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Lloyd Bridges ACTOR


Lloyd Bridges was born on January 15th, 1913 in San Leandro, California with the birth name Lloyd Vernet Bridges Jr. to parents Harriet Evelyn and Lloyd Vernet Bridges Sr.  Bridges graduated from Petaluma High School in 1931 and then went on to the University of Los Angeles to study political science.  During his college years he met Dorothy Deam whom later became his one and only wife for a marriage lasting 50 years.  His father had goals for him to enter a career as a lawyer, but it was while attending college that he became interested in acting.    
Bridges became involved in acting first working on Broadway in 1939 in a production of, "Othello".  He then joined Columbia Pictures stock company working on feature films and shorts playing small supporting roles. 
During World War II, Bridges took a break from acting to join the US Coast Guard and directly upon completing serving his country, he returned right back to pursuing his acting career.  When he admitted to the House on Un-American Activities Committee that he was once a member  of the Actors' Lab, which was a group that had links to the Communist Party he was briefly blacklisted from Hollywood.  Once the FBI cleared his name, he returned back to acting in the mid 50's and made his most substantial influence as a television actor.  
He starred in, "Sea Hunt" (1958) which was a very successful syndicated television show.  He portrayed the scuba diver character Mike Nelson and earned a large amount of public recognition.  Directly following the success of this show he then worked on, "The Lloyd Bridges Show" (1962-1963).  He was also a series regular in the western, "The Loner" (1965-1966).  

He made appearances in a number of television shows throughout his career such as, "Paper Dolls" (1984) and "Capital News".  Lloyd Bridges career never slowed down with roles in numerous mini-series such as, "Roots" (1977), "How the West Was Won" (1978), "The Blue and the Gray" (1982) and "Battlestar Galactica" (1978).

Bridges earned two Emmy Award nominations, the first in 1957 for, "The Alcoa Hour" and then 4 decades later for his role portraying, Izzy Madelbaum on an episode of, "Seinfeld" (1997).  His final film role was in, "Jane Austen's Mafia" (1998) which was dedicated in his memory.     

Lloyd Bridges passed away on March 10th, 1998 in Los Angeles, California from natural causes.  Lloyd had four children, but lost his second born son, Garrett Myles Bridges to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome on August 3rd, 1948.  He was survived by his three other children, Beau Bridges, Cindy and Jeff Bridges.  His ashes were given to his family.   

