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Loretta Young ACTOR

Loretta Young was born on January 6th, 1913 in Salt Lake city, Utah with the birth name Gretchen Michaela Young.  She had two older siblings and at the age of three her parents separated and she moved with her mother and two siblings to Southern California.
As a young girl living in California, Young began taking on small roles as a child actress appearing in such films as, "The Only Way" (1919), "The Primrose Ring" (1917) and "The Sheik" (1921) starring Rudolph Valentino.
Along with working as a child actress she attended parochial schools with her siblings and as she grew older, she helped her mother run a boarding house.  Continuing appearing in films, Young was seen on the big screen in, "Naughty But Nice" (1927), "The Magnificent Flirt" (1928) and "The Head Man" (1928).
As her career entered into the 1930's she made the transition from child actress to teenage actress with ease appearing in more prominent films such as, "The Truth About Youth" (1930), "Beau Ideal" (1931), "Big Business Girl" (1931), "Taxi!" (1932), "Grand Slam" (1933) and  "Kentucky" (1938).
Along with her high profile professional career she was also in the media for having an affair in 1935 with famous actor, Clark Gable who was married at the time.  Young became pregnant with his child, but covered up the pregnancy and gave birth to Judith Young who she transferred to an orphanage and later she adopted the little girl hiding for many years that the child was her biological child from her affair with Clark Gable
Loretta Young was becoming a highly desired actress not just for her talent but also for her exquisite beauty.  She won an Academy Award for Best Actress in 1947 for her role on, "The Farmer's Daughter" and followed with more successful roles in, "The Bishop's Wife" (1947), "Mother Is a Freshman" (1949), "Come to the Stable" (1949) and "It Happens Every Thursday" (1953).
In addition to her many film roles, Young then made the transition to television appearing in a variety of series such as her own television series, "The Loretta Young Show" (1953) for which she won three Emmy Awards as Best Actress.
Loretta then took a twenty four year break from the entertainment industry and did not return until 1986.  Her final film role was in 1989 on, "Lady in the Corner" and her final television movie role was in 1994 in, "Life Along the Mississippi".  For the most part, Young remained retired residing in Palm Springs, California until she passed away on August 12th, 2000 from ovarian cancer.  Her remains were cremated and her ashes were buried in the family plot in the Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, California. 
Throughout her lifetime she married three times, first to actor Grant Withers from 1930 through 1931.  She then wed Tom Lewis in 1940 and they had two children before divorcing in 1969.  She later married her third and final husband, Jean Louis in 1993 and they were together until he passed away in 1997.  
For her contribution to the Motion Picture Industry and Television Industry, Young was honored with two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  She was also a very charitable person donating time to her church causes whenever possible. 


1994   Life Along the Mississippi

1989   Lady in the Corner

1986   Christmas Eve 

1962-1963  The New Loretta Young Show 

1953-1961  The Loretta Young Show 

1953   It Happens Every Thursday 

1952   Because of You

1952   Paula 

1951   Half Angel 

1951   Cause for Alarm!

1950   Key to the City

1949   Come to the Stable

1949   Mother Is a Freshman 

1949   The Accused 

1948   Rachel and the Stranger

1947   The Bishop's Wife

1947   The Farmer's Daughter

1947   The Perfect Marriage

1946   The Stranger

1945   Along Came Jones 

1944   And Now Tomorrow 

1944   Ladies Courageous

1943   China 

1942   A Night to Remember

1941   Bedtime Story

1941   The Men in Her Life

1941   The Lady from Cheyenne

1940   He Stayed for Breakfast

1940   The Doctor Takes a Wife

1939   Eternally Yours

1939   The Story of Alexander Graham Bell 

1939   Wife, Husband and Friend 

1938   Kentucky

1938   Suez 

1938   Three Blind Mice

1938   Four Men and a Prayer

1937   Second Honeymoon

1937   Wife, Doctor and Nurse

1937   Love Under Fire

1937   CafĂ© Metropole

1937   Love Is News

1936   Ladies in Love

1936   Ramona

1936   Private Number

1936   The Unguarded Hour

1935   The Crusades

1935   The Call of the Wild

1935   Shanghai

1935   Clive of India 

1934   The White Parade

1934   Caravan

1934   Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back

1934   Born to Be Bad 

1934   The House of Rothschild 

1933   Man's Castle 

1933   The Devil's in Love 

1933   She Had to Say Yes 

1933   Midnight Mary

1933   Heroes for Sale 

1933   The Life of Jimmy Dolan

1933   Zoo in Budapest 

1933   Grand Slam

1933   Employees' Entrance

1932   They Call It Sin

1932   Life Begins

1932   Week-End Marriage 

1932   Play-Girl

1932   The Hatchet Man 

1932   Taxi!

1931   The Ruling Voice

1931   Platinum Blonde

1931   I Like Your Nerve

1931   Big Business Girl

1931   Too Young to Marry 

1931   Three Girls Lost 

1931   The Right of Way

1931   Beau Ideal

1931   How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones No. 8: 'The Brassie'

1930   The Devil to Pay

1930   The Truth About Youth

1930   Kismet

1930   War Nurse

1930   Road to Paradise

1930   The Second Floor Mystery

1930   The Man from Blankley's

1930   Loose Ankles 

1929   The Show of Shows

1929   The Forward Pass 

1929   The Careless Age 

1929   Fast Life 

1929   The Girl in the Glass Cage 

1929   The Squall 

1929   Seven Footprints to Satan

1928   Scarlet Seas

1928   The Head Man 

1928   The Magnificent Flirt

1928   Laugh, Clown, Laugh 

1928   The Whip Woman

1927   Her Wild Oat 

1927   Naughty But Nice

1921   The Sheik 

1921   White and Unmarried 

1919   The Only Way

1917   Sirens of the Sea 

1917   The Primrose Ring

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