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Lloyd Bochner ACTOR


Lloyd Bochner was born on July 29th, 1924 in Toronto, Canada with the middle name Wolfe.  He first developed an interest in acting at a young age and by the age of eleven, he was already being heard on Canadian radio programs.  He worked as an actor in Canada for quite a while in the beginning of his career appearing on a number of Canadian television shows and films.  He even earned two Liberty Awards in Canada for his talent in the industry. 
After high school he enrolled at the University of Toronto, however he left college early to serve in 1943 with the Royal Canadian Navy.  Upon completing his military service, Buchner did return to school and graduated with a B.A in 1947.    
By 1951, Bochner felt that he had more than enough experience in the industry to relocate to New York City and began appearing on American television shows such as, "Hong Kong" (1960), "Twilight Zone" (1963), "Dr. Kildare" (1963), "The Legend of Jessie James" (1965), "Perry Mason" (1964), "The Green Hornet" (1966), "Hogan's Heroes" (1967), "The Big Valley" (1967) and "The Virginian" (1967-1971).
Bochner never limited himself to portray one specific type of character, he took on any role which challenged him playing anything from a homosexual doctor, a warlock, a villain, upper-class citizen, soldier or even a politician.
Along with his numerous television credits he also graced the big screen appearing in such films over the course of his career as, "Point Blank" (1967), "Tony Rome" (1967) starring Frank Sinatra, "The Detective" (1968), "Ulzana's Raid" (1972) starring Burt Lancaster and Richard Jaeckel, "The Man in the Glass Booth" (1975), "Mr. No Legs" (1979), "The Lonely Lady" (1983) and "Fine Gold" (1989).
Some of his latest roles he added to his credits was a reoccurring role on the television series, "Dynasty" (1981) starring John Forsythe, Joan Collins and Linda Evans, "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" (1984) starring Jane Seymour and the films, "Loyal Opposition" (1998), "Legend of the Mummy" (1998) and his final film role, "The Commission" (2003).
In addition to his work on radio, television and film, he had such a remarkable voice that he worked on a number of voice over projects such as the animated cartoon version of, "Batman: The Animated Series" (1992-1994) and "The New Batman Adventures" (1997-1998).
Lloyd Bochner married only once to Ruth Bochner and they had three children and remained married until he passed away at the age of eighty one, on October 29th, 2005 in Santa Monica, California after suffering from cancer.


