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Lloyd Nolan ACTOR


Lloyd Nolan was born on August 11th, 1902 in San Francisco, California With the birth name Lloyd Benedict Nolan.  His father was James Nolan a shoe maker and his mother was Margaret Nolan.  
After graduating High School his intention was to attend college and then take over the family business.  He began his studies at Santa Clara College where he earned his associated degree and also was involved in the drama program on campus.  He went on to study at Stanford but ended failing out of College due to putting more effort and focus into acting instead of his studies.
He moved out to Hollywood and began with living and working at the Pasadena Playhouse in 1927.  His father passed away and with the small inheritance he received he was able to support himself financially.  Lloyd continued to work in stock theatre and then decided to move back east to New York City to work on Broadway.  He was cast in a musical revue Cape Cod Follies in 1929 followed by two other small roles on stage before he finally got a decent role in, "One Sunday Afternoon" (1933).  He was beginning to make a name for himself.  He took two more roles on Broadway stage productions and then decided he was now ready to attempt a career in film.
Nolan relocated back to Los Angeles and was signed with paramount.  In 1935 alone, he was cast in five different films, "One Way Ticket", "She Couldn't Take it", "Atlantic Adventure", "Stolen Harmony" and "G Men" starring James Cagney, (all 1935).  He continued to work with Paramount through the 1940's on such films as, "King of Gamblers" (1937) and "King of Alcatraz" (1938).
As his career entered the 1940's he was working with various studios. 

Nolan was earning a name for himself in the entertainment industry and was a very good actor in that he was versatile and was not type cast to one specific role.  One of Nolan's best pieces of work was on, "Mania Calling" (1942).
Nolan's career was not limited to film alone, television was a big part of his career.  He had a history of performing on game and variety shows, episodic television and even his own shows, "Martin Kane" (1949) and "Special Agent 7" (1958).  His television roles were keeping him well employed like his role on, "The Untouchables" (1959) and "77 Sunset Strip" (1958).
Nolan returned to film work in the 70's with roles on, "Ice Station Zebra" (1968), "Airport" (1970) and "Earthquake" (1974).  Nolan's final film role was on, "Hannah and Her Sisters" (1986) and his last television appearance was on, "Murder She Wrote" (1984). 
On September 27th, 1985 before the Murder She Wrote episode even aired Nolan passed away in Los Angeles, California from lung cancer.  During his lifetime, Lloyd Nolan married twice.  First to Mary Mell Efird on may 23rd, 1933 and they had two children together.  After the couple divorced Nolan married Virginia Dabney on January 26th, 1983 and they were together for two years before he passed away.  


1986   Hannah and Her Sisters  
1985   Prince Jack  
1985   Murder, She Wrote
1984   It Came Upon the Midnight Clear
1983   Adams House
1981   Archie Bunker's Place 
1980   Galyon 
1979   Valentine
1979   $weepstake$ 
1978   A Fire in the Sky
1978   The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries 
1978   Quincy M.E.
1978   The Waltons 
1978   My Boys Are Good Boys  
1977   The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover  
1977   Police Woman
1977   The November Plan  
1977   Fire! 
1977   Flight to Holocaust
1977   McMillan & Wife 
1977   The Mask of Alexander Cross
1977   Gibbsville
1976   City of Angels
1976   Ellery Queen 
1975   Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color 
1975   The Abduction of Saint Anne 
1975   The Sky's the Limit  
1974   Lincoln
1974   Earthquake
1974   The Magician
1973   The F.B.I.
1973   McCloud 
1973   Isn't It Shocking?
1972   The Bold Ones: The New Doctors
1972   Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law
1968-1971  Julia 
1970   Airport  
1968   Ice Station Zebra 
1968   I Spy
1968   Judd for the Defense 
1968   The Danny Thomas Hour 
1963-1967  The Virginian 
1967   Mannix
1967   The Double Man 
1967   Wings of Fire
1967   The Road West 
1966   An American Dream  
1965   Never Too Late  
1965   Slattery's People 
1965   Sergeant Ryker
1965   The Bing Crosby Show 
1965   Daniel Boone 
1964   Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre
1964   The Outer Limits 
1964   Circus World 
1963   77 Sunset Strip 
1963   Kraft Suspense Theatre
1963   The Great Adventure 
1963   The Girl Hunters 
1963   We Joined the Navy
1963   The DuPont Show of the Week 
1959-1962  Laramie
1962   The Dick Powell Theatre
1962   Outlaws
1961   G.E. True Theater 
1961   Susan Slade  
1961   Bus Stop
1958-1960  Zane Grey Theater
1960   Girl of the Night 
1960   The Barbara Stanwyck Show
1960   Portrait in Black
1960   Bonanza
1960   Startime 
1959   The Untouchables
1959   Father Knows Best
1959   Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse  
1959   Hallmark Hall of Fame 
1958-1959  Special Agent
1959   Wagon Train
1957   Peyton Place
1957   Playhouse 90
1957   A Hatful of Rain  
1957   Abandon Ship  
1956   Toward the Unknown  
1956   Santiago  
1956   The Last Hunt  
1955   Ford Star Jubilee 
1955   Climax! 
1954   The Arthur Murray Party 
1953   Crazylegs  
1953   Island in the Sky 
1952   The Ford Television Theatre 
1951-1952 Martin Kane 
1951   The Lemon Drop Kid  
1950   The Ford Theatre Hour
1949   Easy Living  
1949   Bad Boy  
1949   The Sun Comes Up 
1948   The Street with No Name  
1948   Green Grass of Wyoming  
1947   Wild Harvest
1947   Lady in the Lake  
1946   Somewhere in the Night  
1946   Two Smart People 
1945   The House on 92nd Street 
1945   Captain Eddie 
1945   Circumstantial Evidence 
1945   A Tree Grows in Brooklyn 
1944   Resisting Enemy Interrogation
1943   Guadalcanal Diary 
1943   Don't Be a Sucker
1943   Bataan 
1942   Time to Kill  
1942   Apache Trail  
1942   Manila Calling
1942   Just Off Broadway  
1942   It Happened in Flatbush 
1942   The Man Who Wouldn't Die
1942   Blue, White and Perfect  
1941   Steel Against the Sky
1941   Blues in the Night
1941   Buy Me That Town
1941   Dressed to Kill
1941   Sleepers West
1941   Mr. Dynamite 
1940   Behind the News  
1940   Michael Shayne: Private Detective  
1940   Charter Pilot
1940   The Golden Fleecing
1940   Pier 13
1940   The Man I Married  
1940   Gangs of Chicago
1940   Johnny Apollo
1940   The House Across the Bay  
1940   The Man Who Wouldn't Talk
1939   The Magnificent Fraud  
1939   Undercover Doctor
1939   St. Louis Blues  
1939   Ambush
1938   King of Alcatraz
1938   Prison Farm
1938   Hunted Men
1938   Tip-Off Girls
1938   Dangerous to Know  
1937   Wells Fargo
1937   Every Day's a Holiday  
1937   Ebb Tide  
1937   Exclusive
1937   King of Gamblers
1937   Internes Can't Take Money
1936   Fifteen Maiden Lane
1936   The Texas Rangers
1936   Counterfeit  
1936   Devil's Squadron
1936   Big Brown Eyes  
1936   Lady of Secrets 
1936   You May Be Next 
1935   One-Way Ticket  
1935   She Couldn't Take It 
1935   Atlantic Adventure
1935   Stolen Harmony 
1935   G Men

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