1998   Jane Austen's Mafia! 
1997   Seinfeld
1996   The Deliverance of Elaine
1996   Second Noah
1996   Peter and the Wolf
1995   Nothing Lasts Forever 
1995   The Other Woman
1995   The Outer Limits
1994   Blown Away 
1993-1994  Harts of the West 
1994   Cinderella... Frozen in Time
1994   Secret Sins of the Father
1993   Hot Shots! Part Deux
1993   Mr. Bluesman 
1992   Devlin
1992   Honey I Blew Up the Kid
1991   In the Nick of Time
1991   Hot Shots!  
1990   Shining Time Station: 'Tis a Gift
1990   Leona Helmsley: The Queen of Mean
1990   Capital News
1990   Capital News
1990   Joe Versus the Volcano 
1989   Cross of Fire
1989   Cousins 
1989   Winter People 
1988   She Was Marked for Murder
1988   Tucker: The Man and His Dream
1987   The Wild Pair 
1987   I Am Joe's Heart
1986   The Thanksgiving Promise
1986   Weekend Warriors 
1986   North and South, Book II
1986   Dress Gray
1985   Alice in Wonderland 
1984   Paper Dolls
1984   George Washington 
1983   Matt Houston
1983   Loving 
1983   Grace Kelly
1982   Airplane II: The Sequel 
1982   The Blue and the Gray
1982   Life of the Party: The Story of Beatrice 
1981   The Love Boat
1981   East of Eden
1980   Airplane!
1980   This Year's Blonde
1979   Bear Island
1979   Disaster on the Coastliner
1979   The Fifth Musketeer
1978   Battlestar Galactica
1978   The Critical List 
1978   The Great Wallendas
1978   How the West Was Won
1978   World War II: G.I. Diary 
1978   Shimmering Light 
1977   Telethon 
1977   The Force of Evil 
1977   Tales of the Unexpected
1977   Roots
1975-1976  Joe Forrester
1975   Cop on the Beat
1974-1975  Police Story 
1975   Stowaway to the Moon 
1974   The Whirlwind
1974   Benjamin Franklin
1973   Death Race
1973   Running Wild
1973   Crime Club
1973   Trouble Comes to Town
1972   Haunts of the Very Rich
1972   Here's Lucy  
1972   To Find a Man  
1971   Deadly Dream
1971   A Tattered Web 
1971   Do You Take This Stranger?
1970   San Francisco International Airport
1970   The Love War
1969   The Happy Ending 
1969   Silent Night, Lonely Night
1969   The Silent Gun
1969   Lost Flight
1968   CBS Playhouse
1968   Attack on the Iron Coast
1968   Daring Game  
1968   A Case of Libel
1966   Mission: Impossible
1966   I Around the World Under the Sea  
1965-1966  The Loner 
1965   Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre
1964   The Eleventh Hour
1964   The Great Adventure
1963   Kraft Suspense Theatre
1962-1963  The Lloyd Bridges Show
1961   Checkmate
1961   Alcoa Premiere
1961   The Dick Powell Theatre 
1958-1961  Sea Hunt
1957-1961  Zane Grey Theater
1961   The DuPont Show with June Allyson 
1959   Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse
1958   The Goddess 
1958   The Frank Sinatra Show 
1957   Ride Out for Revenge  
1956-1957  Playhouse 90
1955-1957  Climax!
1956-1957  Studio 57
1957   The United States Steel Hour 
1956-1957  The Alcoa Hour
1956   The Rainmaker 
1952-1956  Studio One in Hollywood 
1956   Wetbacks
1956   Front Row Center
1956   Chevron Hall of Stars  
1955   Crossroads  
1955   Apache Woman 
1955   Wichita 
1954   The Big Deadly Game 
1954   Pride of the Blue Grass 
1953   The Limping Man 
1953   City of Bad Men 
1953   The Kid from Left Field 
1953   Goodyear Playhouse 
1953   The Tall Texan 
1953   Last of the Comanches 
1952   Plymouth Adventure 
1952   Schlitz Playhouse
1952   Suspense  
1952   High Noon 
1952   Robert Montgomery Presents 
1951   The Whistle at Eaton Falls 
1951   Three Steps North 
1951   Little Big Horn 
1951   The Sound of Fury 
1950   The White Tower 
1950   Colt .45 
1950   Rocketship X-M
1949   Trapped 
1949   Calamity Jane and Sam Bass 
1949   Home of the Brave 
1949   Mr. Whitney Had a Notion
1949   Red Canyon
1949   Hideout
1948   Moonrise 
1948   16 Fathoms Deep 
1948   Secret Service Investigator 
1947   Unconquered 
1947   The Trouble with Women 
1947   Ramrod 
1946   Canyon Passage 
1946   Miss Susie Slagle's 
1946   Abilene Town
1945   A Walk in the Sun 
1945   Strange Confession  
1945   Secret Agent X-9 
1944   Saddle Leather Law 
1944   The Master Race
1944   Louisiana Hayride 
1944   She's a Soldier Too 
1944   Riding West 
1944   Once Upon a Time 
1943   Crime Doctor's Strangest Case 
1943   The Heat's On 
1943   A Rookie's Cookie 
1943   Hail to the Rangers 
1943   I Sahara 
1943   Passport to Suez 
1943   Destroyer 
1943   One Dangerous Night 
1943   His Wedding Scare
1943   City Without Men 
1943   They Stooge to Conga 
1942   Commandos Strike at Dawn  
1942   The Great Glover 
1942   Underground Agent 
1942   Pardon My Gun  
1942   Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood
1942   Stand By All Networks 
1942   The Daring Young Man
1942   The Spirit of Stanford 
1942   A Man's World  
1942   Counter-Espionage 
1942   The Talk of the Town  
1942   Atlantic Convoy 
1942   Flight Lieutenant 
1942   Riders of the Northland 
1942   Sweetheart of the Fleet 
1942   The Wife Takes a Flyer 
1942   North of the Rockies 
1942   Alias Boston Blackie 
1942   Tramp, Tramp, Tramp 
1942   Canal Zone 
1942   Shut My Big Mouth 
1942   Cadets on Parade
1942   Blondie Goes to College 
1942   West of Tombstone 
1941   Harvard, Here I Come!  
1941   Honolulu Lu
1941   Sing for Your Supper 
1941   The Royal Mounted Patrol 
1941   Three Girls About Town
1941   Ywo Latins from Manhattan 
1941   Harmon of Michigan 
1941   Here Comes Mr. Jordan
1941   Our Wife
1941   I Was a Prisoner on Devil's Island
1941   The Son of Davy Crockett
1941   The Medico of Painted Springs
1941   They Dare Not Love 
1941   The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance 
1940   Northwest Passage (Book 1 - Rogers' Rangers) 
1936   Dancing Feet 
1936   Freshman Love 

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