2003   The Commission 

2003   Before I Say Goodbye 

2001   Batman: Vengeance

1997-1998  The New Batman Adventures

1998   Legend of the Mummy

1998   Loyal Opposition

1995   Lamb Chop's Special Chanukah 

1992-1994  Batman 

1994   Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

1993   Morning Glory 

1993   Il caso Dozier 

1986-1992  Murder, She Wrote

1992   Landslide 

1991   Berlin Lady 

1991   The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear

1991   Deadly Deception 

1990   The Young Riders 

1990   Avonlea 

1990   Who's the Boss? 

1990   Designing Women 

1989   The Adventures of Superboy 

1989   Dick Francis: Blood Sport 

1989   Millennium 

1989   Fine Gold 

1989   Highway to Heaven

1987-1989  The Golden Girls 

1988   1st & Ten: The Championship 

1983-1988  Hotel

1987   A Mouse, a Mystery and Me 

1987   Race for the Bomb 

1987   Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color 

1982-1987  The Love Boat

1986   The Fall Guy

1986   Corazón de cristal

1986   Crazy Dan 

1985   Crazy Like a Fox

1985   The A-Team

1984   Masquerade

1982-1984  Matt Houston 

1978-1984  Fantasy Island 

1984   Louisiana 

1983   Manimal

1983   The Lonely Lady

1982   Mazes and Monsters

1981-1982  Dynasty

1981   Darkroom

1981   The Hot Touch

1978-1981  Vega$ 

1980   Hart to Hart 

1970-1980  Hawaii Five-O 

1980   B.J. and the Bear 

1980   Trapper John, M.D. 

1979   The Littlest Hobo 

1979   Mary and Joseph: A Story of Faith 

1978-1979  Charlie's Angels 

1979   The Golden Gate Murders 

1979   The Best Place to Be

1979   Riel 

1979   Mr. No Legs 

1979   Battlestar Galactica 

1978   A Fire in the Sky 

1978   Greatest Heroes of the Bible 

1978   The Immigrants 

1978   The Amazing Spider-Man 

1978   The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries

1977   The San Pedro Beach Bums

1974-1977  The Six Million Dollar Man 

1977   The Feather and Father Gang 

1977   Terraces 

1977   McMillan & Wife 

1977   The Bionic Woman

1977   Most Wanted 

1976   Richie Brockelman: The Missing 24 Hours 

1976   Executive Suite

1972-1976  McCloud 

1976   Bronk

1976   Collision Course: Truman vs. MacArthur

1975   Switch

1973-1975  Barnaby Jones 

1975   Ellery Queen

1975   Barbary Coast 

1975   It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

1975   The Nurse Killer

1975   The Rookies

1975   The Man in the Glass Booth

1969-1974  Medical Center

1974   Rex Harrison Presents Stories of Love

1974   Police Story

1974   Chopper One

1972-1974  Cannon

1974   Gunsmoke 

1973   The New Perry Mason

1973   The Magician 

1973   The Starlost 

1973   Satan's School for Girls

1973   Columbo 

1969-1973  Mannix

1972   Ironside

1972   Hec Ramsey 

1972   Ulzana's Raid 

1969-1972  Mission: Impossible 

1972   Emergency!

1972   Primus

1972   The Doris Day Show 

1972   The Bold Ones: The New Doctors

1972   Norman Corwin Presents 

1971   They Call It Murder

1971   The D.A. 

1967-1971  The Virginian

1970   Crowhaven Farm

1970   Men at Law 

1970   The Silent Force

1969-1970  It Takes a Thief 

1966-1970  Daniel Boone 

1970   The Debbie Reynolds Show 

1970   The Dunwich Horror

1966-1970  Insight

1969   The F.B.I.

1969   The Outsider

1969   Bewitched

1969   City Beneath the Sea

1968   The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit

1968   The Name of the Game

1968   Judd for the Defense

1968   The Young Runaways

1968   Braddock

1968   The Detective

1968   Tiger by the Tail

1967   Tony Rome

1967   Custer 

1967   Stranger on the Run 

1967   Hogan's Heroes

1967   The Big Valley

1965-1967  The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

1967   Point Blank 

1967   Bonanza 

1967   Tarzan

1967   Sail to Glory

1966   Death Valley Days

1966   The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.

1966   T.H.E. Cat

1966   Barefoot in Athens

1966   Occasional Wife

1965-1966  12 O'Clock High

1966   The Green Hornet

1966   Scalplock

1966   The Wackiest Ship in the Army

1966   The Wild Wild West 

1965   A Man Called Shenandoah

1965   Branded

1964-1965  Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

1965   Combat!

1965   Honey West

1965   The Legend of Jesse James

1965   Kraft Suspense Theatre

1965   Harlow

1965   For the People 

1964-1965  Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre 

1965   Sylvia 

1964   The Night Walker 

1964   Perry Mason 

1964   The Lieutenant

1963-1964  The Richard Boone Show 

1962-1963  G.E. True

1963   Drums of Africa 

1961-1963  The United States Steel Hour 

1962   The Dick Powell Theatre

1962   Alcoa Premiere 

1962   The Eleventh Hour

1962   Sam Benedict

1962   Playdate

1962   Dr. Kildare

1962   Cain's Hundred 

1962   Rebecca 

1962   Twilight Zone

1961   Thriller

1961   The Americans

1960-1961  Hong Kong 

1960   R.C.M.P.

1960   Encounter

1960   The Citadel 

1959   The Further Adventures of Ellery Queen 

1959   Folio

1959   Hudson's Bay 

1958   Adventures of the Sea Hawk 

1957   Twelfth Night 

1956-1957  First Performance 

1955   Star Tonight 

1955   Scope 

1954   Ponds Theater

1953   King Lear

1953   Omnibus 

1951-1953  Kraft Theatre 

1953   On the Spot 

1949   One Man's Family

1950-1952  Studio One in Hollywood

1951   Lux Video Theatre

1946   The Mapleville Story

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