under fire.  Upon discharge of service he went right back to Hollywood and acting.   His next film role was in 1945 on, "And Then There Were None" which was a great success followed by another romantic lead in, "The Black Arrow" (1948). 
His career was steady and financially he was a smart man with not only good looks and a talent for acting, but also a business mind.  He was one of the first actors to incorporate the 1% of profits deal for both the theatrical and television releases of his post 1949 films.  This ensured him a guaranteed lifetime income.
As he entered into the 60's he continued to work on various films but also took more of an interest in television as well as also getting involved in productions of his own.  Hayward produced and starred in the television series, "The Lone Wolf" (1954) which ran for thirty nine weeks.  He was also responsible for producing a British television series titled, "The Pursuers" (1961).
As Louis Hayward entered the 1970's he decided to retire from acting.  He had been smart enough to make sure that he would always have enough income to live and so he chose to enjoy retirement. 

Throughout his lifetime he married three times.  His first wife was Ida Lupino whom he married on November 16th, 1938 and remained together until May 11th, 1945.  Wife number two was Peggy Morrow Field.  They married in 1946 and were divorced four years later.  Hayward's third and final marriage was to June Hanson in 1953 and they remained together having one son, Dana, before Louis Hayward passed away on February 21st, 1985 in Palm Springs California after suffering from lung cancer at the age of seventy five.  

1974  The Magician 
1973   Terror in the Wax Museum  
1970   Night Gallery 
1969   The Survivors
1967   The Christmas Kid 
1967   El magnifico extranjero
1967   Chuka  
1965   Burke's Law 
1964   Rawhide 
1962   The Alfred Hitchcock Hour
1962   Kraft Mystery Theater
1961-1962  The Pursuers
1961   Golden Showcase
1959   Riverboat 
1959   Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse 
1958   The Highwayman
1958   Schlitz Playhouse 
1958   Studio One in Hollywood 
1956   The Search for Bridey Murphy  
1955   Lux Video Theatre 
1955   TV Reader's Digest
1955   Climax!  
1955   Matinee Theatre 
1954-1955  The Lone Wolf 
1954   Duffy of San Quentin  
1953   The Saint's Girl Friday
1953   The Royal African Rifles  
1952   The Ford Television Theatre
1952   Captain Pirate  
1952   Lady in the Iron Mask 
1951   The Son of Dr. Jekyll 
1951   The Lady and the Bandit 
1950   Fortunes of Captain Blood
1950   House by the River
1949   I pirati di Capri
1948   Walk a Crooked Mile  
1948   Ruthless
1948   The Black Arrow
1947   Repeat Performance  
1946   The Return of Monte Cristo 
1946   The Strange Woman
1946   Young Widow 
1945   And Then There Were None  
1941   Ladies in Retirement  
1940   The Son of Monte Cristo
1940   Dance, Girl, Dance  
1940   My Son, My Son!
1939   The Man in the Iron Mask  
1938   The Duke of West Point  
1938   The Rage of Paris
1938   The Saint in New York
1938   Condemned Women  
1938   Midnight Intruder
1937   The Woman I Love  
1936   The Luckiest Girl in the World  
1936   Anthony Adverse  
1936   Trouble for Two
1936   Absolute Quiet  
1935   A Feather in Her Hat 
1935   The Love Test  
1935   The Flame Within  
1933   Sorrell and Son 
1933   Chelsea Life
1933   I'll Stick to You  
1933   The Man Outside  
1933   The Thirteenth Candle
1932   Self Made Lady

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